What is SAP Plant Maintenance

Are you curious to know what is SAP PM? You are at the right stop. Yes! This blog will introduce you to SAP PM in a neat way. Know that SAP PM is one of the SAP modules that optimizes plant maintenance. This SAP PM Module comes with robust automation and analytical capabilities. Of course! This blog will hand-hold you to learn what is SAP PM, its benefits, vital features, why it is needed for a business, and much more.

If you consider a manufacturing company, the overall performance of the company depends on many crucial factors, undeniably. Of all the essential aspects, equipment condition is one among them. This is because failures in equipment lead to unplanned downtime. Not only that, it negatively impacts the productivity of the company and hence its revenue. On this note, if you are astonished at how to maintain the equipment and productivity of a company consistently, here you get the solution. Thanks to SAP PM. It offers the optimum solution to the above challenge. Know that SAP PM is an SAP module with which we can remarkably automate plant equipment maintenance. And it reduces human efforts in equipment maintenance through automation abilities.

Other key aspects of SAP PM are simplifying equipment inspection activities, carrying out repair and replacement operations, performing corrective and preventive maintenance, enabling notifications to maintenance supervisors and technicians, and much more. Well! Coming to the blog, here we discuss what is SAP PM, its vital features, benefits, how it works, and many more things elaborately.

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What is SAP PM?

SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) is a crucial component of SAP ECC. Here, SAP ECC is nothing but the ERP Central Component. The primary function of the SAP PM Module is that it performs all plant maintenance activities in line with the planned schedules. Not only that, it also performs preventive maintenance to ensure that equipment run consistently without any breakdown.

Are you still in poor light about what is SAP PM? Continue reading the following.

SAP Plant Maintenance closely inspects all plant equipment and measures its performance regularly. If any malfunction or damage is found in any equipment, SAP PM Module automatically takes the following action to maintain the equipment. Moreover, SAP Plant Maintenance analyzes the equipment operational data and digs out actionable insights. So you can identify the frequently occurring problems, causes for malfunctioning or poor performance of machines, and many other things precisely. This SAP PM module helps to optimize workforce activities. Besides, you can optimize material utilization as well as movements in the best manner possible. Sure! We hope that you have gained a basic idea about what is SAP PM. Now, it’s time to dig into how SAP PM works, its features, benefits, etc.

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How does SAP PM Work?

First, the equipment operational data is acquired and stored in database tables. This collected data is known as the master data. The Master data is the critical component in the functioning of the SAP PM Module. Generally, the master data contains equipment data, task lists, location of equipment, KPIs, maintenance history, and many more. Note that you can manipulate the master data based on requirements. SAP PM takes maintenance actions based on the master data. For example, it makes maintenance activities, regular inspections, repairs, and replacements. The real-time data help to take immediate actions by the SAP PM module. You can track the various maintenance activities of SAP PM through dashboards. The analytics and insights generated by the dashboards help streamline plant maintenance activities. 

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What is SAP PM used for?

There are four main areas where SAP PM is used extensively. They are equipment maintenance, repair or replacement, inspection, and performance improvement.

Let’s address the uses of SAP PM a bit deeper.

  • Maintenance

SAP PM automatically takes necessary actions to maintain equipment at the scheduled times. Because of this feature, plant equipment runs continuously without downtime or malfunction. Simply put, SAP Plant Maintenance helps sustain equipment performance at the set levels.

  • Repair

If any fault or abnormal condition is found in a machine, SAP PM instantly initiates corrective maintenance to rectify the same. For instance, it takes measures to repair the equipment or replace it. Thus you can reduce downtime in plants to the minimum. In the same way, if any potential failure is found in any machine, SAP PM takes immediate action to prevent the failure with preventive maintenance. So it is possible to run plants without downtime. Ultimately, preventive maintenance cuts operational costs and thus increases revenue.

  • Inspection

With SAP Plant Maintenance, you can closely inspect the operational performance of equipment. Based on the inspection results, SAP PM Module also analyses the equipment data and generates insights about the performance of machines.

  • Improvement

By leveraging SAP PM, you can improve equipment performance. The following are the methods with which you can do the same.

