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Mindmajix cybersecurity training in Houston enables to learn various concepts of cybersecurity such as cyber threats, risks, vulnerabilities, risk analysis, risk management, and risk mitigation. You will also learn about various methods and techniques to protect the system and the network infrastructure from unauthorized attacks. The training teaches you about system vulnerabilities, malware detection, and protection of confidential information from hackers. After completion of cybersecurity training, you become eligible for Cybersecurity certification.

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Cyber Security Course Content

Introduction to Cybersecurity 

  • The evolution of Cybersecurity 

  • Cybersecurity & situational awareness 

  • The Cybersecurity skills gap

Difference between Information Security & Cybersecurity 

  • Protecting digital assets 

Cybersecurity objectives 

  • Confidentiality, integrity, & availability 

  • Nonrepudiation

Cybersecurity Roles 

  • Governance, risk management, & compliance 

  • What does a Cybersecurity professional do? 

  • Information Security roles 

  • Board of Directors 

  • Executive management 

  • Senior Information security management 

  • Cybersecurity practitioners 



  • Approaches to Cybersecurity 
  • Key terms & definitions 
  • Likelihood & impact 
  • Approaches to risk 
  • Third-party risk 
  • Risk management

Common Attack Types & Vectors 

  • Threat agents 
  • Attack attributes 
  • Generalized attack process 
  • Non-adversarial threat events 
  • Malware & attack types 

Policies & Procedures 

  • Policy life cycle 
  • Guidelines 
  • Policy frameworks 
  • Types of Information Security policies 
  • Access control policy 
  • Personnel Information Security policy 
  • Security incident response policy 

Cybersecurity Controls 

  • Identity management 
  • Provisioning & de-provisioning 
  • Authorization 
  • Access control lists 
  • Privileged user management 
  • Change management 
  • Configuration management 
  • Patch management 

Overview of security architecture 

  • The security perimeter 

  • Interdependencies 

  • Security architectures & frameworks 

  • SABSA & the Zachman framework 

  • The open group architecture framework (TOGAF)

The OSI model 

  • TCP/IP 

Defense in Depth 



  • Firewall general features 

  • Network firewall types 

  • Packet filtering firewalls 

  • Stateful inspection firewalls 

  • Stateless vs. stateful 

  • Examples of firewall implementations 

  • Firewall issues 

  • Firewall platforms 

Isolation & segmentation 

  • VLANs 

  • Security zones & DMZs 

Monitoring, Detection, and Logging 

  • Ingress, egress, & data loss prevention (DLP) 

  • Antivirus & anti-malware 

  • Intrusion detection systems 

  • IDS limitations 

  • IDS policy 

  • Intrusion prevention systems 

Cryptography Fundamentals 

  • Key elements of cryptographic systems 

  • Key systems 

Encryption Techniques 

  • Symmetric (private) key encryption 

  • Asymmetric (private) key encryption 

  • Elliptical curve cryptography 

  • Quantum cryptography 

  • Advanced encryption standard 

  • Digital signature 

  • Virtual private network 

  • Wireless network protections 

  • Stored data 

  • Public key infrastructure 

Encryption Applications 

  • Applications of cryptographic systems

Process Controls – Risk Assessments 

  • Attributes of risk 

  • Risk response workflow 

  • Risk analysis 

  • Evaluating security controls 

  • Risk assessment success criteria 

  • Managing risk 

  • Using the results of the risk assessment 

Process Controls – Vulnerability Management 

  • Vulnerability management 

  • Vulnerability scans 

  • Vulnerability assessment 

  • Remediation 

  • Reporting & metrics 

Process Controls – Penetration Testing 

  • Penetration testers

  • Penetration testing phases  

Network Security 

  • Network management 

  • LAN/WAN security 

  • Network risks 

  • Wireless local area networks 

  • Wired equivalent privacy & Wi-Fi protected access (WPA/WPA2) 

  • Ports & protocols 

  • Port numbers 

  • Protocol numbers & assignment services 

  • Virtual private networks 

  • Remote access 

Operating System Security

  • System/platform hardening 

  • Modes of operations 

  • File system permissions 

  • Credentials & privileges 

  • Command line knowledge 

  • Logging & system monitoring 

  • Virtualization 

  • Specialized systems

Application Security 

  • System development life cycle (SDLC) 

  • Security within SDLC 

  • Design requirements 

  • Testing 

  • Review process  

  • Separation of development, testing, & production environments 

  • OWASP top ten 

  • Wireless application protocol (WAP)

Data Security 

  • Data classification 

  • Data owners 

  • Data classification requirements 

  • Database security 

Event vs. Incident 

  • Events vs. incident 

  • Types of incidents 

Security Incident Response 

  • What is incident response? 

  • Why do we need incident response? 

