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Lab Sessions

17 Hrs of Labs

Two Real-time Use cases

Real-time Use cases

24/7 Lifetime Support

24/7 Lifetime Support

Certification Assistance

Certification Based Curriculum

Flexible Schedule

Flexible Schedules


One-on-one doubt clearing


Career path guidance


Job Support

Live Training

20 Hrs of Sessions

Lab Sessions

17 Hrs of Labs

Two Real-time Use cases

Real-time Use cases

24/7 Lifetime Support

24/7 Lifetime Support

Certification Assistance

Certification Based Curriculum

Flexible Schedule

Flexible Schedules


One-on-one doubt clearing


Career path guidance


Job Support



Most of the React JS Jobs in the industry expect the following add-on skills. Hence, we offer these skills-set as FREE Courses (Basics) to ease your learning process and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Agile & Scrum

About React JS Training in Noida

MindMajix’s ReactJS training in Noida will allow you to develop user interfaces by combining the sections of code into complete websites. In this ReactJS training, you can develop encapsulated components that handle their state and efficiently render and update the component as the data changes. With our certified and real-time trainers, virtual classroom training sessions, hands-on projects, and interactive lab sessions, you can build web and mobile applications rapidly and effectively with less code and manipulate the DOM to render the web pages. Join our ReactJS online training in Noida to build low-code web and mobile applications. 

ReactJS Training in Noida
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Course Coverage

React Course Content

This ReactJS training in Noida is curated by ReactJS developers with vast experience in developing modular user interfaces and promoting the development of reusable UI components. Our ReactJS course curriculum will align with the latest advancements in web development. Explore the following ReactJS cours...Read more

Introduction To ES5 & ES6

  • ES5
  • ES6
  • ES5 VS ES6
  • ES5 VS ES6 Syntax Difference
  • ES6 Advantages

Introduction To React JS

  • Introduction to React JS
  • History of web development
  • History of React
  • DOM (Document Object Model)
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Virtual DOM
  • How does React use Virtual DOM
  • Virtual DOM vs Real DOM
  • Thinking in React
  • React one - way data binding
  • React two - way data binding
  • One way vs two-way data binding
  • Difference b/n one - way data binding & two - way data binding
  • Server-side Rendering
  • Advantages of using server-side rendering
  • Advantages of React.JS
  • When to use React JS? And when to opt for alternatives?
  • Applications of React.js

Installation Setup

  • Installation Setup React JS
  • React JS environment Setup
  • Using the Create-react-app Command
  • Node Package Manager
  • Default vs Named Exports
  • Lets Start Coding ....Hello World Program
  • React vs Angular vs Vue
  • How to Connect React JS with NodeJS
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Real-Time React JS Training Projects

Our ReactJS Training in Noida course aims to deliver quality training that covers solid fundamental knowledge on core concepts with a practical approach. Such exposure to the current industry use-cases and scenarios will help learners scale up their skills and perform real-time projects with the best practices.

For Corporates

Empower your team with new skills to Enhance their performance and productivity.

Corporate Training

  • Customized course curriculum as per your team’s specific needs
  • Training delivery through self-Paced videos, live Instructor-led training through online, on-premise at Mindmajix or your office facility
  • Resources such as slides, demos, exercises, and answer keys included
  • Complete guidance on obtaining certification
  • Complete practical demonstration and discussions on industry use cases

Served 130+ Corporates

Corporate Clients

React JS Certification

Shall I appear for ReactJS in Noida certification exam after completion of ReactJS in Noida course?

Our ReactJS in Noida course covers all the topics that are required to clear ReactJS in Noida certification. Trainer will share ReactJS in Noida certification guide, ReactJS in Noida certification sample questions, ReactJS in Noida certification practice questions.

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I learned to React js course from basics to advanced concepts. A big thank you to the Mindmajix for their highly experienced & qualified trainers. I am very much h...

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Learn from the certified and real time working professionals.

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Specialized in: React JS, Microservices
Having 5+ years of experience working closely with industry, Vasu is one of the best-certified trainers of MindMajix. He has bagged React js, Microservices and can deliver the best technology to our trainees.

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Our work-support plans provide precise options as per your project tasks. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced professional seeking assistance in completing project tasks, we are here with the following plans to meet your custom needs:

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Career Transition

Many professionals transformed careers with better pay and higher positions.

76% of learners got 5x hike


68% of learners got promoted


83% of learners got certified

Senior Engineer to Network Engineer

Arka Basak is now working for Conentrix as a Network Engineer, who took VAPT Training from MindMajix while he was working for CSS Corp as a Senior Engineer. 

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ReactJS Training in Noida Objectives

What are the main objectives of this ReactJS training in Noida?

The primary objective of this ReactJS training in Noida is to impart the knowledge needed to make you an expert in an easy-to-use and vastly productive JavaScript framework. It teaches you concepts like Hooks, Props, Redux, composition, inheritance, and router. You will be able to develop efficient ReactJS applications using our instructor-led training sessions, cutting-edge course content, and intensive lab sessions.

Anyone who wants to take this ReactJS course should have a solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Students, Back-end Developers, and Anyone who wants to make a career as a Front-end Developer or Web Developer can join this ReactJS training in Noida.

The future of ReactJS looks exciting and promising, with developers constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done with this robust library. By supporting trends like Server-Side Rendering, WebAssembly, better developer tooling, Concurrent Mode, and mobile-first development, ReactJS will stay as a prominent force in the web development domain. Since the community evolves and the latest innovations develop, ReactJS will grow to satisfy the expectations of users and developers. Tech Giants like HCLTech, Infosys, TCS, Accenture, and CGI recruit ReactJS Developers. shows that a ReactJS Developer can earn upto $144K annually.

In this ReactJS course, you will learn the following skills:

1) Creating React-app command
2) Connecting ReactJS with NodeJS
3) Internal Implementation of JSX
4) Creating the React component with JSX
5) Rendering Elements in ReactJS
6) Creating Functional and Class Components
7) Updating the state of the ReactJS components
8) Event Handling
9) Conditional Rendering

industry statistic

Industry Statistics

Jobs / Month


Avg. Salary

$ 98,000

Job Roles

  • ReactJs Developer 
  • Frontend Developer 
  • UI Developer

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ReactJS Training in Noida FAQs

What is a React Node?

In ReactJS with TypeScript, ReactNode is a type that depicts the React element, an array of the React elements, or a number, boolean, or string. It will be defined in the React module and can be used to specify the variable type that will store the data in any of these steps.

In comparison to other front-end frameworks, the ReactJS code is easy to maintain and is compliant because of its modular structure.

React’s objective is to render HTML on the web page in various ways. React renders HTML to the web page through the function createRoot() and its method render().

ReactJS certification tests your ability to write React code and develop real-time ReactJS projects.

To pass the ReactJS certification, you have to follow these steps:

  • Take MindMajix’s ReactJS training in Noida to learn all the components and modules of ReactJS.
  • After learning concepts, work on industry-based use cases and hands-on projects to get hands-on knowledge of web and mobile application development
  • Clear the ReactJS certification.


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