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Playbook to run the ansible task after successful execution of before ansible task in windows

I'm executing the below YAML(ansible) file using Jenkins.

I want to execute the task2 only after the successful execution of task1, My YAML file is as below.

How do I add the dependency for this?

Requesting help on this

For example:


-name: task1

 win_command: "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\FRAMEWORK\V3.9.3013\MSBuild.exe" "E:\ApplicationFolder\App.xml" -target:Execute /p:ApplicationName="appname"

 register: executeapp1


   - execute-app1

-name: task2

 win_command: "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\FRAMEWORK\V3.9.3013\MSBuild.exe" "E:\ApplicationFolder\App.xml" -target:Execute /p:ApplicationName="appname1"

 register: executeapp2


   - execute-app2


16th May 2021

While trying to implement Many-to-Many Relationships in SSAS, I am struggling as this is the first time and after following all the steps, I am still getting incorrect data. I followed the steps as per this document. It would be great to understand how one can navigate this issue from people who have done this before. Thanks in advance


21st May 2021

What are the trends in RPA

RPA services is often as sociated with enterprise-wide operations, however it can also be used as a personal productivity tool. What are the current trends that taking the industry by storm in RPA?


3rd June 2021

Lipase Testing Market

 Rise in number of diagnostic testing, increasing prevalence
of pancreatic disorders, rise in patient pool, changing lifestyle, rise in
pancreatic cancer, increase in research for obesity and nutritional disorders
are some of the factors that drive the growth of the market. Furthermore rise
in number of diagnostic testing to also support the growth of the lipase
testing market. Lack of awareness, presence of alternative testing methods,
need for confirmatory testing and high cost of testing are some of the factors
that hinder the growth of the lipase testing market.


14th June 2021


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