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MindMajix Selenium with C# training is a one-stop platform for all your Automation testing career needs. Twenty hours of job-oriented live training/self-paced videos deliver the latest Selenium 4.x version concepts that include core to advanced features. Automation expert trainers will guide you in experiencing how Selenium works by automating the test case as projects, ensuring you learn skills practically. Certification aligned curriculum with the industry expected job skills are assured with our Selenium with CSharp course. MindMajix post-training services will aid you with necessary guidance until you land a job as Test Automation Professional.

Selenium with C# Training
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Course Coverage

Course Includes

Live Training

15 Hours of Sessions

Lab Sessions

14 Hours of Labs

Flexible Schedule

Flexible Schedules

FREE Demo on Request

FREE Demo on Request

24/7 Lifetime Support

24/7 Lifetime Support

One-on-One Doubt Clearing Sessions

One-on-One Doubt Clearing

Certification Assistance

Certification Oriented Curriculum

Two Real-time Project Use cases

Real-time Project Use cases

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Selenium with C# Course Curriculum

MindMajix Automation experts iterated the concepts of Selenium with CSharp and curated the best-fit curriculum to meet the mastery you need. 27% of the automation testing industry uses Selenium, and we have included all the essential skills currently in demand. We provide FREE prerequisites like C-Sharp basics as add-ons for your hassle-free learning experience.

Introduction to Visual Studio Editor

  • What is C#?
  • Features of C#
  • Advantages of using C#
  • How to use C#
  • What is Visual Studio
  • Install Visual Studio
  • What is compiler
  • How compilation process goes
  • What is an Assembly file
  • What is a solution file
  • Creating the first project in C# in Visual Studio 

C# Programming

  • Creating the first C# program
  • What is Syntax
  • What is Class
  • What is Namespace
  • How C# program can be executed
  • What is the Main method
  • What is method
  • Types of methods
    • Instance method
    • Static method
  • What is variable
    • local variable
    • instance variable
    • static variable
  • what is Datatype
  • Types of Datatypes
  • Identifiers
  • Take user input
  • How to use Operators
  • Type Casting
  • Types of Casting
    • Upcasting
    • Downcasting
  • Method Parameters
  • Passing arguments
  • What is the Object
  • Purpose of Object creation
  • How to create an object
  • What is static
  • Importance of static
  • What is Constructor
  • Types of Constructor
    • Instance constructor
    • Static constructor
  •  Constructor chaining
  • Practical usage of Constructor
  • Assigning Local variables to Instance variables
  • Getter and Setters
  • Properties in C#
  • String class in C# 

Oops Concepts in C#

  • Class
  • Object
  • Encapsulation
  •  Inheritance
  • Types of Inheritance
    • Single level inheritance
    • Multi-level inheritance
    • Hierarchical inheritance
  • Polymorphism 
  • Types of Polymorphism
    • Static or Compile Time Polymorphism
    • Dynamic Polymorphism or Runtime Polymorphism
  •  Abstraction
  •  Interfaces
  •  Types of interfaces in C#
  • Difference between Abstract class and Interface

Most of the Selenium with C# Jobs in the industry expect the following add-on skills. Hence, we offer these skills-set as FREE Courses (Basics) to ease your learning process and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Web Services
Rest API
Agile & Scrum

Hands-on Selenium with C# Projects

Our Selenium with C# Training course aims to deliver quality training that covers solid fundamental knowledge on core concepts with a practical approach. Such exposure to the current industry use-cases and scenarios will help learners scale up their skills and perform real-time projects with the best practices.

Training Options

Choose your own comfortable learning experience.