  • Elements of an incident response plan 

  • Security event management 

Investigations, Legal Holds, & Preservation 

  • Investigations 

  • Evidence preservation 

  • Legal requirements 


  • Data protection 

  • Data acquisition 

  • Imaging 

  • Extraction 

  • Interrogation 

  • Ingestion/normalization 

  • Reporting 

  • Network traffic analysis 

  • Log file analysis 

  • Time lines 

  • Anti-forensics 

Disaster recovery & business continuity plans 

  • What is a disaster? 

  • Business continuity & disaster recovery 

  • Business impact analysis 

  • Recovery time objectives (RTO) 

  • Recover point objective (RPO) 

  • IS business continuity planning 

  • Recovery concepts 

  • Backup procedures 

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Mock Interviews

  • Mock interviews by Mindmajix gives you the platform to prepare, practice and experience the real-life job interview. Familiarizing yourself with the interview environment beforehand in a relaxed and stress-free environment gives you an edge over your peers.
  • Our mock interviews will be conducted by industry experts with an average experience of 5+ years. So you’re sure to improve your chances of getting hired!

How Mindmajix's Mock Interview Works?


  • To test your knowledge on Cyber Security Training, you will be required to work on two industry-based projects that discuss significant real-time use cases. This will also ensure hands-on expertise in Cyber Security Training concepts.
  • These projects are completely in-line with the modules mentioned in the curriculum.

Scenario: Consider an XYZ company transfers some confidential data to the third party, and some of the sensitive data get leaked accidentally or intentionally by a hacker.

Problem Statement: You as a Cybersecurity expert has been tasked to do analysis on security risks and find the possibilities that comprised data was from one or more their counterparts.


  • Check the business counterparts.
  • Perform Data allocation tactics
  • Identify unknown data leakages and the party responsible for it.
  • Data leakage prevention


Industry: Web Security

Problem statement: How to fix vulnerabilities in a website that is open to SQL Injection?

Description: In this project, you’ll work on preventing SQL Injection attacks. The objective is to detect the websites that are open to SQL injection, find and exploit various kinds of SQL injection vulnerabilities, list the websites, and fix the website issues. 

Topics covered: 

  • SQL injection
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Intrusion detection.


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Cyber Security in Houston Objectives

The cybersecurity course enables the professionals to adopt cybersecurity in their organization. Apart from the cybersecurity lifecycle, the course also helps you to learn the best practices and industry standards to achieve a robust and secure IT framework. The course for cybersecurity training comprises the basic concepts of cybersecurity, principles of security architecture, network security, application security, system, and data security, security implications, adoption of latest cybersecurity technologies, and incident response. After completion of this training, you will learn the following skills

  • Fundamentals of Security
  • Offensive Security
  • Security Teams Management
  • Secure Cloud Architecture
  • Secure Systems Architecture
  • Electives
  • Auditing and Compliance
  • Networking Concepts


The prerequisites to learn cybersecurity is to have a basic knowledge of system administration, database applications, network security, and data recovery.


Cybersecurity captures a huge market in most of the IT enterprises in Houston and there is a great scope of career growth for professionals working in this field. The market share for cybersecurity is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.0% over the forecast period. 

Some of the major companies recruiting cybersecurity professionals in Houston are Collabera, Jacobs, Tokio Marine HCC, Optiv, Macquarie group, eSolutions.Inc, Woz U, Vistronix, Boardwalk Pipelines, etc.

The average salary for cybersecurity professionals in Houston is approx $ 72,488 per year which can vary based on experience level.

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    Cyber Security Certification in Houston

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    Cyber Security Online Training FAQ's

    Yes, you get two kinds of discounts. They are group discount and referral discount. Group discount is offered when you join as a group, and referral discount is offered when you are referred from someone who has already enrolled in our training.

    The trainer is a certified consultant and has significant amount of experience in working with the technology.

    Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

    If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within first 2 sessions of the training. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

    Cyber Security Online Training Reviews

    Muhammad Talha Majoka

    Course content is really good and support folks are really helpful. Supports at every time with full energy. thanks to the very enthusiastic trainer and Best Institute for Cybersecurity training. Keep up the good work! Thank for Mindmajix.

    Soujanya Vadali

    Excellent videos and interactive mode of online teaching. Instructors are very informed and clear while communicating. Cybersecurity online course covers all the topics, what they said. thanks to Mindmajix.

    Asif Hasan

    I took .NET training from Mindmajix. I must say the course content was highly qualitative and the trainer covered all concepts. Overall it was a good experience with Mindmajix.

    Ashim Sen Gupta

    Thank You for the sessions that helped me gaining knowledge in Spotfire training. Trainer's experience helped me to get the detailed information regarding the key concepts and challenging tasks in real-time. Thanks once again.

    Preetam Shinde

    Perfect sessions to know all the key concepts of Spotfire certification training. Thanks to the support team as well. Thanks to Mindmajix.

    Vedhanathan M

    Servicenow training offered by MindMajix is excellent, and you clear Servicenow certification very easily after attending this training, and also you will get the real time view of the Servicenow.

    Saran Jayanthi

    The ServiceNow Course and trainer knowledge are so excellent and satisfied me. The pdf documents which are provided by the trainer are so helpful.


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