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Social Media Interview Questions and Answers

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If you're looking for Social Media Interview Questions & Answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the right place. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research Social Media has a market share of about 72.7%. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in Social Media Development. Mindmajix offers Advanced Social Media Interview Questions 2023 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire a dream career as Social Media Developer.

Frequently Asked Social Media Interview Questions in 2023

1. Why should a business target social media sites?

2. What are the benefits of targeting social media platforms?

3. What are the roles and responsibilities of a social media manager?

4. What is the difference between a social media manager and a social media user?

5. When people like and share the post on Facebook, how it is beneficial for the business?


Social Media Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

1) Why should a business target social media sites?

For continuous growth, this is very important. The fact is social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have massive users which are active all the time and the same can be converted into loyal business clients with some effort. This is very beneficial for any business that often seeks new clients to keep up the pace all the time. 

2) What are the benefits of targeting social media platforms?

Social media websites and platforms are the best sources where a business can be introduced to the mass. This is very beneficial for a number of purposes. A business can very easily be made popular if right the right strategies are followed. Some of the key benefits of having to target these platforms are:

  • Business promotion
  • Low-cost advertisements
  • Quick Results 

3) What are the roles and responsibilities of a social media manager?

The social media manager these days have to handle a very daunting job. The fact is they have to handle multiple responsibilities at the same time to keep up the pace. The very first thing they are responsible for is to make sure that the right audience is being targeted. Next, they are responsible for choosing what sort of information is shared on social media so that the maximum number of users shows interest. In addition to this, a social media manager will make sure that more and more people are liking/commenting, or sharing the posts.

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4) Name the two popular Social Media sites that you will be targeting as a social media manager for the promotion of a business or a product

Well, Facebook and Twitter are the best options for targets. Rest it depends on the country that is to be targeted. 

5) What is the difference between a social media manager and a social media user?

A social media user creates a profile on the social network for general purposes. He or she posts content that is related to his own. On the other side a social media manager posts content that is related to a business or a service? Simply creating and posting content is something that wouldn’t work for a social media manager. This is because the duty of a social media manager is to target more and more people. Therefore it is necessary for him to engage himself in the communities. If there is a need, he must create communities and groups. 

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6) When people like and share the post on Facebook, how it is beneficial for the business?

The liking and sharing of a post simply promote a business. The fact is, when a post is liked or shared by a person on his/her Facebook account, it becomes visible to all the persons in their friend list. This simply enhances the visibility of the post and a very large number of people can be attracted to the products or the services. It is because of no other reason than this the posts should be interesting and eye-catching. 

7) Which social media platform will you choose for your business and why?

Well, for this I need to understand your social media networks first. It is sure that I will make the existing ones strong and proceed with the new ones later on. This is because building a new channel, community, or page on a social media network needs time to be popular. 

8) Develop a basic strategy to promote a new product on a social media platform

The very first thing is obviously posting the information on the official social media profile of the business. It can then be enhanced by making it mandatory for all the employees to share the same on their own profiles with a positive and attractive tag line. Of course, this will enhance its visibility and popularity in the initial stage when it comes to promoting the same on social media. 

9) Tell one goal of a social media page of a business that is active on Facebook. How this could be achieved?

To get as many likes as possible in the shortest possible time. A social media manager should always engage himself in posting business-related content only. A better idea is to post some motivational quotes in the form of a customized picture with a business logo and services. These are actually widely shared and shared and the popularity of anything can be enhanced with this approach in the shortest possible time. 

10) How can social media networks contribute to generating revenues?

Well, the first thing to pay attention to is to make a solid presence on them. Next is to post banner advertisements or anything about the business that can attract the attention of social media users. They can be introduced to promotional activities and other events. If they can be converted into business clients, it is possible to simply keep up the pace in this matter.

11) What do you mean by Facebook Edgerank. What is its significance?

This is actually an algorithm that Facebook adapts to select whether the information you published on your page should be put at the top of the news feed or not. Actually, this algorithm decides where your post will lie and it is based on a number of factors. A few of them are:

  1. The time at which you made the post
  2. The overall number of characters in it
  3. How many of your followers would you attracted with earlier posts
  4. How your post influence the readers

12) Name a few tools to track the success of social media strategies and plans 

  1. Google Analytics
  2. CRM tools
  3. Focusing on ROI
  4. Checking the content quality

13) What does KPI abbreviate for? Name a few that you recommend.

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. Checking the slide share views, checking the overall number of active followers, and understanding their behavior are some of the KPs that can be considered simply.

