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Informatica MDM Course Overview

MindMajix Informatica MDM Training offers the participants to learn how to simplify the data sharing among the employees and the departments using Informatica MDM. As Small & Medium Enterprises are growing exponentially, the need for Informatica MDM is growing too. For becoming a certified Informatica MDM Professional, you need to go through a thorough training to know the functions of the software in details.
30 hours of Instructor Led Informatica MDM Training
Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions
Real World use cases and Scenarios
Practical Approach
24/7 Support
Expert & Certified Trainers

Immersive Learning

When you learn at Mindmajix, you can always rely on team of experts to provide guidance and support, whenever you need it.

30 Hrs


Instructor-Guided Lessons and Activities

Learn key objectives through expert-led lectures, discussions, and exercises.

20 Sessions

Labs & Exercises

Hands-on practice on Tools

Practice new skills and dive deeper into the day’s key topics

15 Mins After Each Session

Doubts Clarifications

Q & A Session.

Wrap up the session with clarification on concepts and labs, if needed.

2 Sessions

Projects/Use-Cases Explanation

End to End Sample Project/Use-Case Explanation

Informatica MDM Course Objectives

In Mindmajix’s Informatica MDM training, you will learn about:

  • Master Database management system
  • Data Management Tools
  • Informatica MDM multi-domain edition architecture, and data process flow.
  • Informatica PowerCenter command line tools
  • Security Access Manager(SAM)
  • Services Integration Framework
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Informatica data director
  • Informatica MDM is one of the most popular technologies in the current market scenario which has excellent career scope.
  • Informatica MDM is being deployed by more than 5000 global organisations today.
  • Many organisations are preferring professionals who have Informatica MDM skills rather than other IT skills--Linkedln.
  • The market demand for Certified Informatica MDM professionals is increasing rapidly compared to previous years.
  • The demand for Certified Informatica MDM professionals will grow even further, as many more organisations are moving towards Informatica MDM.

The professionals who are primarily benefited from learning this course are listed below:

  •  Software Developers
  • Analytics Professionals
  • ETL & SQL Developers and Architects
  • BI and Mainframe Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Administrators
  • Data Integration developers

The prerequisites for learning Informatica MDM are listed below:

  • The participant should have basic knowledge of relational databases, and database modeling.
  • The participant should have knowledge on Java.
  • The participant should be familiar with ETL, SQL, and Data warehousing concepts.


After the successful completion of Informatica MDM training at Mindmajix, you will be able to

  • Get an overview of Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) solution architecture, and its key components.
  • Create data model elements, and define the relationships in the data model.  
  • Master the lookups in the data model.
  • Configure the stage process in the Informatica MDM.
  • Configure load process, and Merge process for the Informatica MDM solution.
  • Create a Message Queue in Application server.
  • Configure the ORS Specific Schema.

Informatica MDM Course Curriculum

Download Curriculum

A Reliable Foundation Of  Master Reference Data
Components of MDM Hub
Application Server Tier
Database Server Tier
Batch Data Process Flow
Trust Framework
Consolidation Flag

Data Mode Elements
Data Model
Relationship Types
Global Business Identifier (GBID)

Basic  Mappings
Complex Mappings
Cleansing  and  Transforming  Data
Execution  Component
Testing  Mappings
Reusable  Cleanse  Components
External  Data  Cleansing
Delta  Detection&  Audit  Trail
Cleanse  Match Servers
High-Level  Stage  Process  Flow
Detailed  Stage  Process Flow

Validation  Rule
Trust &Validation  Rules: Things  to note
Cell  Level  Update
Allow NULL  Update
Allow NULL Foreign Key
How the  Load  work

Match & Merge Overview
Key Activities  for Configuring  Rules
Match/Search Strategy for Base Object
Match Path, Columns and  Match  Key
Match Rules and Rule Sets
Primary Key Match Rules
Match Rules using  Primary Key Match
Match Keys Distribution
Merge Settings
Match/ Merge Properties: Merge Style Base Object
External Match
Match Server Architecture

Queries & Packages Overview

Batch Viewer
Batch Group
Executing Stored Procedures
Scheduling  Considerations
Job Status & Job Statistics

Data Stewardship
Recap: Consolidation  Flags
Merge Manager
Data Manager
Unmerge and  Tree Unmerge

User Objects
User Object Registry Tool
User exit in Java
User Exits in the STAGE Process
User Exits in the LOAD Process
User Exits in the MATCH Process
User Exits in the MERGE Process
User Exits in the UNMERGE Process

Enterprise M anager
Hub Server Tab
Cleanse Servers Tab
Environment  Report  Tab
ORS Databases Tab
Database Log File
Application Server Log
Cleanse/ Match Server Logs
Console Log

Entities & Entity Type
HM Relation ships
HM Hierarchies
Hierarchy Management
HM Profiles 
HM Packages

Users, Resources, Privileges & Roles
Resource Groups

Introduction to Siperian SIF
SIF Framework
SIF Features & Benefits
SIF & Integration
Interacting with SIF
SIF Architecture & Protocols
SIF Request Object with Examples
Processing Responses
About Record
SIF APIs with Examples
ORS Specific APIs
Introduction to SIF Manager

IDD Configuration
Business Data Director – User Interface
Create, Manage, Consume And Monitor
Data Model Elements
Configuration File
Subject Area
Subject Area Groups
BDD Data Display
Application Validation
Importing an Application
Match Paths
Resources and Privileges

What are a Message Queues
Create a Message Queue in Application server
Configure the ORS Specific Schema
Test the Queue
Configure the MRM to the Queue
Checking Message Queue count in App server.
Publish Message to the Queues

Mindmajix offers advanced Informatica MDM interview questions and answers along with Informatica MDM resume samples. Take a free sample practice test before appearing in the certification to improve your chances of scoring high.

