Coded UI Interview Questions

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Coded UI Interview Questions and Answers

1) What are the benefits that as an app developer you can have with the coded UI test and why they are important?

  • The Coded UI test simply let the users make sure that their application is functioning correctly
  • It makes sure that the UI interface of the application is perfect in all the aspects
  • In addition to this, good scalability of the application can be assured
  • A good overview of the functionality of the application can simply be assured by the users in no time
  • Coded UI tests are also best in letting the developers know what is the future scope of their application in the long run
  • Also, the Coded UI is not very complex but they can simply derive a lot of useful information about the application 

2) Tell something about the search and filter properties in the Coded UI?

Generally, there is a need to search for the controls in the Coded UI approach. This task is accomplished with the help of Search properties. On the other side, the Filter Properties are the ones that assist the search properties in case the users fail to find the control. In Filter properties, simply various filters can be applied 

3) Name the tools with which the Coded UI is similar in terms of functionality and can be opted against them

You can find Coded UI similar to that of QTP and Selenium. It is generally preferred because it is based on Microsoft Visual Studio IDE when it comes to writing scripts. The Visual Studio is good enough to be considered for tasks such as recording the data. 

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4) Based on your past experience with the Coded UI, can you tell us some useful tips or the things that should be taken care of or how a user can get the best results from this approach?

This is a tricky question that is obviously asked by experienced professionals. Here are some points you can consider for answering this question.

  • It would always be good for the users to pay close attention to the Test Builder. The users must make sure to use the same wherever they can
  • Make sure to use a better name rather than simply using the default one whenever a method is created. This simply let the users identify the methods
  • It would be good to create the test as per a sequence that defines the recorded methods
  • The UIMap.Designer. cs file shouldn’t be modified wherever possible as it can simply create further issues
  • The test methods are to be re-recorded. 

5) Can you tell me something about the Coded UI features with which you are familiar?

  • The Coded UI tool is capable to generate the code in VB/C#
  • It simply makes sure of functional testing in a reliable manner
  • It is possible to test and deploy the application in a lab with this approach
  • The application integration is possible up to a great extent
  • The application has excellent extensibility
  • The users can simply make sure of being the intended approach with resilient playback option.

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6) What exactly is the TestCleanup in the Coded UI?

It is basically an attribute that is required for performing the reverse action to that performed by the TestInitialize. Whenever the function is decorated, the same will come to action only when there is an execution completes.

7) What sort of technologies is supported by the Coded UI according to you?

  • First of all, it really doesn’t matter whether the application whose UI is to be tested is based on the web or it is Windows-based.
  • It supports Web servers such as ASPX and SOAP
  • The Web applications such as Silverlight, HTML, and HTML 5 are comfortable with this tool
  • Almost all web-based desktop applications can easily be considered by this approach
  • In addition to this, Windows Presentation Foundation and the Window Phone Application are also largely supportive

8) Tell some good reasons why one should use the Coded UI for test automation?

There are many reasons for this and you can answer this question based on your experience with the below reasons

  • First of all, the experts can simply make sure of a collaborative approach using similar language or tools
  • All the Windows-based projects, as well as the web applications,  are largely supportive
  • Features such as “Wait for Control Exit” can simply be assured as the Playback engine has excellent support for the same. 
  • It is possible for the remote machines to accept the automation test which is based on Coded UI through the Tests Agents
  • All the AJAX controls are supportive of this approach
  • The developers can make sure of the descriptive programming
  • Various exceptions can easily be captured and recorded by the experts in no time

9) While using the Coded UI, how you can create the tests?

There is nothing much one needs to do when it comes to this. First of all, the users have to handle the generation task from a recording already existing in the environment. Next is to use the scratch and create a coded UI followed by writing the code from the same. That’s all.

10) Is it possible for the users to create a class file for each test in the coded UI?

Ans: Yes, it is possible and can be done very easily. Whenever a test is created, a map is created by the builder which provides useful information on the various parameters, test methods, as well as on assertions. This also includes the creation of the class file.

11) When there is a need for UIMap.Designer. cs file in the Coded UI test?