Self-Paced Videos

15 hrs of E-Learning Videos


  • 15 hours of Selenium with C# Training videos
  • Curated and delivered by industry experts
  • 100% practical-oriented classes
  • Includes resources/materials
  • Latest version curriculum with covered
  • Get lifetime access to the LMS
  • Learn technology at your own pace
  • 24x7 learner assistance
  • Certification guidance provided
  • Post sales support by our community

Live Online

15 hrs of Remote Classes in Zoom/Google meet



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Jun 10 - Jun 25

08:00 PM EST


Jun 13 - Jun 28

07:30 PM EST


Jun 17 - Jul 02

08:00 PM EST


Jun 20 - Jul 05

07:30 PM EST

  • + Includes Self-Paced

  • Live demonstration of the industry-ready skills.
  • Schedule your sessions at your comfortable timings.
  • Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) classes.
  • Real-time projects and certification guidance.

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For Corporates

Empower your team with new skills to Enhance their performance and productivity.

Corporate Training

  • Customized course curriculum as per your team’s specific needs
  • Training delivery through self-Paced videos, live Instructor-led training through online, on-premise at Mindmajix or your office facility
  • Resources such as slides, demos, exercises, and answer keys included
  • Complete guidance on obtaining certification
  • Complete practical demonstration and discussions on industry use cases

Served 120+ Corporates

Corporate Clients

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I have attended Selenium with C# training. It’s been a different experience from Mindmajix. I enjoyed a lot throughout my training period learning Selenium C# wi




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The Selenium with C# training course from Mindmajix covered all concepts included in the exam with detailed information. The trainer was knowledgeable and an expert in




Technical Tester

The Selenium with C# Online training was really good. The decision to choose Mindmajix was absolutely right.

Our Instructor

Learn from the certified and real time working professionals.

Specialized inSelenium with C#
More DetailsSandeep has got 7+ years of industrial experience working for global MNCs. He chose to deliver online training and contribute informative articles and blogs to various websites to share his technical expertise.

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Selenium with C# Training Objectives

Course Objectives

Upon completing the Selenium with C# training, the trainee will be able to:

  • Understand the significant Selenium IDE features
  • Learn how to record and run Selenium test cases
  • Learn how to identify the objects in Selenium through locators.
  • Understand how to create and install the Selenium core and use the same to run the Selenium test suites.
  • Understand the Selenium remote control
  • Learn how to create a selenium grid to run the same test-case in various operating systems and multiple browsers.
  • In the testing field, Selenium with C# is one of the top-searched skill-sets in the job profile.
  • According to NASSCOM, the global software market is expected to reach $50 billion by next year providing more job opportunities for the professionals in the leading testing framework, Selenium.
  • The average salary of a Selenium with C# professional is $94,634 per year.

Selenium with C# is the leading software testing framework used by most multinational companies. Certified professionals are earning the best salaries. It is the perfect fit for the following job roles:

  • System Analysts
  • System Administrators
  • Software Developers
  • Testers and QA Engineers
  • BI and ETL professionals

There are no specific prerequisites to learn Selenium. Having basic knowledge of C# or Core Java is an added advantage.

The Selenium with C# Certification Training from Mindmajix enables you to learn the basic and advanced Automated Testing Concepts. The concepts are listed as follows:

  • Overview of Selenium Automated Testing
  • Selenium RC Architecture
  • Functions and Commands of Selenium IDE
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Aspects of Object Repository and Maven
  • Software Testing with Selenium Grid
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Industry Statistics

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Avg. Salary

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Selenium with C# Training FAQs

Which version of the Selenium with C# will use in training?

The version that we teach on :  

We use the Latest versions of  C#, NUnit, SpecFlow & Visual Studio. Please find the version that uses currently during the training:

  • C# 11.0
  • NUnit 3.13.3
  • SpecFlow Suite 3.9
  • Visual Studio 2022

You can access the recording of the missed class through our LMS. We record each training session and upload it after the session to our LMS which can be accessible to the students.

Yes, we got custom training programs to complete the course as you need.

You need good internet connectivity with a mobile/tab/laptop/system installed with Zoom/Meet.

You can access the recorded videos through our LMS after every session.


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