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More About Informatica MDM Online Training

The Certification Exams available for Informatica MDM are listed below:

Certification Exam Cost Price
MDM MultiDomain 10.1 Developer, Specialist Certification 240 USD
MDM 9.x: Administrator, Specialist Certification 240 USD


  • Informatica MDM certification demonstrates candidates’ skills and expertise in working with Informatica MDM solution.
  • Most of the companies prefer only Certified Informatica MDM professionals rather than other professionals during recruitment.
  • Informatica MDM certification assesses the candidate's knowledge and expertise as per the latest IT industry requirements.


The skills required for Certified Informatica MDM professionals are listed below:

  • Master Data Management
  • MDM Data model
  • Design real-time MDM solutions
  • Informatica MDM latest version
  • Informatica MDM Certification
  • Informatica MDM is one of the hot skills in the IT sector, which has excellent career growth in the job market.
  • Pursuing skills in this technology will surely help you reach higher positions in your career.
  • According to the recent survey, Informatica MDM is considered to be one of the highest paying sectors in the job market with enormous job opportunities.


The following are the popular career paths available for Informatica MDM professionals. 

  • Informatica MDM Consultant
  • Informatica MDM Developer
  • Master Data Management Technical Lead
  • Informatica MDM Architect
  • Informatica developer
  • Informatica Consultant
  • Informatica Administrator
  • Informatica Application Developer

Few of the top companies recruiting certified Informatica MDM professionals are listed below:

  • Capgemini 
  • Accenture 
  • IBM 
  • Wipro 
  • CGI 
  • Dell 
  • Synchrony International 
  • The career opportunities for Informatica MDM are increasing rapidly compared to previous years--Indeed, Linkedln.
  • Many global organisations are recruiting Certified Informatica MDM professionals.
  • Certified Informatica MDM professionals are among the highest paid IT professionals today.
  • The average salary of a Certified Informatica MDM professional stands at 144,324 USD per annum.

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If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

The Training itself is Real-time Project Oriented.

There are some Group discounts available if the participants are more than 2.

As we are one of the leading providers of Live Instructor LED training, We have customers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Qatar, NZ, Singapore, Malaysia, India and other parts of the world. We are located in USA. Offering Online Training in Cities like

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Informatica MDM Online Training explores various technology solutions, data quality, and data integration. Informatica MDM training online course mainly focuses on operations and decisions related to consolidated and reliable data. From this course, you get a clear picture of:

Ability to deploy MDM
Performance Tuning
Managing Metadata
MDM Product Architecture
Data Governance tools and workflows
Hierarchy Manager and
Related Jobs and Positions in the Industry

This Informatica MDM certification course enables a single source to power all business processes and creates an authoritative view of business-critical data. Master data management identifies the relationships among the data, integrates transactions and social interactions. Informatica MDM training develops skills to easily deploy and solve unique business challenges and capabilities to install and upgrade Informatica MDM. 

As such there are no prerequisites for learning Informatica MDM. With many job opportunities in Informatic master data management, the following job roles will get benefited from this Informatica MDM certification course:

  • Software Developers
  • Analytics Professionals
  • ETL & SQL Developers and Architects
  • BI Professionals
  • Mainframe Developers and Architects
  • Project Managers

Our MDM trainer provides an in-depth knowledge of Informatica master data management project that makes an emphasis on all the important components of Informatica MDM. As a result, you can increase your visibility and enhance your efficiency in drawing real connections between different components of Informatica Cloud MDM. You will also get the Informatica MDM training videos and tutorials covering all the aspects of this project.

Informatica MDM  Job Trends

Currently, there is a huge demand in the market for Business Intelligence Professionals. MDM training and certification makes you a perfect candidate for similar positions.

Project Managers with startups are one of the most desirable jobs for MDM Certified Professionals.

Database and Mainframe Professionals are required who keep on updating the software based on its intelligence from their customer.

Salaries earned by Informatica MDM  Professionals

Informatica Master Data Administrators - $ 84000

Senior Master Data Professional - $ 97000

Informatica MDM Developers - $ 90000

Informatica MDM Salary Trends

Disclaimer - This information related to salary trends of Informatica MDM  experts cannot be same everywhere. Depending on location, it can vary up to some extent.

List of Informatica Courses:

Mindmajix offers training for many of other informatica courses depends on your requirement:

 Informatica Analyst  Informatica PIM
 Informatica Certification  Informatica ILM
 Informatica Data Quality  Informatica Multi Domain MDM
 Informatica Big Data Edition  Informatica SRM

How to get certified in Informatica MDM? 

Certification signifies the ability to deploy MDM. This exam include two levels:

Master Data Management: Administrator, Specialist
Master Data Management: Developer, Specialist

These exams measure your competency as a member of a Master Data Management team. Obtain Training materials, supporting documentation and practical experience with our well-structured training at Mindmajix. With the help of it, candidates can gain knowledge to enter the lucrative domain of Informatica MDM and earn the Informatica certification.

For more information regarding various types of certification available, please go through the Informatica MDM Certification.

MindMajix Course Completion Certificate

Mindmajix guarantees that the educational experience you gain will deliver value even after you complete the course with its course completion certificate. This certification will undoubtedly be one of the valuable certifications for your career path and your first step in building a career in this course. You can earn this after successful completion of your project work and can get your CV noticed. It also shows you are motivated to learn and that you have genuine expertise.

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