Questions By Megha Sharma

Where exactly SharePoint Used?

Is it confined organization or beyond the organization?


21st April 2020

Under which circumstance ,Fortinet unit is subject to bounce verification,Anti spam Check?

Hi, I'm a beginner at Fortinet. By knowing concept one after another makes quite interesting. Still a lot of doubts On Fortinet concepts

I want to know, where exactly Fortinet unit is subject to Bounce verification and Antispam check?


22nd April 2020

How To Use Pip Install Requirements .txt To Install All Dependencies In A Python Project?

I started working on Python recently, I was assigned with a project written in python and it requires some installation. Can anyone tell me how to use the pip install requirements.txt?



23rd June 2020

How To Append Integer To The Beginning Of The List In Python?

Hi all,

I’m trying to make a list that begins with a variable and ends with an integer. So I tried writing ‘a+list’ but I found an error. Here, ‘a’ as an integer and thus I cannot use either extend or append. Can I get any suggestions that work in this case?



27th June 2020

Why Do We Use #!/usr/bin/env Python On The First Line Of A Python Script?

I have recently started working on Python. I found that some python script begins with #!/usr/bin/env python instead of #!/usr/bin python. 

Can anyone tell me Is there are same or different?



29th June 2020


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