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Kofax is a highly adaptable, and dynamic content and workflow automation solution that integrates intelligent data acquisition with sophisticated optical character recognition, automated workflow administration, and operational intelligence. 

Kofax adds efficiency and transparency to complicated process lifecycles by dynamically integrating critical data and information with your Enterprise Resource Planning or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. In this Kofax Tutorial guide, we will talk about Kofax Capture, Kofax Kapow, and Kofax Transformations

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What is Kofax?

Kofax is the simplest and most effective method to gather, improve, and transmit data from practically any software or data source — including websites, gateways, desktop apps, and corporate systems — without writing a single line of code.

The true digital revolution is about operating more efficiently and profitably across your business, from the front desk to the backend. It is about empowering workers to work efficiently and effectively in order to offer a consistent client experience. Develop a technology infrastructure that works alongside your workers to increase productivity and eliminate virtually all manual data-driven activities.

In this blog, explore how Kofax may assist you in constructing the future you seek for.

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About Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture is a robust document capture tool that processes all sorts of data and records from practically any origin or location effectively, reliably, and confidentially. It speeds business operations by gathering documentation, converting them to accurate, usable information, and distributing it to line-of-business apps, processes, libraries, and datasets.

Kofax Capture enables you to grab information easily, precisely, and securely, whether it is in print or in digital form, centrally stored or dispersed over several workstations and distant offices worldwide. Its strong, integrated analytics features provide true control over how your company contacts consumers and handles documents throughout the organization.

Robotic Process Automation with Kofax Kapow

Are you fed up with wasting countless hours programming or consulting resources? Kofax Kapow Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables you to gather, enrich, and analyze data from any web-based resource, automate business operations, link legacy to cloud services, interact with partners, and boost search suggestions in real-time and without the need for coding or training.

Kofax Kapow RPA enables you to easily expand the platform's capabilities to smartphones and tablets, enabling you to conduct and monitor automation and connection programs at any moment and with any parameter. Among the unique traits are the following:

  • Integrate data from a broad range of formal and informal sources and database schema.
  • Easily create and deploy integrations as web applications that enable people to view and act on data.
  • Integrate corporate systems, operations, datasets, information repositories, and analytic tools with data.
  • Acquire, improve, and deliver massive amounts of data securely on an enterprise platform.

Kofax's robust platform enables you to efficiently gather essential market insight, automate tedious, information-driven operations, and automate content and data transfer from older corporate resource management solutions. Kofax reveals how you may reduce effort, money, and total cost by utilizing Kofax Kapow RPA to do the following tasks:

  • Construct a bridge between different applications and systems
  • Streamline data integration processes
  • Encourage cooperation
  • Market knowledge at your fingertips
  • Significantly reduced development costs

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Kofax Transformation Modules

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) is a complete suite of document categorization and information extraction tools for processing a broad variety of unstructured and structured documents, including bills, sales orders, surveys, and messages. It incorporates intelligent document recognition technology that automatically classifies, separates, and extracts data from any document, independent of its kind, content, or format. Consumers benefit from a centralized solution for all business operations across the organization.

Either processing documents at the local or worldwide company level, Kofax Transformation Modules provide unmatched flexibility and speed. KTM processes dozens to millions of documents each day at a high rate, utilizing the full capacity of the current generation of multi-core systems, enabling organizations to meet productivity or deliverability restrictions within a specified time frame.

KTM eliminates human entry, documentation scanning, and sorting mistakes by ensuring the retrieved information is very reliable. Through sophisticated imaging techniques on codes and offline-handwritten content in over 140 languages, KTM may be used to process various sorts of documents. Furthermore, by learning through patterns, KTM analyzes new kinds of documents and adapts to your requirements, eliminating the need for setup and parameter changes.

The ROI is genuine with KTM due to the implementation of a unified capture model that incorporates all of your company’s demands, the seamless and rapid processing of documentation, and the cost savings achieved through automated learning processes.

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Kofax AI and Machine Learning

KTM delivers machine learning and AI capabilities for project planning, execution, and production phases in order to prepare the system and incrementally enhance the quality of the outcomes. The KTM AI and Machine Learning toolbox consist of the following components:

#1 Clustering Tool

The KTM comprises a tool that examines unordered groups of documents and organizes them according to their common features. This procedure may be carried out using both graphical and content-based criteria. After utilizing the clustering tool, you often have a clear idea of which document categories are the most important in a project and should be educated first.

#2 Administrative Documents

This will be accomplished by utilizing the primary document types identified by the cluster tool. These document formats can be produced automatically or manually from groups inside the KTM desktop environment. An administrator provides the system with an example document for each file type. 

#3 Extract Administrative Fields

The next objective is to extract the file type's particular data fields. This is accomplished by simply indicating to the program the location on the page where the information for a certain field should be retrieved. This is accomplished by the use of mouse clicks. While KTM does not retain absolute locations, it does retain characteristics around the extraction location


Kofax brings together information capture, business analysis, teamwork, connectivity, and statistics to address the problems of processing real-time data encounters effectively. It is the world's first unified platform for developing and deploying smart process applications. Its unmatched versatility eliminates all conventional boundaries between applications such as scanning, entering data, teamwork, automation, and analysis. We hope that this Kofax Tutorial helped you acquire a better understanding of the subject.

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