14) On what basis according to you the web pages can be chosen for advertisement on social media?

One of the best ways to keep up the pace in this matter is nothing but knowing the overall number of traffic on the page. 

15) How can you say that social media is worth using a business?

It’s simply because it can generate massive traffic towards a website and the same can be converted into the clients without doing much. Also, it is possible to customize the advertisements on social media to keep up the pace simply. 

16) What is an RSS feed and what is its significance?

It is actually an approach that enables the visitors of a website to subscribe to the information posted by the webmaster. This is another approach that is related to social media to get more and more traffic. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. A huge audience can simply be attracted towards content and without worrying about anything. 

17) Do you think a viral video can help a business with its promotion on social media?

Yes, this approach is quite effective. The fact is, any sort of business tagline or logo or a small description about the business can simply be attached with an already popular video and the same can be floated on the social media channels to keep up the pace. There are certain things that one needs to make sure of it in this campaign. The very first thing is the length of the video should be as short. It shouldn’t exceed 20 seconds in any case.

18) Mention the strategies that you will use to generate the leads?

Introducing the massive on already popular platforms on social media, considering and organizing a game evened and encourage the participation of users in that. In addition to this, events such as free giveaways of some products and services can also be considered without worrying about anything. 

19) Do you think SEO has a relation with Social Media?

Yes, it’s true up to a good extent and the fact is SEO is a powerful approach that even be implemented in Social media searches and campaigns. However, the one thing that needs attention is the fact that social media strategies need to be familiar with Google algorithms for better results. 

20) Do you need a social media management tool to accomplish your job? If so, Why?

Yes, a social media tool is always powerful. There are certain that can be considered depending upon the exact needs. The fact is using the same can eliminate various forms of errors simply and without making any business invest money on a large scale. Those who go for them need not worry about compatibility. There are tools used for performing tasks such as scheduling the posts on Facebook that are very effective in bringing the most desired outcomes. 

21) What according to you is the biggest disadvantage of declaring a presence on social media by a business?

Social media platforms bring business close to their clients. However, there is a hard reality that no one can deny and i.e. no business can satisfy all the clients. Thus the negative feedback comments are the biggest concern and businesses often have to spend a lot on dealing with such issues. Removing them directly creates a very bad impression.

22) How you will deal with the negative comments?

First, it should be checked that the comment has been posted by a genuine and real customer. It is necessary to reply to every single comment and without worrying about anything. Words such as apologies and humbleness should be used directly. There is nothing wrong with that. Rather than deleting them immediately, they should be deleted at a later date and after giving the reply on or after solving the problem of the customer. 

23) What are the factors that you will pay attention to for assuring ROI?

These generally include training of employees, financial needs, Manpower consideration, special skills requirement fulfillment, as well as prompt attention on the matters that are sensitive in a campaign. 

24) Have you ever experienced a social media failure earlier in your career?

Yes everyone can experience this as social media is a very large network. However, the fact that is more important is how you deal with it and have another parallel plan to keep up the pace. 

25) What would be your strategy for keeping your posts, news, and content on the top of the news feed and search results?

It is very important to keep up the pace in this matter. Approaches such as proper keyword using, writing the best quality content, writing only the relevant information, and updating the strategies regularly can help a lot in keeping up the pace all the time. 

26) Do you support running the free contest on your Facebook Page?

Yes, it’s in fact, the biggest platform where products and services can be introduced to the business. People will never forget such an experience if the same can be made interesting. A lot of promotional activities can be integrated with them simply and you can get the most desired results simply. 

27) Suppose you are given the responsibility to allocate the social media budget for us, how you will be doing that?

Well, there are certain KPI’s that can be considered for this and I will too go with them. I will allow a specific percentage of money from the overall advertisement budget for social media to first check its effectiveness. Then the need of customers is to be paid attention to so that only those who are actually interested in buying the products can be targeted. 

28) Do social media pages have competitions? If so, how you would tackle them?

Yes, it’s true that there is competition. To tackle the same, the biggest weapon is posting genuine information and at the right time. Staying up to date in every aspect and knowing all the competitive pages can also help a lot in this matter.

29) Can you manage multiple Facebook pages, what can be the challenge in the same?

Well, this can easily be done. If there is a need to post on all of them at the same time, there are various authorized tools such as Facebook’s own “Page Manager” that can be considered to avoid any challenge.

30) What should be the limit on the words for a wise post on Twitter?

It should exceed 200 words 

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