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Top Oracle Endeca Commerce Interview Questions and Answers

Q1) Shed light on the engine of MDEX of Endeca Oracle?

At the heart of the offerings made by Oracle Endeca, the MDEX search engine is regarded as a query engine and a performance indexing engine. The driver of MDEX is also considered to be an analytical database that also facilitates a hybrid search.

It is also designed for ultrafast analysis and exploration of vastly changing datasets. In this context, it is important to note that these datasets are also quite diverse.

Moreover, the engine of MDEX is designed in such a manner that it can support both structured and unstructured data concurrently. It also needs a little amount of data modeling and metadata.

It is also important to note that the records of data used by MDEX can also comprise various kinds of values as well as fundamental values and pairs. These values may also include hierarchies which would provide a form of a pivotal dimensional model. In this way, the engine of MDEX also facilitates searches that are drill down in nature.

Q2) Illustrate the process of dimension hierarchy about Oracle Endeca?

The notion of dimension hierarchy in Oracle Endeca would facilitate one with additional control over the logical structure that can be used to organize the Endeca records.

On the other hand, the dimension tree denotes that dimension values can have child and parent values. Quite interestingly, a dimension value can also have sub-dimension values.

Q3) Provide a brief note on the Oracle Endeca Queries option?

It is interesting to note that Oracle Endeca makes use of searches that are two-way in nature. These queries can be in the form of search queries of keywords and navigation queries. The questions related to navigation can also output records that are based on the application.

It also facilitates the proper information related to the query. On the other hand, the search queries of keywords would also output records that are based on the keyword which is user-defined. 

Q4) What are Oracle Endeca Records in the context of its implementation in e-commerce sites?

Records of Endeca are also regarded as entities that are present in your dataset in the process of navigating for records. These are also considered to be the main components of data. The attributes present in the primary units comprise of record schema that always denotes the model of data or records.

Q5) What do you mean by the Application tier of Endeca?

It is important to note that the Application tier of Endeca always reads the raw data that also manipulates the collection of a dataset into the Oracle MDEX Engine of Endeca and its respective indexes. The information transformation layer or ITL of this software comprises of acquisition system related to content and exudes practicality to the user.

In this context, one should always note that the CAS or content acquisition system includes the console and CAS server and also comprises Endeca WebCrawler. It also consists of a Data Foundry application that involves various components like manipulation programs related to data.

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Q6) Illustrate the aspect of the notion of dimensions and values associated with size?

The dimensions would also facilitate the vulgar way of arranging the records of datasets in a given context of data. In this background, one should note that a proportion comprises the relational dimensional values. On the other hand, the dimension root is the uppermost value of the dimension in a tree of aspects.

Quite interestingly, a source of character also has the same meaning as the dimension. Moreover, the proportion refers to the collection of various values. A root of balance also possesses the size that has been assigned to a particular field.

Q7) Shed light on the aspects of dimension search concerning Oracle Endeca?

Apart from supporting record search which is facilitated by the engine of MDEX, it also helps the second type of keyword search also called the dimension search. The search queries related to dimension can also return values related to aspect and also comprises of proper names that consist of the search terms.

There is a definite cut difference between record search and dimension search. The difference is in the form of the fact that the dimension search does not need a search key. On the other hand, the dimension search always searches for the dimensional values that are usually defined as searchable in the context of the provided keyword terms.

Q8) Illustrate the comparison process of record search and dimension search with respect to Oracle Endeca?

It is quite impressive to note that record and dimension search have their respective strengths. You can opt to use the dimension search when the terms related to a query are included in your dimension hierarchy. On the other hand, you can use the record search when you are on the lookout for searching unstructured data that is not part of a dimensional hierarchy.

Q9) What do you mean by discovery related to Oracle Endeca Information?

Oracle Endeca Information discovery is also regarded as a platform for facilitating the applications related to innovation in a rapid manner as needed by a particular e-commerce business. The product comprises three features in the form of the studio feature, Oracle Endeca Server, and the suite related to integration.

