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Q1) How PeopleSoft Data Management is good than any other data model

S. No PeopleSoft Data Management Other approaches
1 Consumption of data is allowed The same is not allowed
2 Large data modifications are scalable Large data modifications is very complex
3 Can adapt changes Cannot adapt changes

Q2) In PeopleSoft Data Management system, what exactly is KNN imputation method?

It is basically an approach to deal with the missing values of the attributes. This is done by assigning the values that are similar to the attribute which is missing. The similarity is generally determined with the help of a distance function.

Q3) How can you say that data is available resource for an organization?

In the present day business models, most of the tasks that are accomplished found their source for the relevant information through the data collected randomly. It’s nothing but the data which let the organizations device information required to take decisions or to come with new plans. Effective management of data always makes sure of all the information remains available anytime it is required. Also, managing the data simply make sure of all the tasks to accomplished in a rightful and in fact, delightful manner in an organization. 

Q4) What is the concept of Querying?

While managing the data, there is often a need to perform some tasks in a defined sequence. Thus, the data is scheduled according and groups and the functions are managed in defined sequence. This process is known as querying. 

Q5) What are the skills that one must have to handle responsibilities related to the data management according to you?

The first thing is to have all the required knowledge on the reporting packages, databases, and the programming languages. In addition to this, strong skills are required for analyzing, collecting, monitoring, as well as assembling the data. Good technical knowledge and the skills on handling the statistical packages are also required for the effective data management.

Q6) How can data be managed with the help of PeopleSoft Data Management approach?

There are certain things that the user should be careful about and pay extreme attention on. The first thing to do to effectively manage the data is to define the problem first in a proper manner in case the same declare its presence. Next is to make sure that the data should be explored in a way that all the modules are defined within the structure. After this, the next step to consider is the preparation of the data in a reliable manner. Modeling is done after this and data validation is to be considered and implemented is done after the same. 

Q7) Tell something you know about the data cleansing and why it is important?

Data Cleansing is nothing but making a data free from all sort of bugs and errors. This is done to assure that the information is authenticated and there are no inconsistencies that can cause issues at a later stage. In short, it is an approach to enhance the quality of the data. 

Q8) According to you, what are some of the best practices that should be followed when it comes to making a data totally free from errors?

  • First and the foremost is sorting the data through the available options of attributing
  • The data is to improved at every step of its use so that the quality can be enhanced significantly
  • It would be good for the users to make sure that the large datasets are broken into the smaller ones. This often help avoiding a lot of errors that are generally ignored
  • A set of utility functions is to be created for the effective elimination of bugs
  • A close eye is to be kept on all the operations performed by the users for cleaning the data

Q9) Can you tell something about the logistic regression?

Basically it is an approach that is useful for properly analyzing or examining a dataset having multiple independent variables in it. 

Q10) What is Data Mining and how it is different from that of data profiling?

It is basically an approach that is considered when it comes to detecting the records which are not usual, detecting the dependencies and defining as well as finding the relations that binds several attributes together. On the other side, the Data profiling is an approach which targets the analytics of the attributes. Very useful information on the rage of the attributes, frequency, as well as occurrence can be defined through it. 

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Q11) What are the common issues that you can face while working with the PeopleSoft Data management approach?

There are many problems that can declare their presence. A few of them are

1. Problems related with misspellings of the words
2. Double entries of the same information of data in the system
3. Representation of varying vales in an improper manner
4. Values that are not justified or are illegal
5. Overlapping the data and its identification
6. Finding the values which are missing

Q12) Can you name a few statistical methods that are best to be considered for a data management expert?

Imputation techniques, Mathematical optimization, Spatial processes, Bayesian methods and Simple algorithm

Q13) Are you familiar with a few data validation methods that are useful in the management of the same?

Generally two methods are considered and they have an excellent scope. They are Data Screening and next are data verification.

Q14) Suppose while handling the data management tasks, it is reported to you that some files are missing, what would be your plan of action?

The first thing that can be done is to prepare a validation report simply. It generally provides information on the suspected data in a reliable manner. The good thing is it briefly defines the validation criteria of everything and the true reason of occurrence of the errors. The suspicious data is to be determined in terms of the acceptability of the same. The data which seems to be invalid should be replaced with immediate effect with the help of a violation code. 

