Kubernetes Training

Kubernetes Training

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Approximately a decade ago Google started running containers. Till now no one reached similar infrastructural agility and efficiency. Empowered with this technology, Google released Kubernetes as a free and open source project. Nowadays Kubernetes is used by small companies and big organizations who prefers to attain the efficiency and velocity equivalent to Google. These services are of utmost importance to maintain the customer satisfaction level. Anyone can containerize softwares using Docker and run those containers on servers, but there\'s no way it can be managed that efficiently without extra management software. Kubernetes is an orchestrator for containers that creates, schedules and manage the containers on a cluster of servers. Kubernetes can also be operated on-premise or in the cloud, on a single machine or on a network of thousands of systems.

Why This Course?

  • Avg. Salary for Kubernetes $91,567 PA..
  • Used by top industries across various business Verticals. Ex: Teradata, Verizon, Comcast etc.