The Oracle Endeca Server is also regarded as a database that is analytical. It is also associated with arranging the varied and complex forms of data that have been inculcated into a flexible and faceted model of data. 

The studio feature is also a component-based environment for setting up an enterprise-class discovery application. The integration suite in Oracle Endeca also comprises of acquisition system related to content in gathering content from file systems and various types of content management systems.

It can also pick data from websites and is also seen as an integrator that usually provides unique ETL. ETL in this context refers to extract, transform, and load. This ETL tool can enrich and integrate the data of the enterprise and also allows for direct data integration from various other means. It also facilitates the use of open Web Services API. 

Q10) What is the process with the help of which the technologists and business professionals are utilizing the Oracle Endeca Information Discovery?

It is vital to mention that business professionals utilize information discovery to explore various types of different data so that they can have a better understanding of the new and unfamiliar situation.

On the other hand, the technologists are using Oracle Endeca Information Discovery to form partnerships with other organizations in a holistic manner. The BI professionals also have the requisite skills to make sure that the IT technicians can even make sure that the big data is analyzed properly.

With the help of Endeca Oracle Information Discovery, e-commerce companies are now taking a different approach nowadays to leverage the power of big data. The Oracle Endeca Server also indexes the new sources and also adds the new form of datasets into the unique indexes.  

Q11) What are the search characteristics additionally related to Oracle Endeca?

It is important to note that there are a plethora of search features that can be inculcated in the application. For instance, there is a functionality called the spelling functionality that enables the results related to a search in a situation where there is a wrong input of the spelling.

On the other hand, stemming also allows the application of Endeca to take into account various optional phrases that are equal to the aim of querying related to the search. For instance, in many forms of Endeca, it is preferable for the nouns to keep in sync with the other types of languages.

On the other hand, the feature of Thesaurus would also allow the mechanism to facilitate matches against the related phrases or concepts that are usually contained in the queries of the users. One might even configure an entry of the thesaurus to facilitate searches for the smartphone so that it can match text that comprises smartphones words.

The relevance ranking also gives you an upper hand in the way the results are facilitated. In general scenarios, it is preferable to depict grades for the query filed by a user.

Q12) What are the useful Endeca resources that one must be aware of nowadays?

Oracle Endeca comprises various resources like Agile Analytics which is also regarded as the Endeca product management blog. It also includes Endeca Oracle Information Discovery and its related sheet of data. It also consists of the Endeca Latitude.

It also comprises a series of videos on Agile BI and the Endeca Latitude. All these resources play a crucial role to make sure that e-commerce websites can leverage their capabilities in the right manner.

Q13) What do you mean by the Endeca Guided Search?

The Oracle Endeca Search usually lacks a plethora of features that are typically offered by the Endeca commerce system. For instance, the aspect of data modeling and fast discovery against multi-entity data is another prominent feature of the Endeca Guided Search. It also comprises the feature of the performance and scalability of the engine of MDEX.

It has the ability to add to the capacity when needed. The Endeca Guided Search also features the new characteristic of dictionary and spelling. These characteristics are always contextual to the data that is within Endeca. It also comprises merchant empowerment with the help of the experienced manager.

Q14) Define personalization with respect to Oracle Endeca of e-commerce sites?

It is the notion of creating a unique experience for various types of customers whose interests are based on various types of shopping characteristics and demographics.

The customer information is usually situated in the profile and is maintained at the e-commerce platform. On the other hand, the information related to the profile can be shared as required with Endeca guided search and assemblers.

On the other hand, segments refer to a set of customers who usually acts in a similar manner. This facilitates the creation of a group. This group is also known by the name of segments. The user of the business can opt to set up various recommendations that are based on the segments or groups of the users.

Quite interestingly, one can opt to create segments of users in the Endeca Experience Manager so that they can distribute the product information by targeting a group in a proper manner. It can also display content accordingly as per the preference of the e-commerce websites

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