SAP BI BO Interview Questions

If you're looking for SAP BI/BO Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the right place. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research, the average salary for SAP BI/BO has a market share of about 5.5%.

So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career as an SAP BI/BO Analyst. Mindmajix offers Advanced SAP BI/BO Interview Questions 2023 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire your dream career as SAP Business Objects BI Developer. 

SAP BI BO Interview Questions And Answers 

1) Explain the arrangement of SAP Business customer apparatuses.

SAP BO customer devices are isolated into two sections:

  • Business work area devices: These are additionally called window-based apparatuses. They can be propelled from the condition of the window. Suppose, we have IDT (Information configuration apparatus), UDT (Universe configuration instrument), live office, and so on. We can't dispatch them from the web/BI platform. For instance, on the off chance that you have to transmit UDT, you will open it through windows like this:
  • Business protest web customer apparatuses: These are the devices that can be propelled from the BI platform. They are program-based apparatuses. For instance, Business objects pilgrim, investigation version for OLAP, and so on.

2) Why the website is called a business client apparatus and also a planner instrument in the meantime?

The explanation for this is, a business client can sign into web insight and view reports, and on the off chance that they need to make straightforward statements on impromptu premise then it is likewise conceivable. The web is an extremely basic instrument to utilize. A business client can open a report from the BO storehouse and can also produce the story by simply choosing the universe, run an inquiry over it and get their last report thus. 

3) Have you at any point experienced the situation of a chasm trap? On the off chance that it is yes, what is the best approach to determine it according to your proposal?

Indeed, I encountered the situation of a chasm trap in one of my assignments. In a universe given a dimensional diagram, we could have a measurement table joined with two certainty tables, so the two are one-to-numerous joins (F >-D - < F). In such a circumstance, if we tend to drag a measure from every one of the reality tables in conjunction with characteristics from the measurement table, the estimation of the rules inside the reality tables is expanded.

This condition is comprehended as a gorge trap. The gap trap demonstrates you are deceiving figures in the report which can affect central administration leadership. Hence, the state of the gorge trap ought to be maintained at a strategic distance from/settled.

4) On the off chance that there is a quick need for answers to business questions, which device you would run with?

We will run with business objects wayfarer for this situation. It acts as a business object internet searcher. We can seek anything through a watchword look confine the voyager, and all the data spaces show up in the outcome where that specific catchphrase exists.

5) Throw some light on Live Office.

Numerous clients are agreeable to utilizing just Microsoft office items. They require business reports in Microsoft office items like Microsoft exceed expectations whatnot. For those clients, we have SAP BO Live office instruments.

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6) There is a parcel of instruments accessible under the business objects stage. Will an organization need to buy the whole suite or does the SAP have an approach to the associations to purchase just the devices which are required?

No, it isn't fundamental for an organization to purchase every one of the apparatuses that go under the SAP BO stage. SAP gives the customization bundles under which the organization can buy just the devices which are required.

7) What are the contrasts between Personal, Secured, and shared associations?

A Personal association is made by one client and can't be utilized by different clients. The association points of interest are put away in PDAC.LSI record.

Different clients can utilize a common association through a mutual server. The association points of interest are put away in SDAC.LSI record in the Commercial Objects establishment envelope. Anyway one can't set rights as well as securities on the objects in a shared association. Neither could a Universe be traded to a storehouse utilizing a common association.

A secured association beats these impediments. By rights, it can be determined to articles and records. Universes could be sent out to the local store just via a secured association. The association parameters for this situation are spared in CMS.

8) What is a setting in the universe and how they are made?

In a universe, a setting characterizes a specific join way between the tables or a particular gathering of joins in the particular inquiry. Any articles made on a table segment that has a place with specific settings are normally good with every single other protest from the same settings. At the point when things from at least two settings are utilized, isolate SQL is created and comes about are at that point converged in a smaller scale solid shape. This ensures no off-base outcome is created because of the circle or some other joint way issue. 

Settings might be made utilizing recognize settings highlight or physically. They are for the most part made because of intelligent computation and business prerequisites; henceforth the recognize-setting technique isn't extremely successful. To physically make a setting to Insert > Context and give the setting name and then select all the joins which ought to be available in the unique circumstance. For the universe, the setting ought to be made in such a way that will make all the joins (else then alternate route joins) drop in no less than one setting.

9) How to illuminate a gorge caught?

A gap trap can be comprehended utilizing two techniques:

  1. With the SQL universe parameters, the choice creates different inquiries for each measure that should be chosen. This will form isolate SQL articulation for each step followed by giving the right outcomes. Be that as it may, this technique won’t work if a measurement (for instance date) is happened in various circumstances in the outcome set because of the gorge trap. 
  2. For a better approach, a wise choice is to put the two participates in two unique settings. This will create two synchronized questions, consequently taking care of the issue.

10) Would it be a good idea for us to experience fan traps in an information stockroom situation? Assuming this is the case, at that point how?

On the off chance that an information stockroom depends on Kimball demonstrate it is a dimension mapping system. With a universe based on the DW, for a fan trap to happen in composition, we require a coordinate join between the two truth tables, which is against the standards of dimensional demonstrating.

