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What Are The Key Features Of UiPath?

I would like to know about what are the key features of UiPath?

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sreelu 123

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Below you can see the  key features of UiPath:

  • Hosting Options: It can be hosted on virtual terminals.
  • Application compatibility:  It provides a facility to work with a wide range of applications, including web and desktop applications.
  • Centralised repository: This will help to handle all the robots simultaneously by the users.
  • Security measures: It offers high-security auto-login features to run the bots.
  • Advanced Screen Scraping solution: Its scraping solution works with various types of applications such as Java, .Net, PDF, Flash, Legacy, and SAP with utmost accuracy. 
  • The best tool for Modeling the Business process: The UIPath Studio provides automation excellence with its model business process.
  • Scalability and Robustness:  It is equipped with features like tackling the debugging and exception handling mechanisms. Also, it looks after the activities of Artificial Intelligence like handling Outlook, Excel, PDF, etc.

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