What is Palo Alto Networks?

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Palo Alto is basically a city located in the northwest corner of Santa Clara County, California, United States. Rooted in the following American territory, there is Palo Alto Networks Inc., which works as a multinational cybersecurity organization. The company was founded in 2005 and introduced its first firewall in 2017 with the brand name “next-generation firewall”. The company’s core products include a platform, which packs advanced firewalls coupled with cloud-based offerings. Its cloud-based facilities help firewalls in the extension to cover all the security aspects.

What is Palo Alto Networks?

Palo Alto Networks is a pioneer in providing a wide range of Next-Generation Firewalls that can make your system secured from any external risks. The company makes you experience the next generation of network security as it offers a highly innovative platform by which you can make your network secured. Moreover, with the help of Palo Alto Security Systems, you can enable a complex and rapidly growing number of applications easily and safely. At the core of its heart, Palo Alto Security Systems packs a wide range of next-generation firewalls that deliver control and visibility over users, content, and applications. You can check out all of its firewall platforms via the official website of the PaloAlto.

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Security Operating Platform

The Security Operating Platform is basically a platform that is designed and developed in order to counter attacks before they strike the company’s environment. It comprises different elements implemented at appropriate positions in order to enforce all the security rules across a company’s security posture. Most importantly, the platform should be agile and must have the ability to convert unknown threats into known ones on a global level. Moreover, it must have the ability to share the new threat data automatically. Apart from this, a Security Operating Platform must also be able to automatically enhance new protections within an organization’s security posture.

In order to reduce threat exposure, a Security Operating System’s prevention architecture firstly enables applications for all the users or devices across the globe. Then, it simply works to prevent threats within the application flows by connecting application use to user identities across cloud-based, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), and physical environments. To achieve the successful prevention of cyber attacks, a Security Operating System must be blessed with the following four capabilities:

  • Complete visibility of all users and devices.
  • Reduce the attack surface.
  • Prevent all of the known threats quickly.
  • Automatically detect and prevent new and unknown threats.

Why Industries use the Security Operating Platform as a major component?

Each and every organization or industry possesses a lot of data, which is very essential for their work and processes. Leaking such data or having any kind of breach in their systems can pull an industry into a bundle of problems. Hence, all of them require to protect their systems from external threats and malware. Here, a Security Operating Platform plays a vital role and it would not be wrong if we consider it a panacea in this case. Being completely invulnerable is an impossible task, but a Service Operating Platform can detect all kinds of unknown threats automatically and solve them so that you can focus on the enhancement and profitability of your organization.

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How Security Operating Platform Works?

The Security Operating Platform integrates with your system and then automatically defends it from all kinds of cyberattacks. With the help of its precise analytics, you can easily streamline all the routine tasks and can focus entirely on the business priorities. With the help of the Security Operating Platform, you can easily integrate as well as automate different tools including UEBA (User and Entity Behaviour Analytics), endpoint protection systems, threat intelligence, vulnerability scanners, anti-malware sandboxes, and many others. The Security Operating Platform wipes out some common problem faced by cybersecurity professionals these days and some of them are mentioned in the following list given below:

  • Time-constraint responses
  • Shortness of security staff
  • Too many tools to manage
  • Regular changing threats

Apart from this, you can get all the essential information in an elaborate manner related to the Palo Alto Networks Firewalls installation and configuration via a pdf offered by the company.

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Technologies and Components in the Security Operating Platform

A Security Operating System is basically a collaboration of many technologies and components that work collaboratively to make your organization secured. Let us take a look at the major technologies and components used in a Security Operating System to make it a pro player in cybersecurity. Kindly take a look at all the following points mentioned below:

  • Next-Generation Firewalls- It helps you in having complete visibility as well as precise control over your network traffic. Moreover, it also protects you from unknown cyber threats.
  • Panorama- The panorama network security management works for simplifying all the management operations and tasks while delivering deep visibility and comprehensive controls into security threats and network-wide traffic.
  • Traps- The Palo Alto Networks Traps replaces the traditional antivirus with a multi-method prevention technology, exploit prevention method, and a proprietary combination of advanced malware, which protects the endpoints as well as users from both unknown and known threats.
  • Wildfire- The Palo Alto Wildfire is basically a cloud-based malware analysis service, which automatically detects unknown threats and simply stops attackers from harming the system. For this, it takes the help of data and threat intelligence from one of the greatest global communities in the industry.
  • Logging Service- Logging Service as its name defines it, is used to collect all the data across the entire Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform. It aims at the economical friendly storage of data, which doesn’t need any kind of additional infrastructure.
  • Application Framework- The application framework is basically a cloud-based infrastructure, which is used to collect data from Palo Alto Networks Security Operating System. Moreover, it offers a suite of cloud-delivered APIs, which are used to connect innovative applications to data as well as enforcement points.
  • Evident- Evident in a Security Operating Platform offers the security of the public cloud infrastructure services as well as one-button compliance reports. Moreover, it also allows you to deploy the desired applications after confirming that the cloud is configured to meet your organization’s security needs.
  • Threat Intelligence- The threat intelligence in a Security Operating Platform offers actionable and prioritized cyber threat intelligence. By this, organizations get an advantage in the battle with any kind of cyber attack.
  • Machine Learning Algorithm- The Machine Learning algorithms in a Security Operating Platform helps in making the system aware of every new cyberthreat available across the globe. With the help of this, the system can learn and predict the cyberattack automatically, so that you can prevent your system on time.
  • Anti Malware Sandboxes- The anti-malware sandboxes available in the Security Operating Platform are way better than the traditional malware analysis and sandboxing techniques.

