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If you're looking for Citrix NetScaler Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research Citrix NetScaler has a market share of about 11.0%. So, You still have opportunity to move ahead in your career in Citrix NetScaler Administration. Mindmajix offers Advanced Citrix NetScaler Interview Questions 2018 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as Citrix Netscaler Administrator.

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Q.You have been asked to reduce the time on Citrix support calls, by making sure your Citrix XenApp 6.5 farm is “Citrix Support Ready” and already has the proper tools installed before contacting Citrix, what is the main tool you would install?
Citrix Scout

Q. You will be migrating from XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.6, what are two differences between IMA and FMA?
Some answers include: FMA uses Sites and no longer utilizes Zones or Zone Data Collectors, FMA uses Virtual Desktop Agents (VDA’s), FMA leverages MCS for Servers and Desktops, IMA uses Local Host Cache (LHC), IMA uses IMA Service.

Q.You have been tasked to come up with an Active/Active GSLB scenario for your Citrix XenDesktop environment. What are some underlying factors you should consider during your research and planning phase?
You want to make sure you have a working way for data replication, including profile replication between the two sites. Microsoft does not support two way replication for their profiles. You will also need to make sure you have a way to disconnect sessions from each site. It is best to use Active/Passive with manual failover in this scenario.

Q.You are creating a XenApp/XenDesktop environment and your manager asked you to optimize your profiles without using a third party solution. How would you accomplish this?
Citrix has User Profile Manager, which will allow you to streamline your profiles and leverage Microsoft folder redirection.

Q.You are migrating your Citrix environment from a 2003 OS to 2008R2 OS, and you want to make sure your current applications will run correctly on the 2008R2 OS. What software or utility does Citrix provider you help you make sure your applications will be compatible on the 2008R2 OS before the migration?
A5) – Citrix AppDNA

Q.How does Citrix Netscaler licensing differ from the other Citrix product licensing?
As an appliance or hardware, Netscaler is separate from most other Citrix products that use a license server. It is licensed independently.

Q.Can you name two of the services required to be running on the Provisioning Server for it to function?
SOAP and STREAM services must be running on the PVS Servers.

Q.What are the two most common ports used on XenApp ICA sessions? What are each used for?
Ports 1494 (ICA/HDX) and 2598(Session Reliability)

Q.What is the Role of the XenDesktop Controller?
A controller is the server-side architectural component of XenDesktop that is responsible for distributing desktops, managing user access, and optimizing connections.

Q.You manager has requested you to come up with a way for your helpdesk to monitor and troubleshoot your XenDesktop/XenApp 7.x environment, without adding on a third party solution. What built in Citrix functionality would you use to do so?
Citrix Director Enables level-1 and level-2 IT Support staff to monitor a XenDesktop deployment and perform day-to-day maintenance tasks. You can also view and interact with a user’s session, using Microsoft Remote Assistance, to troubleshoot problems.

Q.You are architecting a Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) deployment which will be placed across different datacenters via a WAN link. You only want the PVS disks to be streamed in each local datacenter and not cross over the WAN. What feature in PVS would you use to accomplish this?
Subnet Affinity

Q. What is the major financial bottleneck of any VDI deployment?
Storage. Traditionally, storage has been very costly in getting a comparable VDI end user experience as opposed to the local desktop experience. There are several vender solutions on the market now to address this. Hint: You may want to have them mention some of these solutions as well.

Q.You are preparing a PVS master target device which is created on VMware vSphere virtual hardware version 10 or higher. What must you do with the CD/DVD Rom setting for PVS to work correctly?
You will need to change the CD/DVD Rom to IDE instead of SATA. SATA is not supported in PVS.

Q.Citrix StoreFront displays applications differently than Web Interface. Instead of having all accessible applications appear on the home screen, first time users are invited to choose (subscribe) to the applications they want to regularly use after they logon. What function in Storefront must you use to avoid users having a blank screen and automatically subscribe users to a few core applications when they first logon?

Q. What free tool from Citrix will allow you to analyze your log files, profile your Citrix environment, scan for known issues and attach a log file to a Citrix support ticket.
Citrix Insight Services or TaaS

Q.Explain a difficult challenge you had with XenApp and or XenDesktop and what you did to solve it?
A17) – It should be fairly simple for an experienced person to come up with something.

Q.Explain what you do to keep up your professional development?
You are looking for blogs, training (if they are willing to get training on their own, without relying on an employer), video’s and a biggie is home lab. There is not a good excuse in today’s climate for an engineer or architect not to have either a home or cloud based lab if they take their career seriously.

Q.If you were tasked to architect a Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 environment, what would be some of the questions you would ask the business, so you can design a technical solution?
You want to see if they know how to start with a business outcome and work backwards into the technology. Good signs are, asking specific business related questions such as: How do you envision the end goal, what are you trying to accomplish?, What is the importance of this project to the business (If highly important, that leads into DR questioning about RTO and RPO and the such?

Q.Explain what is Citrix?
It is an application deployment system. With Citrix, one can access the customized application and can also delivered to remote systems. It also allows file transfer from home computer to office computer and e-mail accessing.