Well, this is considered when the code view of the UIMAp is generated under the test records and there is a need to add the objects manually in the UIMap. It is possible for the users to consider various updations in the UIMap and the same gets stored in the UIMap. 

12) While working on the Coded UI, what if the changes are made directly to the UIMap.Designer.CS file?

Ans: This will result in the loss of all the changes in case the users start recording the same. Their recording is to be avoided simply. 

13) Can you name the different methods available to conduct the Coded UI test?

 It is possible for the users to simply keep up the pace with this through the Code UI Hand Coding or with the UI record and PlayBack options. Both the options have their own pros and cons but are good enough to be trusted. 

14) Name a few classes which you can consider in the Coded UI

A few of them are Strong Assert, Assert Failed ExecutionAssert, and Inconclusive 

15) Tell any basic difference between Coded UI with Selenium

The windows applications, as well the WPF is not supported by the Selenium whereas the same is supported by the Coded UI. e

16) What do you mean by the term Automation Testing?

It is basically an approach in which a professional generally test the software by writing the scripts. In the modern-day coded UI, it has fine applications and the users simply make sure of getting the actual and anticipated results. It is possible to deploy the tools, again and again, to further enhance the automation testing.

17) What are the different programming approaches in the Coded UI you are familiar with?

There are mainly three different types of approaches that are available and the users are free to select any as per the outcome required. These are Programming using UI Map, recording and. Playback and the last is descriptive programming. 

18) Can you name the options which are available in the Test Builder?

These are:

  • Record
  • Generate code
  • Show recorded steps
  • Cross Hair

19) What exactly do you understand with the term Test Method in Coded UI?

 It is similar to that of the test case and the fact is every coded UI act as a Test Method. Multiple methods can be added in the test cases with this approach.

20) Tell whether the properties of the declaration of the section UIMap class methods are editable?

No, they are not.

21) How will you choose the test cases which are good enough to be trusted for automation?

The test cases should be compatible with the concerned approach and with the applications. The tool one is using should have no objection in creating them. In addition to this, the test cases have relevant information about the UI of the applications with them. 

22) Suggest some good reasons why one would adopt the Coded UI Automation?

The Visual Studio IDE can simply be considered and can be executed through the Microsoft Test Manager. It is possible for the users to write scripts and all the object programming can be considered. It has a wide range of support available with it and this is one of the best things about it

23) Are there any pre-requisites for automation testing which users need to pay attention to?

Yes, there are some requests about which the user should be careful and these are overall time consumption of the test cases should not be very high. In addition to this, the repeated test cases should not be considered beyond a limit. In addition to this, the critical scenarios of the test cases are to be high. 

24) In the coded UI, How you can recognize the controls?

This can be done with the help of Test Builder. There is an option under the same and i.e. “CrossHair” with the help of which it is possible for the users to find out the controls.

25) Can you perform the click operations without using your mode in the Coded UI?

Yes, it is possible. 

26) How you can define with Coded UI test in a simple language?

The Coded UI is basically the automated test that is useful and good enough to be considered when it comes to taking your application to the User Interface. It is because of no other reason the tool got its name as Coded UI. Generally, it involves functional testing so that the features and the capability of the application can be tested. The section which is covered in this test is UI control. The entire functionality of the application is tested including the User Interface.

27) Is there any limit on the MI maps created with the In Coded UI?

There is no defined limit and the users are free to create any number of same. 

28) What is the significance of getting and Set properties in the Coded UI?

They are useful for accessing the UI Map controls with another CS file.

29) What are the steps that you need to follow in order to get the Coded UI test done successfully?

First of all the users have to create a coded UI test project and a test file based on the coded UI is to be added in the same. Next is recording tasks. The users have to record the actions in a proper sequence and the values present in the UI field are to be verified. The users can then view the code-generated post which they can add additional assertions. If required, the next step is to edit the activities. Finally, the users can choose to run the test

30) What exactly is Assertion and where it is used in the Coded UI?

It is basically a statement that is placed in a program to indicate the status of the predicate to the developer. It can be true or it can be false. In case it is false, this is a clear indication that the assertion has failed and this automatically results in the termination of the program. 

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