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Q1) How can you say that SAP HR is better than PeopleSoft HR

S.No SAP HR PeopleSoft HR
1 Various structures of data are allowed Limited structures of data are allowed
2 Restrictions on the employees data make it secure                      For restrictions, additional programming or modeling is to be done
3 It is dynamic in nature Only a few features are dynamic

Q2) What do you mean by Human resources?

These are basically the people that build up workforce for a business or for an organization and are mainly responsible for the successful accomplishment of many important task. Depending upon the size and type of business, there can be more or less human resources in an arena. Human resources can also be referred as labor, manpower, skills or simply people in an organization. 

Q3) Which structure in the SAP HR provides information regarding the job functions of employees?

Personnel Structure

Q4) What do you mean by the term Fringe benefits?

These are basically the benefits that are provided to the employees of an organization in addition o their salary or compensation. It is not always necessary that they are provided directly in the form of salary. Generally, they are non-wage compensation. The common examples of fringe benefits include:

1. Providing accommodation to the employee
2. Providing health benefits such as insurance
3. Income protection
4. Vacation
5. Profit sharing
6. Loan contribution 
7. Proving benefits to the family of employees such as education loans

Q5) What do you mean by the term rewards management?

It is basically a strategy with the help of which an organization make sure that workers who performed well in their responsibilities and tasks are rewarded in affair manner and are provided various benefits. The rewards can be in the form of a gift, salary hike, promotion and so on. There are certain benefits can be assured by an organization with effective rewards management approach. The biggest one is they can simply motivate other employees to handle their jobs reliably and easily. 

Q6) What are the various methods that can be considered when it comes to recording time in the SAP HR machine?

This can be done with the help of any of the following methods:

1. By using cross application time sheet
2. By using time administrators online
3. By ESS application

Q7) Can you tell any one component of the rewards management?

It can be remuneration. The same can be considered as the tips and advice that is offered to the workforce by the employer. It is not necessary always that all the employees are provided the same tips and advice. This is generally done in exchange of their services. There are a number of future benefits that both an employee and an employer can have from remuneration. 

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Q8) What is the significance of Organizational structure in the SAP HR application?

This is basically the structure that is considered as very essential. It simply makes sure of healthy relation among the employees and their departments. There are some regular guidelines on which it is based on and can vary depending on the nature and the type of a business. SAP HR application enables users to make changes in the same structure and the users are free to add a lot of information as per their needs. 

Q9) How SAP HR can be trusted for the recruitment and training of the employees?

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Both of these modules are very essential and simply enable and organization to get results they also expect from their workforce. SAP HR tool is good enough to provide information on what sort of training is to be provided to the employees and how they can benefit them. The tool can be trusted for its suggested approach which is based on the employee’s performance and the weak portion. 

Q10) Can SAP HR be trusted for dealing with the discrimination?

Yes, it has several features for the same and there are many organizations who are already utilizing it for the same task. 

Q11) What do you know about the Matchcode W?

Sometime there is a need to access the personnel numbers in a payroll which are no longer valid due to rejection by the payroll run. Matchcode W is used to make sure that the rejected data is to run successfully again. This is done by making appropriate corrections in the same. The overall time taken for the same depends largely on the type of errors and how they are generally addressed. 

Q12) In SAP HR, what is the purpose of module Organization Management SAP HR?

It is basically an approach that is very beneficial for a business. As the name itself indicates, the organization management module in the SAP HR simply make sure of handling all the complex tasks in a very reliable manner and the good thing is the users are free to derive many additional benefits. Tasks such as managing the relations, collaborating, time management, advising, reporting as well as dealing with others can simply be accomplished with this module and the good thing is users need not to worry about the bulk investments for the same. 

Q13) How many records can exist for a given period in SAP HR?

Only record can be there for a specified period in SAP HR. Also, there is a condition which the users have to make sure and i.e. the records should be free from any sort of gaps between them. The new records when added, the SAP HR instructs the system to overlap record on the key.

Q14) Name a few sub modules in SAP HR?

These are Training and event management, Personnel Administration, Payroll, Compensation Management and MSS.

Q15) What are the different structures in the SAP HR with which you are familiar?

In most of the businesses, there is actually a need of different structures for the successful representation of conditions related to the organizations, their policies, as well as their implementation. The SAP HR simply provides following three important structures with the help of which the users are free to keep up the pace simply. 