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Q.List out the Major Citrix components?
Major Citrix components are
1. XenApp:It allows to host applications on central servers and enables users to interact with them remotely and deliver it to the user’s devices for local executions
2. XenDesktop:It is the practice of hosting a desktop OPERATING SYSTEM with a virtual machine running on a remote SERVER
3. XenServer:It enables you to combine multiple Xen-enabled servers into a powerful resource pool using industry standard shared storage architecture and leveraging resource clustering technology created by XenSource
4. Provisioning Server:It reduces the number of systems that they manage, even as the computers number continues to grow.
5. Netscaler: It is used to provide level 4 load balancing

Q.List out the services provided by Citrix?
Service provided by Citrix includes
1. Citrix virtual memory optimization service
2. Encryption service
3. Citrix XTE service
4. Independent Management architecture
5. Citrix SMA service
6. COM (Common Object Model) services

Q.Explain what is Data Store?
Data store is a DATABASE which consists of all the configuration information needed by the Citrix farm.  Changes can be made at any time to the Meta Frame Server. The changes are persisted in the data store.  It will data store following information like
1. Server configuration
2. User configuration
3. Print Environment
4. Published Application

Q.List out the ports associated with Citrix services?
1. Default port is A: 1494
2. Default listening port for Citrix XML service: 80
3. For ICA: 1494
4. UDP port used for client broadcasting: 1604
5. IMA port: 2512 and 2513
6. CMC and SSL port: 443
7. Server to SQL port: 1433
8. Session Reliability: 2598
9. Port Number for licensing: 27000

Q.Mention what is the query command in Citrix?
Query command in Citrix includes
1. qfarm
2. querydc
3. queryds
4. queryhr

Q.Mention what is web interface or Nfuse?
Citrix web interface software provides web access to Java, Unix and Windows applications which are hosted via Citrix application server software. Citrix offers server side control of hosted applications, while Citrix web interface makes applications accessible through a web browser interface.

Q.Explain what is Citrix XML broker?
Citrix XML broker behaves as an intermediary between the web interface and farm.  It receives the credentials of the user from the web interface. It retrieves the applications that have user permission to access.  It is done by independent management architecture and returns to the web interface. XML broker detects the server in the farm, once the user is authenticated.  It returns the address of the service rendering server to the web interface.  It functions between IMA service and web interface.

Q.Explain what is the step to clear XenServer cache?
To clear XenServer cache you have to use command Dnscmd Server Name/clearcache.

Q.Mention what are the default tests available in Health Monitoring & Recovery Tool?
The tests in XenApp Health Monitoring and Recovery Tool are
1. Citrix IMA service test
2. Logon Monitor test
3. Terminal Service test
4. XML Service Test

Q.Explain what is LHC in Citrix?
The IMA service executing on each Presentation Server downloads the information it requires from the central data store into a local MDB database known as  the Local Host Cache or LHC.

Q.List out the load evaluators that are supported in Citrix?
Load evaluators that are supported in Citrix includes
1. Memory Utilization
2. CPU Utilization
3. IP Range
4. Page Swap
5. Page Fault
6. Context Switches
7. Disk Data I/O
8. Scheduling
9. Server Application Load
10. User Application Load

Q.Mention what is the limit of refresh time for Local Host Cache in Citrix?
The refresh time set for Local Host Cache is 30 minutes, it can be created when IMA is stopped.

Q.Explain how you can view the LHC information?
The LHC information is found in the file imalhc.mdb, and this file is available in c:program filescitrixindependent management architecturedirectory.

Q.Explain what is Citrix Reciever?
Citrix receiver is a collection of suite of products that enables client devices to connect to various desktop virtualization services offered by Citrix.  Citrix receiver can link with client devices to XenDesktop applications, XenApp and desktops via the HDX protocol.

Q.Explain what is Citrix Access Gateway?
CAG or Citrix Access Gateway is a universal secured socket layer virtual private network appliances. It got features like IPSec and SSL VPN.  It also enables instant access to the users and secure access to the company.  Any information resource can be retrieved by using CAG with secure, single point access, always on features.  It supports various types of applications including IP telephony.  Any application which is hosted on Citrix Presentation Server can be used in a secured manner.

Q.Explain how you can remove dead server from the Citrix Management Console?
To remove dead server from the Citrix Management Console you have to run
1. DSVERIFY SERVERS/CLEAN/FORCE for optimizing the Data Store
2. DSVerify can be executed on any of the servers in the farm
3. MetaFrame feature release 3 has a command line tool known as DSCHECK
4. Use the following command DSVerify command line tool DSCHECK/CHECK
5. or right click on the ‘server in the farm’ and select option ‘remove from the Farm’

Q.Explain what is the purpose of Zones?
Data collector stores information about Zones, User’s Session and Published Application.
1. A Farm consists of a subset referred as Zones
2. It consists of various server members
3. One of the server members is referred as Zone Data Collector
4. In traffic controlling, Zones are useful
5. Using ZDCs communication is established among zones

Q. Explain the use of shadowing in Citrix?
In Citrix, shadowing resembles for one user to join remotely to another user.  One user can use the session of another user remotely.


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