  • Corrective and Preventive Maintenance
  • Repair or replacement of faulty equipment
  • Regular inspection

As a whole, SAP PM Module increases the availability as well as the service life of equipment remarkably. Also, it avoids downtimes and replacements in the best way.

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What functions does SAP PM Include?

SAP Plant Maintenance performs multiple functions to optimize equipment maintenance in a plant.

Let’s have a close look at them now.

  • SAP PM streamlines and manages all the associated technical objects carefully. The objects can be functional units, equipment, individual plants, etc.
  • It performs corrective maintenance in case there is any malfunction or damage to any of the equipment.
  • It performs preventive maintenance to prevent potential break down or damages in equipment.
  • It precisely carries out routine maintenance tasks such as sending maintenance notifications and orders, updating maintenance history, and so on.
  • Furthermore, it gathers, stores, and analyzes maintenance data, making it a single source of truth. So employees can access this master data at any time seamlessly.

Key Benefits of SAP PM

You can reap many benefits by employing SAP PM Module in your plant.

Let’s outline the benefits below.

#1.Automating maintenance tasks

 SAP PM automates maintenance requests as well as orders. Also, it automates recording the maintenance data. Not just that, it tracks the expenses associated with equipment maintenance.

#2.Enhanced Productivity

As SAP Plant Maintenance comes with advanced dashboards, you can track the analytics of plant maintenance and valuable insights in a single view. It helps to optimize maintenance processes and thus level up business performance to new heights.

#3.Increased Efficiency

SAP PM increases equipment efficiency by performing maintenance as required. Hence, overall business performance is enhanced.

#4.Enhanced Visibility

SAP PM Module tightly integrates with other SAP modules such as SAP MM, SAP PP, SAP SD, etc. This integration helps to reduce errors in equipment and repair time significantly. Also, it elevates the visibility across the performance of the equipment from multiple perspectives.

#5.Improved Asset Management

Implementing SAP Plant Maintenance in a plant helps improve the equipment performance with real-time operational data. For instance, assets or equipment are neatly handled without malfunction or breakdown. It is done with the help of preventive maintenance. So with all the well-functioning equipment, you can confidently make process work orders, quick plans, etc.

#6.Better Compliance

As SAP Plant Maintenance monitors equipment closely, any slight deviation in the KPIs of equipment is flagged instantly. Whether corrective or preventive maintenance, SAP PM executes them at the correct time and ensures the normal functioning of equipment. This advantage entirely avoids unplanned plant maintenance or poor performance of equipment.

Features of SAP PM

SAP PM is an SAP Module that comes with many noteworthy features out of the box.

Let’s now look at them in the way ahead.

#1. Preventive Maintenance

SAP PM Module helps supervisors and technicians to identify the equipment that can potentially fail. These equipment are identified at earlier stages. Suitable preventive measures are taken at the right time to avoid potential equipment breakdown and downtime.

#2. Corrective Maintenance

Identifying and rectifying faulty equipment is simplified in SAP PM. You can repair or replace the equipment as early as possible, reducing downtime dramatically.

#3. Workforce Management

SAP Plant Maintenance comes with a unique feature known as PM Supervisor that allows supervisors to allocate maintenance tasks to their technicians effectively. Also, supervisors can communicate with technicians and ask them to attend to critical maintenance tasks. It aids in speeding up maintenance tasks and simultaneously reduces downtime.

#4. Asset Management

With the SAP PM Module, you can identify failures and malfunctions in the assets or equipment of a plant and correct them quickly before they cause any damage.

#5. Robust Dashboards

Dashboards of SAP PM enhance visibility across all plant maintenance activities. With the analytics and actionable insights provided in the dashboards, you can make informed decisions and generates reports with the help of operational data.

#6. Rule-based Data Filters

SAP Plant Maintenance employs rule-based filters with which you can precisely trace the data that you need. It is done with the help of locations, beginning and end times, etc.

#7. Holistic PM Integration

With the liquid User Interface feature of SAP PM, you can connect with external sources and databases smoothly. It allows you to import data in PDF or Excel form.

What other SAP Modules does SAP PM Work With?

The significant thing about SAP Plant Maintenance Module is that it integrates seamlessly with the following SAP modules.