Q15) Name a few properties of clustering algorithm?

Flat, Iterative, Disjunctive, Hard and soft

Q16) What do you know about the structured and unstructured data?

Structured data is the one where everything is present in a defined sequence and thus locating the same is not at all a big deal. This data is generally limited in terms of size. Also, the structured data help saving a lot of time. On the other hand, the unstructured data is the one in which everything is not managed in the way it has to be. It is a random collection of information and it’s not necessary that the source of the same is defined always. Unstructured data is often bulky and need a lot of attention and time for the users when it comes to deriving something important from the same. 

Q17) What exactly do you know about multi-source problems? 

Multi- source problems are the ones that declare their presence because of reasons that are not limited to a specific source. In other words, they can arrive due to multiple reasons and it is not always necessary that they can be avoided with the simple methods. In order to avoid them, the users need to make sure of the following:

1. Restructuring of schemas especially if they are integrated
2. Identification of the similar records and then merging them into a single record that contain the information on the redundancy, as well as on the attributes

Q18) What exactly do you know about an outlier? Name the types used mainly

It is basically a term that is used by the data management experts for the purpose of defining the values that are generally present at a location that is away from the attribute. They are of two types and they are:

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Univariate and Multivariate

Q19) Tell something you know about the Map Reduce approach?

It is basically an approach that is considered for the purpose of processing the data sets which are large in size and then splitting them in the subsets. It is not always necessary that all the subsets are processed on the same server. 

Q20) Tell something about the hierarchical Clustering Algorithm and why it is important in the data management?

When it comes to integrating the groups that already exists or to divide them into sub groups, this algorithm is considered. It is good in enabling the data experts to perform their task reliably.

Q21) Among predictive modeling and Advanced Analytics, which one is better and why?

Obviously the Advanced Analysis is better. This is mainly because in the first case, the things or the tasks are managed based on predictions. Although same is made by data experts, there are chances of occurrence of errors in the same. Advanced analysis makes sure that data is good enough to be considered for the different tasks or for processing further.

Q22) Tell something about the collaborative filtering and how it can be trusted?

It is basically a simple algorithm in the data management that is considered for the purpose of creating a recommendation system that decides and analysis the behavior of the data. 

Q23) What exactly do you mean by KPI and what is its significance in the data management?

KPI stands for Key performance Indicator. It is basically a metric having the combination of reports, spreadsheets as well as charts that defines the process of a business. 

Q24) What are the core responsibilities of the Data Management expert?

There are certain things for which a data management expert had to pay attention to all the time. A few of them are:

1. Assuring that all the required help is provided to the junior co-ordinates
2. Dealing with the customers and the staff
3. Assuring the safety and the security of the data
4. Auditing the data
5. Solving the data related issues
6. Avoiding the conflicts among the departments that arrives due to sharing or restriction of data
7. Generating the reports and documents through the data by adopting the statistical methods
8. Considering the business needs and working to accomplish them on time
9. Understanding the latest data management trends and following them
10. Filtering and protecting the data

Q25) Name a few techniques you are familiar with when it comes to avoid the Table Collision?

These are Open Addressing, Separate Chaining and Multiple Chaining

Q26) What do you mean by the term clustering?

Clustering is nothing but dividing the data into the simple modules which are known as clusters. This is done generally to make sure that the things remain on track while dealing with the bulk data. It is relevant for the users to make sure that the clustering is done in a reliable manner. The users are free to create any number of clusters for a specific data provided some special conditions are met.

Q27) Name the two domains in which the Time Series Analysis can be done?

These are Time Domain and Frequency Domain. The final outcome of a specific process can simply be forecasted simply by considering the last data. 

Q28) Are hash tables available in PeopleSoft Human Resource management systems?

Yes, they are available. They are basically a well-defined map of keys to all the important values. Basically, it’s a data structure that is opted when it comes to computing the index array and the slots can be addressed. 

Q29) What is data splitting while managing the same?

