Mindmajix as a team have got enough questions from the trainees who got their ASP .NET Training and cracked interviews at various MNCs around the world and successfully placed. From the collection of ASP .NET Interview Questions, following are the most common questions we got are listed to make it easy for those who are willing to crack the interview with ease. All the answers to those were written by our professional experienced trainers and are tailored to meet the concepts expected by the interviewer.

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ASP.NET Interview Questions And Answers

Q. What is ASP?

ASP is server side scripting technology by Microsoft, to execute instructions made by dynamic websites, on internet server. 

Q. What is ASP .NET?

ASP .NET is used to build websites, services and applications that are dynamic. These applications are build on any of the .NET compatible languages like VB, C#, etc.


Key difference between them is that ASP is interpreted as scripts are used, whereas ASP.NET is compiled because of these pages using .NET languages. ASP .Net pages are to be MSIL(Microsoft Intermediate Language) compiled.

Q. What is the extension for ASP .Net pages?


Q. What is IIS? Why do we use it?

Internet Information Server by Microsoft with its own Operating System. It is used to execute web-page scripts.

Q. How does ASP .Net Works?

IIS acts in between browser and ASP.net engine to process chrome requests and responses are submitted back.

Q. Why do we need server side scripting?

  • Server side scripting provides larger class library.
  • Easier to understand and program.
  • Event rich server controls.
  • Reduce number of lines of code.

Q. Advantages of ASP .NET

  • Security, as the feature in-built windows authentication is done for applications.
  • For large applications, number of lines of code is less when compared to other.
  • Information about the configuration helps in easy deployment of the application.
  • Dot NET provides flexibility to execute with any language that the application is developed.
  • Dynamic web-pages with HTML is made easy and smooth with ASP .Nets combined.
  • Before displaying on the browser, code is executed on server to ensure safe and error free performance of the application.
  • Application is monitored to serve the requests all the time.
  • Memory leaks and illegal behaviors are monitored and handled with ease.

Q. What does page load event does?

Page load event ensures that all the controls are loaded completely. These controls can be accessed through Page_Init event.

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Q. Parent class of Web Server Control?

System.Web.UI.Control - Parent class of all the WS Controls.

Q. How do we check page post back?

In order to check whether the page is posted back, we use page object “IsPostBack” property.

Q. Differentiate SQL notification with SQL invalidation.

SQL notification triggers when there is any change in the data that is made a copy in tha cache, whereas, SQL invalidation directly invalidates that data in the cache when there is any change in the database data that is copied to cache earlier.

Q. What does ViewState Property used for?

In the control class, there exist ViewStateMode is introduced in ASP .NET4. This helps to work with view state of event control, despite it is disabled in the web-page.

Q. What is Multilingual website?

A website, which has its content available in respective language of the country or the region it is accessed is referred as multilingual website.

Q. What is query string?

Additional information provided to the server from the webpage through URL is referred as query string.

Q. Advantages of Query string.

Using query string there exist no special resources used on the server side reducing the burden. Query string are supported by any of the browser.

Q. Disadvantages of Query String.

Length of the query string is limited to the length supported by the URL. And the information provided by query string is visible to the user, compromising security.

Q. what is validation summary in asp.net?

Single property to view all the validation messages is done by ValidationSummary control.

Q. Latest version of ASP .NET?

Latest stable release is ASP .NET 4.7.1 (October 2017)

Q. What is server-side caching?

Process of sharing cached objects in an application in order to improve the performance by reducing the processing time. Cached objects are active upto specified time.

Q. What are the latest properties in ASP .NET

MetaKeyword, MetaDescription, AllowMultiple etc are latest properties.

Q. Differentiate authentication with authorization.

Authentication is to identify the right person whereas authorization is process of providing valid access to the resources available.
Only an authentic person can be authorised to use resources.

For Example: Person A is allowed to access File A to view but not edit.

Here, process of identifying whether the person is A or not is authentication, and not providing access to edit the file A to person A is authorization.

Q. What are custom server controls of web page?

Controls that are not available in the ASP library can be created and registered, known as custom server controls.

Q. How can you register new custom control?

Using @Register directive, new custom server controls can be registered.

Q. How do you validate all the controls in a page?

Page.Validate() method is used.

Q. What are page redirects in ASP .NET?

RedirectPermanent() - Method to redirect page to specified path provided as parameter.



Q. Classes needed to send email message in ASP.NET web page.

System.Net.Mail.MailMessage and System.Net.Mail.SmtpMail are the two classes used along with SmtpClient class, and server name port and credentials to mail.

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