Let’s see what SAP modules integrate with SAP PM Module and their crucial function individually.

#1. SAP MM - SAP Materials Management

This SAP Module governs the material procurement and logistics in companies.

#2. SAP SD – SAP Sales and Distribution

This SAP module streamlines product orders, packing, and shipping products. It also does billing and invoicing of the products.

#3. SAP PP – SAP Production and Planning

This is an SAP module that optimizes planning as well as production activities.

#4. SAP HR – SAP Human Resources

This is yet another SAP module that integrates with SAP PM, which manages payroll, supports talent hunting, records attendance, performs employee management, and more.

Why SAP PM is Important for your Business

Leveraging SAP Plant Maintenance in your plant is an excellent idea to enhance equipment performance and boost productivity to a high level.

Here are the pointers that describe why implementing SAP PM Module in your business is highly significant.

  • Employing SAP Plant Maintenance optimizes material movements in a plant. If you need an equipment part, you can get it quickly using SAP PM.
  • As repairs and lack in performance are identified and rectified instantly, maintenance processes and efficiency are enhanced to greater heights.
  • SAP PM simplifies the work of maintenance managers, equipment users, maintenance technicians, and purchase managers. They can access real-time data at any time. It allows them to make fast and accurate decisions. So time is saved, and productivity is improved significantly.
  • Most importantly, deploying SAP Plant Maintenance is simple and a cakewalk. You can deploy SAP PM Module in your plant within 12 weeks. You can also tailor SAP PM as per your business requirements. So rebuilding the entire SAP PM module can be eliminated.
  • SAP Plant Maintenance encourages data transparency. As you know, the SAP PM Master data is the single truth source. Any technician or supervisor can access the relevant data at any time. So they can make quick decisions and run the equipment consistently.
  • SAP Plant Maintenance tracks the KPIs of equipment accurately. Maintenance engineers, as well as operations managers, need to make necessary decisions regarding maintenance.
  • SAP PM Module integrates seamlessly with other prime SAP modules such as SAP PP, SAP PP, SAP MM, and SAP SD.
  • On top of all, the main reason why you need to leverage SAP Plant Maintenance is that it dramatically reduces costs. SAP PM Module eliminates repetitive mundane tasks, speeds up maintenance tasks, adopts preventive maintenance, and triggers corrective maintenance at the right time. Hence, it saves costs and boosts income.


1. What do you mean by SAP PM?

SAP Plant Maintenance stands for SAP Plant Maintenance. It is one of the SAP modules that automatically govern plant maintenance.

2. What do you mean by PM order in SAP?

The role of PM order in SAP is critical. It plans, performs, and controls the maintenance of functional locations and equipment efficiently.

3. What are the responsibilities of an SAP PM Consultant?

  • Organizing organization master data
  • Scheduling maintenance tasks and making updates
  • Executing repairs, tracking KPIs, and so on.
  • Performing configuration tasks.

4. Is learning SAP PM tough?

Not at all. Learning SAP Plant Maintenance is easy.

5. What are the different T - codes used in SAP PM?

The different T- codes used in SAP Plant Maintenance are IW31, IW33, and IW32. These T-codes help to maintain maintenance orders in a plant.

6. What should be the critical skills of an SAP PM consultant?

  • Ability to design and configure SAP PM modules
  • Ability to multitask
  • Sound knowledge of plant production processes and procedures
  • Understanding the equipment operations
  • Critical thinking and analytical mindset

7. How to build a PM plan in SAP?

We can build a PM plan with a maintenance strategy or without it. The first comes with a strategic plan and the latter with a single-cycle plan.

8. What is the use of checklists in the SAP PM Module?

We use checklists in SAP Plant Maintenance when multiple users perform tasks requiring step-by-step processing. A checklist contains numerous checklist-related settings and many other related things.


This blog should have helped you to learn what is SAP PM. In a nutshell, SAP Plant Maintenance is an SAP module that optimizes plant maintenance with its automation capabilities. You might have also learned about the features of SAP PM, why it is essential for business, its benefits, and more. If you want to enrich your career and become a professional in SAP PM, then enroll in "SAP PM Training" - This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain.

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