sri kanth

Posted on 4th March 2024|1668 views


What Are All The Spy Modes In Blue Prism

What are all the spy modes in blue prism?

chris bons

Posted on 4th March 2024

There are four different types of spy modes in blue prism they are

  1. HTML Mode: we can identify the elements within the web browser-based application by using HTML MODE.
  2. Region Mode: this region mode is mainly used whenever we are choosing elements from any Citrix environments.
  3. Win32 Mode: we can spy on the windows application by using Win32, and we also utilised it to spy on unwanted popups for the automation of Web-Based Application.
  4. Accessibility Mode: accessibility mode utilises Microsoft Active Accessibility by which we can interact with various application types running on a Microsoft Windows environment.   

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