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Top 10 Frequently Asked Anaplan Interview Questions and answers

1. What Is Anaplan?
2. What Are The Features Of Anaplan?
4. What are the Chart types used in Anaplan?
5. Who are the major Anaplan Customers?
6. List the Anaplan Aggregation Functions
7. Name some of the modules that are supported by Anaplan
8. What do you mean by Central Data warehouse in Anaplan?
9. What are Anaplan Applications?
10. What is the app hub of Anaplan?

Top Anaplan Interview Questions and answers

1. Differences between Anaplan Vs Cognos TM1

FeaturesAnaplanCognos TM1
ArchitectureCloud-Based ArchectureOn-Premise Architecture
ScalabilityInstantly extends WorkSpaceDisruptive
Software UpdationSeamlessDisruptive
LanguageNatural LanguageScripting Language
Supported PlatformsCloudDesktop, Mobile, Cloud
ImplementationNo installation Software requiredManually have to install it on the server
FunctionalityCan represent data in multiple waysCan see through dashboards and pre-built reports via BI application
CostSmall Companies with Small Data applications Anaplan is CheaperBig Companies with Larger amounts of data Cognos is a cheaper

2. What Is Anaplan?

Anaplan - Cloud-based financial planning and performance management platform. Anaplan aims for multi-dimensional planning, and business users who can create and use models.

3. What Are The Features Of Anaplan?

  • Cloud-Based Platform
  • Scalable Modeling
  • Apps catalog
  • In-Memory Engine
  • Graphical Data Presentation
  • Time Saver
  • Easy of Use
  • Intuitive modeling interface
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FeaturesAnaplanAdaptive Insights
Platforms Supported Web BasedWeb Based
Small Business CustomersYesNo
Free TrialNoYes
Salesforce Sales CloudNoYes
Available Languages English, Germany, Japan, France, RussiaEnglish, Japan

5. Define Anaplan User Access Control?

In order to view Assignments, Resource Types, and Policies of the Organization, anaplan access control allows you as a Tenant Administrator.

6. Can I access Anaplan from Mobile?

Yes, You can access Anaplan from any mobile via a browser with data connectivity.

7. Which modules are supported by Anaplan?

Anaplan supports Finance,

  • Sales
  • Supply chain
  • Workforce
  • Marketing
  • IT modules

8. What are the Common Formula Errors in Anaplan?


9. What are the Chart types used in Anaplan?

  • Column chart
  • Bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Pie chart
  • Waterfall chart
  • Timeline chart
  • Map chart
  • Combination Chart and
  • Funnel chart

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10. Who are the major Anaplan Customers?

  • Tableau
  • VMWare
  • Intel
  • BOX
  • HP
  • Tata Steel
  • Motorola

11. Explain formula editing in Anaplan?

Formula Editing is quite easy in Anaplan. You can:

  • In formula edit mode: You can switch between modules or settings
  • Exist from edit mode is easier.
  • Can see which module is being altered and arrive rapidly
  • Through Blueprint mode, you can toggle in and out.

12. Name the Access Control Roles in anaplan?

  • View Admin
  • Tenant Admin
  • Encryption Admin
  • Process Owner and
  • Tenant Auditor

13. Define anaplan modules

Modules can be defined as powerful and flexible that gives the ability to solve common but complex business problems. We have 3 kinds of modules:

  • Input modules: captures data entry
  • Driver modules: Calculate values
  • Output modules: Helps for reporting purposes.

14. Name some specific changes that are recorded in history.

Model records the history when specific changes happen like user adds, edits, deletes, or renames. Here are some elements:

  • Actions
  • Currency qualifiers
  • Dashboards & Functional Areas
  • Import Data Sources & source mappings
  • Line item subsets
  • Lists, List properties, and List items
  • Modules & Processes
  • Revision tags
  • Roles & Saved views
  • Subsets of lists
  • Time settings
  • Users added or deleted and 
  • Versions

15. List the Anaplan Aggregation Functions

The following are the Anaplan Aggregation Functions

  • ANY
  • ALL
  • MIN
  • MAX
  • SUM

16. What do you mean by Anaplan?

Anaplan is also known as the form of a cloud-based financial planning and performance platform. It is a kind of performance management platform that strives for multi-dimensional planning. With the help of Anaplan, business owners can efficiently produce and use suitable models.

