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Oracle OSB Interview Questions

If you are applying for a position that requires knowledge of Oracle OSB, such as an Oracle OSB developer or integration specialist, preparing with the common interview questions will help you demonstrate your expertise and increase your chances of landing the job. To help you out, we’ve compiled the top Oracle OSB interview questions to crack an interview at a top tech company.

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If you're looking for Oracle OSB Interview Questions & Answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the right place. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research, Oracle OSB's salary ranges from $33,000 to $167,000. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in Oracle OSB Development. Mindmajix offers Advanced Oracle OSB Interview Questions 2024 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire your dream career as Oracle OSB Developer.

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Oracle OSB Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is Proxy Service?

It is a service in OSB that is exposed to the source system or calling applications or services. Proxy services are Oracle Service Bus definitions of intermediary Web services that Oracle Service Bus implements locally on WebLogic Server.

2. What is Business Service?

It is a service in OSB that is used to connect to the target system. Business services are Oracle Service Bus definitions of the enterprise services that exchange messages during business processes.

3. What is the EAI architecture OSB follows?

OSB follows the BUS architecture in EAI.

4. What does it mean by the VETRO concept?

VETRO stands for 
V – Virtualisation 
E – Enrichment 
T – Transform 
R – Route 
O – Operate

5. To connect to the source system which service we will use? To connect to a target system which service we will use?

we will use a Proxy service to connect to the Source system. we will use a Business service to connect to the target system.

6. What is Message Flow?

The message flow is there in proxy service, We do all types of transformation, routing, and other processing message flow only.

7. Do we have a global variable in OSB (Can we access the variable which is defined in proxy service message flow from other proxy service message flow)?

No, we can’t access the variable in proxy service message flow from other proxy service message flow.

8. Can we use direct bindings to call SOA composites?

Yes, we can direct binding to call SOA composites along with SOAP bindings.

9. Where the file will go if there is an error while polling the file?

During configuring file or Ftp protocol in OSB, we need to specify the error directory, so you can see the file to that directory if file polling failed.

10. Why do we use Split-Joins in OSB?

To do parallel processing.

11. How can you achieve parallel processing in Oracle Service Bus?

Oracle Service Bus has the Split Join capability. A request can be broken into multiple child’s each of which can be processed parallel and the results can be joined and then sent to the requester.

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12. Types of Split-Joins?

Static and dynamic.

13. How to call Java code from OSB?

By using a Java callout activity.

14. Can we use more than one route node in message flow?

No, we can’t use more than one route node in the proxy service message flow.

15. What is throttling in OSB?

Throttling means we want to process certain messages at one time, then we need to set some parameters in OSB to do the required task.

16. to transform from binary to XML or XML to binary format what are we will do in OSB?

We use MFL.

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17. Can we use MDS in OSB?

No, Oracle Service Bus does not support MDS.

18. Can we use DVM’s in Oracle Service Bus?

No, we can’t use DVM’s in Oracle Service Bus.

19. How Security works in OSB?

Oracle Service Bus leverages Weblogic Security Framework.

20. Can we use OWSM to secure OSB services?

Yes, we can use OWSM to secure OSB services.

21. To secure OSB proxy service, which OWSM policy you will use?

To secure the OSB proxy service, we use the OWSM service side policy.

22. Can we invoke a secure web service from OSB?

Yes, we can use OWSM client policy and invoke a secure web service from OSB.

23. When do we use a service account?

We use Service Account when we are invoking a service that required static authentication.

24. Can we re-use Service Account for other Business Services as well?

Yes, we can re-use the Service Account.

25. Types of pipelines available in OSB?

We have two pipelines in OSB, the Request and Response pipeline.

26. Can we invoke Restful service from OSB?

Yes, we can invoke Restful service from OSB.

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