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Citrix Server is a virtualization mechanism that allows companies to deliver centrally hosted applications and resources to desktop and mobile clients. It has a giant history in acquiring firms to grow its position in the market and sell a vast part of its product to many businesses. This Citrix Tutorial will walk you through all the key concepts of Citrix from basic to advanced.

Table Of Content: Citrix Tutorial

  1. History of Citrix Tutorials
  2. What is Citrix?
  3. What does Citrix Server mean?
  4. How does Citrix work?
  5. Challenges with Citrix Products
  6. What are Citrix Workplace Platforms and Citrix Workspace App?
  7. Uses of Citrix
  8. Benefits of Citrix
  9. What is a Citrix Receiver?
  10. How does Citrix Receiver Perform?


In November 1990, Citrix systems were ready to launch its very first product, Citrix Multi-User. This function allows users to run software parallel on one computer. In 1990, it was an excellent idea, but Citrix Multi-User flopped. It was prepared for OS/ 2 systems. But before the launch of the main Citrix, Microsoft announced that it would move ahead to the Windows operating system. 

At present, Citrix has gained immense popularity, with more than 4 00,000 businesses using it globally. Perhaps the company provides its products for desktops and servers, but it is mainly known for its virtualization solutions. The solutions are designed to support employee collaboration from various locations that are using the same software. 

If you are an IT professional or learn to become an IT expert, you need to know Citrix works. It enhances your career forward.

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What is Citrix?

Virtualization is essential for cloud computing and programming. Citrix's virtualization solutions provide stationery computers in working space to run on virtual computers and servers.

It allows the IT department to easily host centralized applications that customers from anywhere can access, regardless of the hardware they are using. Additionally, the IT methods create safe and secure backups with the software.

The primary benefit of Citrix is that it provides access to employees to use the same application if they are using Windows or macOS. Also, with the Citrix server, many companies upgrade to new operating systems collectively without easy employees doing individually.

What is Citrix Server Means? 

It refers to Citrix's line of desktop virtualization products: XenDesktop and XenApp. The company promotes these products as a way for IT departments to reduce the total cost of ownership by streamlining their applications and support on multiple devices. 

The advantage of the Citrix server is that businesses with a familiar environment can use the same applications. 

Uses of Citrix:

The uses of Citrix to the businesses for:

  • Analytics: A company IT department will provide transparent functionalities to find real-time threats based on user behavior. 
  • Virtualization: The user system can easily connect with another computer or server virtually. 
  • Networking: Citrix provides a virtual network that creates for all companies' applications and programs available to any computer, mobile, laptop, or any other device.  
  • Workspaces: In the system, multiple users can remotely access the cloud desktop to increase communications. 

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How Does Citrix Work?

When Citrix app delivery is set up, the IT sector constructs servers to host resources and applications. 

  • Citrix Virtual App and Desktop: 

These machines are used to implement complete virtual machines from a hypervisor to a remote customer device. A published virtual machine means that each customer receives a unique instrument for the desktop and OS as the virtual desktops are assigned with resources, so it can’t be shared between the customers. 

  • Citrix Virtual Apps:

It separates the apps from the given operating system and provides them to the only target device. The customer does not require installing this application as it is already installed in their server. The user needs to send the mouse clicks and keystrokes to the server and receive screen updates. It acquires access to hosted resources from a Windows server; the customer device needs to install Citrix Receiver.

Challenges with Citrix Products

While Citrix is quite a popular name in the virtualization sector, its products may confuse users regarding its features and license. The company launched 200 products in the last 25 years, but many products have been renamed sometimes due to perplexment.

Initially, the company launched Citrix XenApp for application virtualization and Citrix XenDesktop for desktop virtualization. But later, the companies mixed both its products and launched XenDesktop 7. O. After that, Citrix launched its two separate products, XenApp 7.6 and XenDesktop 7.6, and renamed them Citrix virtual app and Citrix virtual app and desktops.

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What are Citrix Workplace Platforms and Citrix Workspace App? 

The Citrix workspace portals allow the IT workers to manage all business applications, desktops, and data from a single pane. It also provides different access controls to create a safe virtual perimeter around the user when accessing business content from any tool hosted on any cloud and network.

The Citrix workspace portal is the first step towards the digital workspace. It provides complete and connected workspaces that allow the users to safely access their SaaS, Windows, web apps, desktop, mobile app, and files. The Citrix Workspace provides users from first to end a unique digital experience that they can operate from any device or any network. 

Uses of Citrix

The enterprise provides the solutions to the businesses for:

1. Analytics: A company IT department will provide transparency functionalities to find real-time threats based on user behavior.

2. Virtualization: The user system can easily connect with another computer or server virtually.

3. Networking: Citrix provides a virtual network that creates for all companies' applications and programs available to any computer, mobile, laptop, or any other device.

4. Workspaces: Multiple users can remotely access the cloud desktop to increase communications in the system.


  • Enhance productivity:

It is difficult to follow the rules when you are continuously finding the solutions. But providing in-depth knowledge of how to use Citrix technology helps you provide the support to minimize calls and time spent discovering answers. Ultimately you can give the attention to add value to the business without extra resources. 

  • Attain Self–Sufficiency:

The purpose is to provide the capability to organize the technology from starting. The education focuses on giving practical expertise to help you solve the problem independently, without the support of external resources.  

  • Maximize Product functionalities:

You can maximize your return on investment that requires in-depth knowledge about the product with online or classroom learning and certification. You can easily achieve your desired goals quickly.  

What is a Citrix Receiver?

Citrix is a bunch of products that includes Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, enabling the customer to connect with multiple desktop virtualization services that Citrix offers quickly.

How does Citrix Receiver Perform?

Citrix Receiver can interface customer gadgets to XenApp and XenDesktop applications and work areas using the HDX convention. The mix of modules accessible to Citrix Receiver adaptation fluctuates depending on the customer's structure factor and capacities.

Uses of Citrix Receiver

It is used to connect the user to XenDesktop and XenApp desktop and applications. Still, it is also used to deliver apps by Microsoft App – V links to website and people files, etc. Utilizing Citrix Storefront related to Receiver enables associations to furnish clients with self-service access to their applications and administrations - all with a typical UI, regardless of the endpoint gadget equipment, OS, or structure factor.

Not all features are available, even with this broad device support. The Windows version is the giant feature that installs the best performance, but the variations are increasingly negligible.


If you need to advance your IT profession or get your first job in IT, then getting a Citrix certification is a reasonable goal. Many IT specialists with Citrix experience are offered better salaries than those who don't have a background in the program.

Learning Citrix can be difficult, but, in maximum cases, it could make your IT profession's path smoother. Having experience in a Citrix course is like an IT stamp of approval on your resume.  

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