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17. Can you use Anaplan from your Smartphone?

It is crucial for you to note that Anaplan can be used from any Smartphone which has a browser and an internet connection.

18. Name some of the modules that are supported by Anaplan

It is important to note that there are various types of modules that are sponsored by Anaplan. They are

  • Deals
  • Supply Chain
  • Investment
  • IT Modules
  • Advertising

19. Shed light on the versatile feature of history and revision access in Anaplan

It is important to note that Anaplan possesses the right authentication path which further makes sure that the changes are easy to track. With the help of the revision control feature, you can easily keep a tab on the activities of various changes. It would also enable you to roll back to earlier stages.

20. Define the data synchronization feature in Anaplan

It is vital for you to note that Anaplan synchronizes data in a dynamic nature. It does so across a plethora of connected plans. In this manner, it automatically identifies and aggregates the real inconsistencies so that redundancy can be minimized.

21. What do you mean by Central Data warehouse in Anaplan?

One of the phenomenal aspects that set Anaplan different from others lay in the fact that it has the ability to store data in its own repository. In this manner, it can facilitate various sources of data that are clean and features a reliable hierarchy. Moreover, with the help of Anaplan, the analysts can easily access master data of products and other employees in a quick fashion.       

22. Shed light on the aspect of partnership workflow with respect to Anaplan

Anaplan possesses the feature of partnership workflow in which it can facilitate the allocation of top and bottom targets. It can also consolidate various roll-ups from the field. The partnership workflow in Anaplan makes sure that all the changes made to a model are easily tracked. It also has an audit trail mechanism that would help the user to keep a tab on the alterations.

23 Shed light on the feature of formula editing in Anaplan

It is vital for you to note that the formula editing feature makes Anaplan a viable choice among users. In the formula editing mechanism, you can easily switch between various aspects of editing and their respective settings. Moreover, with the help of this aspect, you can easily keep a tab on the number of alterations being made. With the help of the Blueprint function, you can easily switch between on and off functions.

24. What is the intuitive modeling feature in Anaplan?

Anaplan is that kind of business planning software with the assistance of which the users can easily drop and drag various types of hierarchies. Interestingly, if a business organization uses Anaplan, there would be no hindrances between the organization and its business visions. With the help of Anaplan, there is no need to be dependent on IT business rules. It also facilitates automatically broken cell arrangements.

25. Explain the security of an application in the Anaplan environment

Apart from providing its users with a fully secured data warehouse, it also facilitates additional security layers for an application. This is quite phenomenal considering the fact that the user can get authenticated access to the application. It also features data encryption which usually is beneficial for high-risk applications. Anaplan also uses the services of leading security firms so that penetration testing can be easily carried out.

26. Explain the amount of availability and reliability Anaplan possess

Anaplan is one of those business-centered platforms which in recent years have invested heavily in the modes of availability and reliability. It possesses trustable data centers that are always ready to provide you with necessary backups. It is also one of those platforms which provide your business with a constant uptime feature. In this manner, you can keep your plans and data safe over a longer period of time. Furthermore, its file recovery system complies with all the latest standards which keep it far ahead of its competitors.

27. Shed light on the features of the sales module that are supported by Anaplan

There are various types of features in the sales modules that are supported by Anaplan. They are as follows:

  1. Forecasting of sales
  2. The capacity of a product to garner profit
  3. Division of monetary aspects as well as scoring
  4. Planning of quotas
  5. Providing incentives and compensation

28. What are Anaplan Applications?

It is vital for you to note that Anaplan is perhaps the only business-centered platform that gives freedom to its users to design high-end applications. It is also an interesting aspect to note that the designing process of the application requires zero codings. On the other side, this business-centered platform also allows the users to make the business operation easy to understand. It enables the creation of applications that can have features of modeling, forecasting, and planning, and performance management.

29. What should be your key responsibilities as a consultant of Anaplan?

It usually depends on the role that is being given to you by the company. Moreover, this job role differs from company to company. However, in general terms, the consultants of Anaplan are usually associated with the identification of functional design and requirements of a business. Quite interestingly, an Anaplan consultant also has to ensure that they are adept in tracking the progress of testing and training. It is so because, in the later stages, the aspects of training and testing would have a final say in supporting the various types of implementations.