It is basically an approach that is considered when it comes to getting a sample for statistical analysis. It is also called as the design of experiments approach and is widely used during the initial stage of the process. 

Q30) Suppose the data is missing randomly, which imputation method would be good to consider?

It is known as Multiple Imputation

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Q31) Shed light on PeopleSoft

While answering this question, you must stick to the basic concept of defining an organization. Your answer should sound confident. PeopleSoft is also known as an organization which is associated in the providence of application software for those businesses that operate in the internet realm. It is also a software organization which provides software for human resource management, enterprise performance and customer relationship management.

Q32) Describe the process of creating a field as a mandatory process

In order to create a field in the environment of PeopleSoft, you have to use the data buffer classes that are only available in the tool set of PeopleSoft. You can also convert it to a mandatory field when needed.

Q33) Shed light on the most vital record in the context of PS HRMS

JOB Record

Q34) Define web server with relation to internal architecture in PeopleSoft

It is important to note that web server would provide you with the internal architecture function in the domain of PeopleSoft. It is also associated with receiving the HTML page f5rom the server that is related to the transmission of the application. You can also state that the web server in PeopleSoft is a combination of difference servers which makes sure that it fulfills the requests of the clients.

Q35) Name some PeopleSoft components that are situated on the web server

Here is the list of PeopleSoft Components that are located on the web server.


Q36) Define the two-tier client with respect to PeopleSoft Data Management techniques

It is interesting to note that two-tier client makes direct connections with the database in a PeopleSoft Data management environment. It is one of those functions which would offer you with the maximum number of functionalities. However, it can slow itself down and this is the reason that it should be connected to a proper database over a certified LAN connection. This system also operates on Windows and it can be operated via the PeopleSoft Client database software too.

Q37) Describe JOLT with reference to PeopleSoft Data Management

It is important for you to note that JOLT is also known as a Java enabled subset of Tuxedo. It is associated with the performance of identical performances but it also makes sure that it handles the connection to the Java applications. It is also associated with the establishment of the communication process between a PeopleSoft application server and the web server.

Q38) What are the names of the tables that are associated in the authentication process of PeopleSoft database management?

Here is the list of tables that are associated in the authentication process of PeopleSoft database management.

1. PeopleSoft Table of application
2. PeopleSoft Table of tools
3. PeopleSoft Table of catalogs

Q39) Describe tuxedo with reference to PeopleSoft database management

It is also known as an application server which mainly handles various kinds of transactions. However, one should note that the tuxedo application server is a list of process which usually communicates to the server of database. On the side of the server, the WSL part handles the client and the JSL side handles the JAVA CLIENT.

Q40) Define vanilla database in context of PeopleSoft

A vanilla implementation is the one where you would find less number of tweaks being made to the OS. Moreover, the vanilla implementation also lacks customization to the application delivered to an enterprise. It is so because certain enterprises want that their applications should not be that heavy. Vanilla is also a PeopleSoft Application that is implemented as promised by the manufacturers.

Q41) How does the implementation of Vanilla simplify app development?

The implementation of the vanilla strategy greatly simplifies the PeopleSoft environment in a large number of ways. For instance, with the vanilla implementation, there is no cost in the development phase. Moreover, with the vanilla implementation, the application can be rendered simplified upgrades which would be easier on the device it is running. Furthermore, with vanilla implementation, the time of developing an application is drastically reduced.

Q42) Illustrate on the varied functionalities of report repository

You should always note that the report repository is just a web server that comprises of the report repository servlet. It also has a servlet which is directly installed to it. It also comprises of the report repository directory as well as the report repository servlet.

Q43) What is report repository directory?

It is located on the web server where you can execute the process scheduler so that the server can transfer the log as well as the directory files in a proper manner. It is a great system for the initial stages of application development.

Q44) Define the report repository servlet

It is also known as a JAVA servlet program. It is associated with the proper display of the log and the report files that are located in a browser. For instance, if you have granted the user the security access, the servlet of report repository would allow the user to have a glance at the files. On the other hand, if the user does not have the permission, the servlet would not even show the file. It is also interesting to note that the report repository would always receive the report produced by the processing speed of the server.

