Angular Quiz Questions Quiz

Angular is a framework and platform for developing single-page client applications through HTML and TypeScript. Angular is developed in TypeScript, and it implements optional and essential functionalities as a group of TypeScript libraries. The primary advantages of Angular are: reducing coding and testing costs and improving productivity. As top enterprises like Microsoft, PayPal, JetBlue, and Deutsche Bank use Angular, they will recruit Angular developers and pay huge salaries. 

Thus, anyone who wants to become an angular developer will have a better career. These Angular quiz questions will cover all the core concepts and frequently asked Angular interview questions to help you prepare for the job interviews and enhance your knowledge of the Angular JS framework.

Quick instructions before starting the Quiz

  • Each question will have multiple choice options.
  • Answer all the questions within time for better scores
  • Quiz questions matrix color indications:
    • Green - Answered question
    • Orange - Revisit the question later
  • Reattempt the quiz for betterments.