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If you're looking for SAP HR Interview Questions & Answers for Experienced & Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research SAP HR has a market share of about 0.7%. So, You still have opportunity to move ahead in your career in SAP HR. Mindmajix offers advanced SAP HR Interview Questions 2018 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as SAP HR Developer.

Q. Which are the sub-modules in SAP HR?
Following are the modules in SAP-HR —
Recruitment -Personnel Administration
1. Organization Management
2. Personnel Development
3. Training and Event Management
4. Compensation Management
5. Personnel Time Management
6. Payroll
7. MSS – Manager Self Service
8. ESS – Employee Self Service

Q. Describe the various structures in SAP – HR?
Structures are required to represent statutory, regional, and organizational conditions in an organization. Following are three structures in SAP HR.
– Enterprise Structure – gives Information about the location of work on an employee. It comprises of Client, Company Code, Personnel Area, and Personnel Subarea
– Personnel Structure – gives information about the employees job function. It comprises of Employee Group and Employee Subgroup
– Organizational Structure – gives relations between employee and his corresponding departments or business unit. It comprises of organizational plan, which includes Job, position, organizational unit etc.

Q. What is an Infotype?
Individual Information such as last name, first name, DOB etc is defined in data fields. Data fields are grouped into information units according to their content, these information units are called Infotypes. Infotypes have names and 4 digit keys.
For Ex. Infotype 0002 is for Personal Data, which stores Employees Full Name, Date of Birth, etc.
An Infotype can have a sub-type.
Infotypes are classified as follows
1000 – 1999 == OM related
2000 – 2999 == Time related
9000 and above Customer Specific

Q. What Time Constraint 1 on an Infotype?
Infotype with Time Constraint 1(TC 1) must be unique, i.e. only one valid record can exist for a given period. There can be no gaps between the records. When we add a new record to an Infotype with TC1, the system delimits the overlapping record on the key date and adds new record

Q. How can you maintain information for an Infotype?
To maintain information in an Infotype you could use –
PA30 – Personal Administration Maintenance
PA40 – Personal Actions
Alternatively, Fast Entry Screen.

Q. Which Personal Actions have you performed on an employee?
Change Organizational Unit/Position
Change of Pay

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Q. What is internal recruitment?
Internal recruitment is search for internal applicants. when you integrate with personal development, you can use profile match up which help to search for resources internally.
- Also In recruitment it is represented by ‘P’ as Person and ‘AP” as external person.

Q. What are problems generally faced while posting result to FICO?
Normally mismatching of amount get posted.

Q. What is controlling area, what does it do, and how were is it assigned?
Controlling area is under of FI person which helps to set for costing purposes also based on thses fiscal variant is set.

Q. What is the purpose of creating symbolic a/c, what is transaction code for same? Can we assign one symbolic a/c to multiple wage types?
It depends upon your payroll requirement to create salary head like expense account etc.

Q. What is REPORT VARIANT FOR OFF CYCLE ACTIVITIES, what do we do in this step?
Variant is to save all input field parameters.  Once you saved as a variant, you can use the same for future purposes.

Q. What all infotypes which has to be created at the time of hiring OR PA40 and cannot be maintained later with PA30?
Why you require creation of infotypes…

Q. If we have to create multiple positions, what method OR tool we can use to avoid errors due to creating them manually.
You can create multiple position by LSMW or batch programs for the Tcode PP01 or PPOCE

Q. What do is LANDSCAPE in SAP Project, I think its related to no. of servers used, Pls correct me if I am wrong, Or what it is?
It is related to Basis

Q. What is the role of a administrator in PA?
To restrict access to Personnel administration based on PA/PSA.
Administrator: we come across for Personnel administration, Time management, and Payroll in sap .
Each administrator is responsible for each individual activity.  You can get the name of the administrator in the pay slip so the employee for any clarification he can meet the responsible administrator  (accessed through payslip)
- This administrator (is created in PA of PM) is responsible for recruitment.

Q. What is golive actually? What is the role of a functional consultant in it?
Go live is transferring of data from Development server to Production server.
Development —–> Quality server
In Quality you need to Unit, Integration testing, Once it is OK in Quality server,
Then you need
Development —-> Production

Q. How to group employees for their allowances in payroll?
Go to basic salary of India in Payroll India and group the employee first depending on the allowances to be paid and this is applied for even differentiating the employees into groups depending on their pay structures.

Q. In OM, how to get the details for group of employees (ex.) group of Drivers in the organisation?
Drivers can be identified depending on their position at which they are working and you can have a different job codes for them who do you want to look into.

Q. How is Time management and payroll is integrated?
TM MGMT and Payroll are integrated in ways are time data is collected from the info type 0007 and these hours are taken in basic as Number of hours worked  or utilized, and even with time evaluation and last with schemas integration.
X000 schema carries xt00 and these data can be transferred between other modules.

Q. What are the other modules integrated with OM?
OM contains all the modules to be integrated, depending client requirement it is done. As OM-PA, OM -RECT, OM-BENEFITS, OM-TRAINING & EVENT MGMT, OM – PD AND OTHERS.

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Q. In TM, if group of employees get 10 days of annual leave, what will be the time evaluation status?
TIME evaluation shows the exact details maintained over to the employee through his 2006 and 2001. if they are all allowed to take leave it shows leave as paid or unpaid depending on the configuration done by the consultant for these situation. in
processing time data in payroll or even Time evaluation ( Valuation of absences )  also.

Q. Find the scenario and give the result : A,B,C are employees, where  A,B will get basic,HRA,DA. C gets Basic and DA. How to group for the allowances?
Allowances are paid depending on his gradation and even wages are also paid on this criteria, if AB are paid bas, hra and DA then take three wage types ans assign to the ES Grouping and don’t give HRA wage type to C.
- Check basic salary of inda and ALlowances in indian payroll thorougly, bcos first of all v have to undestand this first and
then you have to decide the emp sub gtroupings.

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