Q45) Shed light on the purpose of using process scheduler

A process scheduler server is that kind of a server that is associated with the instance of various application programs used in the domain of PeopleSoft database management. It also plays a crucial role in making sure that the processing speed of the master server is maintained in a proper manner. It always emphasizes on the resources that are available in the batch environment.

Q46) What do you mean by symbolic id?

It is also known as an alias which establishes connection between the access ID and the user ID. On the other hand, due to the power of the access ID, it is usually not stored in the PSOPRDEFN table of database management. It is stored in an area where the casual users can easily see it.

Q47) Define CONNECT ID with respect to PeopleSoft Database management

It is one of those functionalities that can be utilized to make connections to the RDBMS. In this context, it is important to note that the ID and password are stored in the security tables of RDBMS. Moreover, you would also notice that the access rights are always limited to what is needed in the process of verification of the validity of the users who are requesting to connect to the application.

Q48) Illustrate on spawning with respect to the PeopleSoft database management

As there is an increase in the level of load on the application, the BBL which is also known as the Bulletin Board Liaison usually keeps track of the number of requests that are still in the line for each process. In case, if the process gets overloaded, the BBL usually launches various instances of the process in handling various forms of demand. 

Q49) Define setup tables with respect to PeopleSoft Database management

The data whose value remains the same is also known as the setup tables. They play a key role in increasing the efficiency of the application that is developed using PeopleSoft database management.

Q50) What is the role of effective data in the environment of PeopleSoft database management?

It is important to note that effective data concept is increasingly being utilized in various types of multi-core tables. They are also used in PSHRMS tables. For instance, in the situation of developing an application, there is a need to differentiate between multiple cores. It can also be executed by making sure that the effective dated row is always in use at the time of the application development.

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Q51) Illustrate how the standard hour and the FTE Auto are calculated during the entry of Job Details in the PeopleSoft database.

It is important for you to note that standard hour gets defined in a multitude of ways. Under the setup table, you would normally find a standard hour set up table. It is also located at the system level. This is the level where the admin defines the maximum and minimum hours that are to be calculated for the effective execution of an application. You can also carry out the setup process in the job code table. With the help of this job code, the employee details can be easily calculated thus saving the individual from a lot of time of lengthy calculations.

Q52) What is the appropriate time of using the effective sequence concept?

It is important for you to mention that in PeopleSoft database management, the effective sequence is usually applied in various key tables that comprises of tables. You can find multiple types of transactions and each of these transactions are driven by the action of the user. It is also an important point to note that the job table comprises of a high volume of data related to the application. This is the reason that this table has to be handled in a proper manner.

Q53) Shed light on the two vital parts of integration broker of PeopleSoft

Here is the list of the two main parts of the integration broker of PeopleSoft.

1. The integration engine: It is also known as an application server process which is associated in permitting the service operation from the application built by using PeopleSoft. It is also an ideal way with the help of which the service operation structure can be transformed. It is also widely used in the translation of data when database management techniques fail. In other words, it is an integral part of database management in PeopleSoft.

2. The integration gateway: It is also regarded as a platform which is associated in establishing regulations so that the delivery of service based operations are worthy enough to be recognized by the application. The service operations are permitted via the PeopleSoft integration broker.

Q54) Why should you opt for PeopleSoft query?

It is that kind of an interactive function included within PeopleSoft which makes sure that it generates reports that are set in a scheduled manner. It is also beneficial in the generation of ad-hoc content and this is the reason that you should always use it in the application building process. In this context, it is interesting to note that with PeopleSoft query, the users can now build queries by using any type of web browsers.

Q55) Illustrate on the utility of publish use in PeopleSoft database management

It is vital for you to note that the publish utility automates the process of content copying. Content here refers to the rows of data that can be calculated with the usage of this publish use. Moreover, you can use this function in a remote database or also in the legacy system.   

Q56) How can you define PeopleSoft multichannel framework?

It is that kind of a framework that facilitates the providence of an integrated infrastructure. It is also that kind of a framework widely used within PeopleSoft database management which makes sure that that it supports a plethora of channels. These channels can also include e-mail and instant chatting.