Suneel Ponnamudi


  • Enterprise Aplication Integration (EAI)
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Computing
  • RPA
  • Java Programming
  • MERN technologies and Frameworks like Nextjs
  • BPM
  • K8s - Containers
  • Cyber Security


  • Bachelor of Technology


Suneel, a Technology Architect with a decade of experience in various tech verticals like BPM, BAM, RPA, cybersecurity, cloud computing, cloud integration, software development, MERN Stack, and containerization (Kubernetes) apps, is dedicated to simplifying complex IT concepts in his articles with examples. Suneel's writing offers clear and engaging insights, making IT accessible to every tech enthusiast and career aspirant. His passion for technology and writing guides you with the latest innovations and technologies in his expertise. You can reach Suneel on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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