SQL Fundamentals

Learn the building blocks of SQL, the first step to begin your database professional career. Explore and become expert in SQL Fundamentals.


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"SQL Basics" is a free introductory course designed to help individuals with the Structured Query Language (SQL) for beginners and for experts looking to revise SQL fundamentals. Whether you are new to databases or looking to refresh your skills, this course covers important SQL concepts. Learn how to create, retrieve, update, and delete data from a database, understand basic SQL syntax, and gain practical insight into database management. With hands-on exercises and clear explanations, this free SQL course empowers you to begin your journey into the world of relational databases and SQL programming. Start learning SQL basics today!


1. SQL Introduction
2. SQL Installation
3. SQL Data Types
4. SQL Command
5. SQL Select
6. SQL Joins
7. SQL Views
8. SQL Aggregate
9. SQL Schema
10. SQL Normalisation

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SQL Fundamentals Quiz

Any one can take the fundamentals quiz to asses their knowledge on the SQL Fundamentals. In order to get certificate of course completion, user has to score more than 80%

Courses Completion Certificate

MindMajix provide course completion certificate to showcase the skills you have acquired during the training.

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