1. Enterprise Structure
2. Organizational Structure
3. Personnel Structure

Q16) What are the responsibilities of a human resource department of an organization?

All the tasks related to employee welfare and handling different aspect of employment are the responsibilities of the HR department in an organization. The department head has to compliance with the labor law and have to make sure that all the employment standards are met in the organization. Assuring administration and providing employee all the benefits is also the responsibility if the same department. In addition to this, they are responsible for dismissal, as well as recruitment of employees in the organization. 

Q17) What are the two options that the users can consider when it comes to maintaining the information for a defined Prototype?

These are PA 30 and PA 40. Also, known as Personal Administration Maintenance and Personal Actions.

Q18) Why it is important to determine the needs of the staff? How SAP HR application is useful when it comes to same

Staff often needs to be motivated for the successful accomplishment of their tasks. For this, the first condition is to make them feel that all their needs would be fulfilled. The fact is employees often made demands and it is not always necessary that the management has to invest money in fulfilling the same. Determining the staff need is important because it simply enhances the productivity and enable employee to perform all their tasks with dedication. Also, determining the needs of the staff can simply help in marinating a secure and healthy work environment in the organization/

The SAP HR tool has been equipped with some useful features with the help of which a close eye can be kept on the departments and the way they are a performing. It offers a lot of useful information on the same such as reporting and documents which provide information on the staffing. The same can be utilized for determining the needs of the staff. Also, it has a lot of dedicated features for this task. 

Q19) What do you know about the term Infotype and how it is of significant importance in the SAP HR?

SAP HR tool needs user’s data for accomplishing few of its task such as record keeping and marinating personal profiles. All the information about the employees is generally grouped into the small units and these units are recognized as Infounits. In SAP HR, they can have 4 digit keys.

Q20) What is PCL 2 cluster in SAP HR and how as a user you can access the same?

It is basically a cluster in which the Payroll outcomes are stored. It can be accessed with the help of transaction PC simply. It’s not necessary that all the employees are allowed to access the same. 

Q21) Can you name a few Time Related Info types in the SAP HR?

Attenances, Absences, Work Schedule and Time Quotas

Q22) How can you define a processing class?

It is basically a characteristic of wage type that is considered for the purpose of determining the way processing is done in the payroll run. It is a trusted approach and is useful for providing favorable results in the payroll.

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Q23) Can you tell something about the Internal Payroll Process and how it is beneficial?

International Payroll process is used when then the employees are to be paid more than their basic remuneration. This can be due to reasons such as paying them bonus, rewarding, overtime salary or any other special payments. 

Q24) Is there a need to restrict the data to be entered in the Payroll area?

There is not always a need for the same. Generally the employees are defined based on other ethics and policies. 

Q25) In SAP HR tool, what do you mean by the term Authorizations?

These are the basic transactions which are given to the employees or the end users for a defined time period. This is when the end users have to work on a special assignment and have to access the concerned data. The authorization may or may not be provided depending on the various factors. The SAP HR tool simply makes sure of reliability and addressability of the various modules in a very easy manner. 

Q26) What do you mean by the term TMSTA?

It is basically a link between the payroll and the Time Management. It stands for Time Management Status. 

Q27) What do you mean by the term Go Live?

It is basically an approach when the users have to transfer the data from one server to another. Generally, this is done between the development and the production server. There is a need for the same due to various reasons that may not always be enclosed by the organization.

Q28) In Payroll, how the employees can be grouped?

The common method is to group them based on the overall allowances which are to be paid to them. This can vary depending on their pay structure and other benefits that are usually given to them. 

Q29) What is Dynamic Action Feature in the SAP HR?

It is basically an approach to automate some basic tasks and features. The users can consider it for multitasking. They are free to save a lot o time. However, it is not necessary that all the tasks can be accomplished through automation in the SAP HR. Presently, it has a limited scope but SAP is working to enhance its visibility in the coming versions. 

Q30) What do you mean by the term Concurrent employment?

Concurrent employment is the situation when an employee is given an additional charge. In other words it’s when an employee holds more than one charge in an organization. Generally, it is not always permanent and is considered only when issues such as sudden resignations, death of an employee, or transfer takes place. Also, there are conditions which the employees have to meet for this.