sumana reddy

Posted on 18th July 2024|44 views


How does Azure Service Bus work?

Can anyone explain me how the Azure Service Bus works?

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naveen nani

Posted on 18th July 2024| views

Microsoft Azure Service Bus will make the communication part easier for both the parties that are exchanging data. The need for a communication facilitator is there when two parties are looking to transfer the data. In a sense, this is more like a postal service in the real world. With the help of postal service, one can send any time of information in the form of a letter or in the form a package from one place to another place and there is no place restriction. The same way Azure Service Bus works and it is flexible in terms of delivering information from the sender to the recipient and vice versa. This is fulfilled by the messaging service which makes sure that the information is delivered between the two parties even though they both are not online at the same time.


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