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API stands for Application Programming Interface, which specifies how one component should interact with the other. It consists of a set of routines, protocols and tools for building the software applications.The API Testing is performed for the system, which has a collection of API that ought to be tested.

API Testing Training Curriculum

curriculum_moduleOverview of APIs

What is API?
How does an API works?
Advantages of API
API vs. Web Services
DLL Vs Web Services
WebAPIVs Web Services
What is API testing?
Test cases for API testing based on API output.

curriculum_moduleTypes of API

Based on declaration
Based on Invocation
Based on Availability

curriculum_moduleAPI testing

Introduction to API Testing?
Definition and Meaning of an API testing
What does API Testing Involve
API Testing vs. Unit Testing
Validation Techniques used in API Testing
API Testing Steps
Framework for API Testing
Test Harness for API Testing
GUI Tools available for API Testing
Command-Line tools available for API Testing
On-line tools available for API Testing
Best Practices of API Testing

curriculum_moduleTest Harness

Requirement of a Test Harness
What is a Test Harness
Need for a Test Harness
Characteristics of a good Test Harness
Contents of a Test Harness

curriculum_moduleRequirements of Command Line Tools or scripting

Useful command line Tools – DOS and Linux and windows

curriculum_moduleRequirements of Command Line Tools or scripting

API testing with DLLs
Exploring functions of DLL
API testing with DLLs
Testing DLL – APIs with programming concept
Designing a framework for DLL – API testing
WebAPI testing
Exploring WebAPI’s
WebAPI Testing using GUI extensions
WebAPI Testing using On-line tools
WebAPI Testing using command-line tools
WebServices API Testing
Exploring WebServices
Web Service API Testing using On-line tools
Web Service API Testing using command-line tools
Web Service API Testing using programming concept

curriculum_moduleChallenges of API Testing

What are the challenges in the API testing?

curriculum_moduleBest Practices of API Testing

What are the Best Practices of API testing?

curriculum_moduleCase study

Writing Test Cases for a API situation requirement
Executing API Testing on WEB API

curriculum_moduleAPI test tools – SOAPUI

Web Service API Testing using SOAPUI
Introduction to SOAPUI
Creating Project
Importing Web Service Requests using WSDL
Adding SOAP Requests & obtaining response
Functional Testing of Web Services
Creating & Adding Tests for SOAP Requests
Adding Verification Points
Creating Load Testing on SOAP Requests
Running and analyzing Load Test results
Introduction to Mock Services
Creating Mock Services
Running Tests using Mock Services


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