Sophia Nelson

Posted on 22nd June 2024|2342 views


Is SQL Needed For Tableau?

Can you please tell me, is SQL Needed for Tableau?

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Dikshit Jain

Posted on 22nd June 2024| views

Hello Sophia,
No, SQL is not needed for Tableau because this business intelligence tool can integrate with ant database like SQL Server, Mongo, Oracle, IBM DB2 etc.


Posted on 22nd June 2024| views

SQL is not required to learn Tableau and work with Tableau; however, it is essential for securing a job because once you have an offer and begin working on a task, you will need to create the Tableau dashboard by using data.

The next question is how the data will reach you. Sometimes, you'll receive data in Excel, CSV, or note files, while sometimes, clients will grant you an access point to the server that produces data. In this case, you'll have to retrieve data by yourself. Suppose you must retrieve information from any database. In that case, you need to be aware of SQL since SQL is the method used to communicate with databases and receive responses to queries regarding data you can use within Tableau and Power BI. Most Tableau courses available will help you master Tableau entirely from scratch, but don't draw connections between your prior experience (possibly Excel) and the new information.



Posted on 22nd June 2024| views

SQL is not essential if you want to learn Tableau and work with it, but it is required if you want to obtain a job since you will need to construct Tableau dashboards using data after you acquire a job and start working on a project. If you consider yourself newbie in Tableau then Tableau Course will help you to improve your capablities.

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