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Q. What is the DIM ID?
Dim ids ink dimensions to the fact table.

Q. What is the time distribution option in update rule?
This is to distribute data according to time; for example if the source contains calendar week and the target contains calendar day, the data is spit for each calendar day. Here you can select either the normal calendar or the factory calendar.

Q. What are the types of attributes?
Display only and navigational; display only attributes are only for display and no analysis can be done; navigational attributes behave like regular characteristics; for example assume that we have a customer characteristics with country as a navigational attribute; you can analyze the data using customer and country.

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Q. What is a transnational info cube?
These cubes are used for both read and write; standard cubes are optimized for reading. The transactional cubes are used in SEM.

Q. Give example data sources supporting this?
2LIS_03_BF and 2LIS_03_UM

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Q. What is a source system?
Any system that is sending data to BW like R/3, lat file, oracle database or external systems.

Q. Can you partition a cube which has data already?
No; the cube must be empty to do this; one work around is to make a copy of the cube A to cube B; export data from A to B using export data source; empty cube A; create partition on A; re-import data from B; delete cube B.

Q. Can you disable cache?
Yes either globally or using query debug tool RSRT.

Q. What are the steps to load non cumulative cube?
1. initialize opening balance in R/3 (S278)
2. activate extract structure MCO3BFO for data source 2LIS_03_BF
3. set up historical material documents in R/3 
4. load opening balance using data source 2LIS_40_S278 
5. load historical movements and compress without marker update. 
6. set up V3 update
7. load deltas using 2LIS_03_BF.

Q. What is an info source?
Group of logically related objects; for example the OCUSTOMER info source will contain data related to customer and attributes like customer number, address, phone no, etc.

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Q. What is global transfer nile?
This is a transfer routine (ABAP) defined at the info object level; this is common for all source systems.