30. List some of the workforce characteristics that are available in Anaplan

It is interesting to note that there are quite a few operational plans and goals that can be met with the help of Anaplan. It usually supports the business plans that are designed for the workforce. Here is the list of important workforce features of Anaplan.

  • Planning of successive stages
  • Planning of expenses with respect to headcount
  • Planning of the capacity and abilities of a particular workforce
  • Planning of equity and compensation in an organization
  • Optimization of the working processes of employees. This is the reason that it is extensively used in BPO industries

31. Shed light on the various types of IT characteristics that are available in Anaplan

With the help of Anaplan, your business can scale new heights as it integrates IT planning and execution of projects. Here is the list of important IT characteristics that are available in Anaplan.

  • Planning of various types of IT projects
  • Management of facilities
  • Implementation of several types of Agile Practices
  • The allocation of shared services
  • Management of business cases
  • Maintaining transparency is various aspects of cost along with the planning of IT management

32. What are the uses of reports and dashboards in the environment of Anaplan?

It is vital for you to note that Anaplan comprises a plethora of publishing features. This includes a variety of charts, PDFs, and dashboards. With the help of dashboards and reports in Anaplan, you can easily analyze scenarios and facilitate various types of executive packs.

33. What is the app hub of Anaplan?

Anaplan is probably one of those few platforms that feature a dedicated app hub. This app hub helps the developers to design versatile apps depending on the need of the clients. These applications are reviewed by the users in the development phase which provides an exciting opportunity for the developers to design applications as per needs. Moreover, the community of Anaplan is quite active in bringing together experts who belong to various fields.

These experts belonging from several domains make the process easy for developers to review the applications. On the other hand, if you are a user, you can quickly determine the application you need and deploy them in a single click. The application hub of Anaplan has been designed in such a manner that a user can also customize the application. It is also a good platform for talented developers as they can easily build an application and share it with other experts.

34. Describe in brief the various features available in the monetary module of Anaplan

It is a widely accepted fact that with the proper connection of operational and financial planning, your business can inculcate valuable inputs. This further would make sure that your long-term business goals are successful. Quite interestingly, with the cloud-based platform of Anaplan, the business objectives can be easily aligned with the operational plans. Moreover, these plans can be adjusted with respect to the recent market events. This would further empower finance to facilitate better decisions by taking into account the feature. Here is the list of characteristics that are available in the monetary module of Anaplan.

  • Effective planning of various types of business operations: It has the ability to execute cross-functional decisions to levels that are usually unprecedented in nature. Hence, it greatly aids in the operational planning of a particular business organization.
  • Planning of various types of business strategies: With the help of Anaplan, you can readily optimize various types of models and product lines. Moreover, it also helps a great deal in implementing the operational capabilities with utmost ease and confidence.
  • Proper planning of the budgetary requirements: With the help of this platform, agility and speed can be easily increased. It does so by automating the manual procedures. In this manner, it also adopts the best practices that are available.
  • Consolidation of finances with the feature of business reporting: With the help of this unique platform, you can now witness a faster and more effective manner to create business reports. Hence, without losing out on compliance, you can have the liberty to make viable reports.

35. Shed light on the feature of access control in Anaplan

Access Control is that crucial feature in Anaplan which would help you to view resource types and policies of a particular business organization. Moreover, the access control feature in Anaplan gives you the role of a tenant administrator.

36. Illustrate some of the interesting features of Anaplan that has made it immensely popular

Here is the list of versatile features of Anaplan that has made it popular:

  • It is cloud-based: As it is a cloud-based platform, the developers, as well as users, can easily access it from anywhere in the world. It also provides cutting-edge security and scalability.
  • It has an application hub: The application hub has an array of interactive applications which is great for both the users and developers.
  • It has the feature of data addition: Leading organizations can easily add their data to Anaplan owing to the fact that it has pre-built connectors. These connectors are quite important for other types of platforms to seamlessly transfer data.
  • Processing power: It has an in-memory processing feature that has given rise to vivid types of detailed planning models. Furthermore, it can utilize all your data so that you have an efficient business framework in place.
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