Palo Alto Networks as a Security Operating platform

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks offers you a high-end Security Operating System, which not only prevents your system from cyber attacks but also helps in securing your users, applications, and data. Among all the facilities and advancements of the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating System, here we are elaborating 4 major ones that can help you in a detailed study of the following platform. Kindly take a look at the following points mentioned below:

Network Security

You can get many advantages with the Palo Alto Security Operating System, by which you can make your network more secure than ever. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  1. This platform replaces all the disconnected tools with tightly integrated innovations. This makes you stay on the cutting edge of this highly advanced technological environment.
  2. By using global intelligence along with automation triggered by analytics, the Palo Alto Security Operating Platform finds and performs actions on unknown attacks instantly.
  3. You will get complete visibility along with prevention across the branch, data center, cloud, and mobile so that you can protect them easily.
  4. You can use different tools and resources available in it to adapt the best options in order to thwart attacks in their tracks.

Cloud Security

Palo Alto Networks allow you to deliver automated as well as consistent protection across private and public clouds. By this, you can easily avoid business disruption and can adopt SaaS applications along with rapidly roll out cloud-delivered applications and services.

The company offers a facility of advanced protection for consistent security across all the major clouds including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services. Moreover, its automation features work as a cherry on the cake by minimizing all the friction of application development and security. By having a companion like the Palo Alto Security Operating system, you can easily deliver continuous security and compliance, protect segments and applications, and achieve zero-day prevention.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

The Palo Alto Networks provides you a facility according to which you can stop all the endpoint attacks before they even get started. The threat landscape nowadays has reached an all-new level, as it now can easily bypass the traditional endpoint protection. For this, the Palo Alto Networks Traps connect the powerful endpoint protection technology with EDR (endpoint detection and response) capabilities into a single agent. This allows your security teams to automatically detect, protect, and respond to the known as well as unknown cyber-attacks by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques and Machine Learning from collected data.

Cloud-Delivered Security Services

Palo Alto Networks offers cloud-delivered security services, by which you can easily automate threat identification and prevention at any place on the globe. Its cloud-delivered services use predictive analytics techniques in order to disrupt attacks, which use the Domain Name System (DNS) for control and command or data theft. The system also works for identifying the latest threats with the help of highly advanced analytics, Machine Learning, and threat intelligence. You will get complete access to the global threat data and can identify as well as block phishing pages and malicious sites without facing any hustle.

Benefits of Security Operating Platform

We all are completely aware of why we need a Security Operating Platform. There are very fewer organizations, which have the proper resources and skills to counter the vast array of cyber attacks circulating these days. Hence, we are here elaborating on the benefits associated with a Security Operating System, so that you can understand why it is an essential need to make your network secured. Kindly take a look at these 4 major reasons for an organization to work with a Security Operating Platform.

Cybersecurity Experts

There is a shortage of IT and information security talent across the entire world for a long time. Moreover, individuals with the right skills do not come at cheap prices, and if you hire them, you will also keep spending money on their latest education and training in order to keep them up to date. No, if you use a Security Operating Platform, you do not have to worry about all this stuff as it already has a team of cybersecurity experts in place. You can put your entire focus on your organizational growth.

Continuous Security

Threats will not annoy you only during office hours, hence monitoring your system just 40 hours a week is not enough to make your system and network secured. Your network might face automated attacks by cybercriminals, who are working in a different time zone. Cyber attacks can happen 24/7, so you will need security experts to monitor your network 24/7 as well and this is possible if you have a Security Operating Platform working for you.

Reduce the Complexity of Security Investigations

During the time of a security incident, the Security Operating Platform streamlines all the steps involved in the process of investigation. The SOP (Security Operating Platform) works as a connecting bridge between data and information across different sources. The comprehensive visibility into the entire network ecosystem helps SOP in finding out the root cause as well as methods of propagation of a cyber attack.

Reduce Cybersecurity Costs

The Security Operating System helps you in managing the complete network environment monitoring process in order to find out all the suspicious and malicious activities. Hence, whether you’re protecting cloud infrastructure, a hybrid environment, or an on-premise data center, an SOP will also prove to be helpful to you in terms of reducing cybersecurity costs.

Why we should consider Palo Alto as the most trusted Security Operating Platform?

Palo Alto is serving as a Security Operating Platform for a long time and has been a pioneer in offering cybersecurity services. The Palo Alto Security Operating Platform makes your system and network secured from successful cyber attacks in a highly efficient and automatic way. Its accurate analytics helps you streamline all your daily tasks so that you can be completely focused on your business priorities.

Apart from this, the Palo Alto Security Operating Platform’s tight integration with the ecosystem partners offers you consistent security across the network, mobile, and cloud devices. The company has a strong database of highly satisfied customers, as it doesn’t compromise the security of your organizational data and makes it completely secured with its high-end automation technology.

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All the important points and essential information related to the Palo Alto Security Operating System have been shown in the aforementioned article. You can check all the points to get an elaborated knowledge of this technology. Palo Alto Networks is undeniably a leading organization in providing cybersecurity services, however, you will have to know it deeply before getting along with it. We have elaborated on all the required details related to the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating System here, you can check it out yourself to see if it is giving worth for your organization. Choose wisely and all the very best.

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