Then again in an information stockroom in light of Inmon demonstrate, it is a standardized composition. In spite of the fact that in such a case, the universes are for the most part planned on Marts Data, which are dimension-based constructions. If a world is based on the DW (with the end goal of operational detailing), then at that point, a fan-trap can happen in that universe.

11) What is total mindfulness? What are the favorable positions?

Total mindfulness work is utilized as a part of situations where there are the same certainty tables in various grains. Using this capacity, we can characterize just a single protest for the measures inside the reality tables as

  • We additionally need to describe measurements for related granularities and characterize their incongruencies with the comparing certainties through the total route.
  • The preferred standpoint is that in the Web or the Deski report when singles log the measure protest with the measurement of a specific granularity, the measuring segment from the Fact table of the relating granularity is chosen in the BO default Query. If we didn't utilize complete mindfulness, we would need to characterize isolate objects for every one of the reality tables which would be hard to comprehend from a client's perspective.

12) Define the two distinctive methodologies of executing complete mindfulness. Which is better as far as execution?

The two approaches exist as follows: 

  • Total tables are worked in the catalog, which holds the measurement fields (not outside keys) alongside the amassed measures. Inside the universe, these are available as independent tables, which aren’t joined with any of the measurements. Total mindful capacity is utilized to characterize both the sizes and to measure such tables.
  • None of the entire tables are worked at the folder level. Each of them contains the ordinary reality table at various small pieces. Inside the universe, total mindful is utilized to characterize the measurement and total inconsistency is set in like manner.
  • The principal method is better as far as execution since the larger amounts of the total amount of the data are acquired for a single table. Be that as it may, an expansive scale execution of this method in a dimensional design is troublesome. In most of the BI extends, the second method is favored.

13)  Define the fan trap and how it can be illuminated.

In a universe structure, we may have three tables participated. The first table has a one to many join with the second table, which thus has a one to many join with the third table (X- < Y- < Z). In such a situation, if a measure is available in the second table and it is dragged alongside any measurement from the third table, the estimation of the bill will be expanded. Such a condition is known as a fan trap.

A fan trap is fathomed by making a nom de plume of the second table and characterizing settings to such an extent that, the common table is joined just with the first table, while the false name is joined with both the first and the third table. We would take the second table's measure just from the common table and different measurements of the second table from the nom de plume table.

14) Define the derived table and its utility.

A derived table is made in the universe utilizing a SQL Query from the database level. The sections chose in the inquiry turn into the segments of the determining table. An inferred table can be utilized for complex computations, which are hard to accomplish at the report level. Such counts are done at the inquiry level itself. Another utilization of inferred table can be to get to tables from an alternate mapping by a blink.

15) How is the derived table unique about a view? Which one is a favored arrangement?

An inferred table is available just at the universe level, while a view is made at the information base level. By and large, perspectives are favored since, for its situation the onus of figuring stays on the database, and it doesn't stack the BO server. Be that as it may, in situations where engineers don't approach databases, the determined table is the main arrangement.

16) Clarify the masters of utilizing business objects.

There are numerous focal points in making utilization of business articles, and they are

  • Ease of use
  • Business terms that are natural
  • Graphical interface
  • Organization of archives on an undertaking premise by making utilization of WebI
  • Moving
  • Effective reports for a lesser measure of time.

17) Explain the unique items related to Business Objects.

There are different sorts of items related to business articles and they are

  • Client module
  • Creator
  • Administrator
  • Evaluator
  • Set Analyzer
  • Information View
  • Business Objects – Software Development – Kit
  • Communicate Agent

18)  Characterize Designer.

The creator is the fashioners utilize a module related to Business Objects for making and looking after universes. Universes can be considered as a semantic layer that can confine the end clients from the different issues that are specialized and related to the structure of the database. Universe originators have the likelihood of disseminating the universes to the end clients in the wake of moving these as a document through the arrangement of records or should be possible by sending out the records to the store.

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19) What are the sorts of modes related to creator and business objects?

There are particularly two various types of modes related to these stages, they are:

  • Undertaking mode
  • Workgroup mode 

20) Explain the different sorts of strategies related to a multidimensional examination that is inside business objects.

There are two unique techniques related to multidimensional investigation accessible inside BO and these strategies are:

  1. Cut and Dice
  2. Penetrate down

21) List down all sorts of clients related to business objects.

There are various types of clients related to the business protest, they are:

  • General administrator
  • Graphical Interface
  • Creator
  • Administrator Designer
  • Administrator
  • Flexible User
  • End-User

22) What are the diverse kinds of information suppliers?

The different sorts of information suppliers which are accessible for business objects are:

  • Inquiries over universe
  • Put away techniques
  • VBA techniques
  • OLAP servers
  • Individual information documents
  • Freehand – SQL
  • SAP

23) What is a secured association?

The secured association is a sort of association that can be useful in conquering the different confinements related to the previous associations. The rights related to this sort of association can be set over records and also questions. The Universes can be brought into the focal store just by making utilization of the secured associations.

24) Characterize custom progressions

The custom progressions can be utilized for characterizing the universe for encouraging drill down that is customized and could occur between objects from various or the same classes based on the client necessities.

25) Define the ways which can be used for making custom Hierarchies.

The custom orders can be made by following the way instruments and then hierarchies in the BO planner.

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