Commvault vs Veeam

Data management and recovery have become necessary aspects of any industry dealing with sensitive data. In the backup and recovery management space, Commvault and Veeam are fierce competitors. Learn how Commvault and Veeam differ in terms of features and functionality and what makes these data protection technologies unique.

Data storage and recovery have become essential for running a business and ensuring data security. As you know, Commvault and Veeam are two dynamic vendors with a business focus on backup and recovery. Commvault vs Veeam is being compared in this article to see which tool is better.

Let's see these two well-known data management and storage systems to see ideal for your business strategy, data handling power, and security requirements.

Commvault vs Veeam - Table Of Contents

Comparison of Commvault and Veeam

There may be data loss for businesses of all sizes, even if they store their data on-site or in the cloud. It can happen because of hardware failures, user mistakes, and malicious activity, like a ransomware infection, making your computer hard to use. The only way for an organization to ensure its data is safe is to make backups often.

Commvault and Veeam Software are two well-known providers that produce products for businesses that need to back up their data. What makes their products different from each other? This section compares the features and functionality of Commvault and Veeam.

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Commvault vs Veeam Features

Veeam and Commvault are mature, reliable, competent data backup solutions. While many elements are similar across the two items, each has its own features.

Commvault, for example, has native deduplication capabilities and backup choices for Google Cloud, Citrix Xen, and Oracle Cloud.

Veeam, on the other hand, has greater native automation, governance, and compliance options — though some automation functions are only available through Veeam Availability Orchestrator.

Features of Commvault

  • Complete backup and recovery of all files and apps
  • Endpoint data and mailbox protection
  • File and VM archiving
  • Replication and VM live sync
  • Backup operational reporting
  • Hardware snapshot management

Features of Veeam

  • Data loss prevention
  • Scale-out backup repositories
  • Automatic disaster recovery
  • Fast file-level recovery
  • Capacity planning and forecasting
  • Standalone consoles
  • Reporting and monitoring

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Veeam vs Commvault: Pros and cons

The scalability of Commvault and the product's reputation for reliability are its key benefits. Commvault secures Windows, Unix, Linux, Oracle, hypervisors, and applications servers.

The most significant disadvantages of Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery are its deployment difficulty and initial configuration. For example, Commvault HyperScale is required for highly scalable infrastructures, while Commvault Orchestrate is required for most automation operations.

Because Veeam Availability Suite was built from the ground up to protect virtualized environments, Veeam is much easier to set up and operate. It excels at safeguarding VMware and Hyper-V systems while also supporting other hypervisors.

Veeam's software has gotten better-rounded in recent years as it has incorporated physical server and cloud backup features.

The main disadvantage of the Veeam Availability Suite is that it does not protect as many apps as Commvault does.

Commvault vs Veeam: Backup system

Commvault's offerings do not serve smaller businesses. Enterprise customers and cloud providers appear to be the company's main focus.

Veeam's strategy for the backup market is to offer software that caters to different segments. SMBs, medium-sized businesses, and major corporations can all benefit from the company's software. Veeam also provides a free offering for individual use.

Commvault vs Veeam: Availability

Commvault enables active-passive nodes and active-active clusters setup thanks to its server package, workflow engine, and CommServe, which effectively works in sync with Microsoft's high availability cluster.

Even though Veeam used to include this feature in its products, it now primarily lacks it and does not provide this support to any Hardware with low resources.

Veeam vs Commvault: Physical Server Backup

Physical server backups can be done with Commvault. It can also go from physical to virtual and from virtual to physical. The company also backs up physical files to the cloud.

Veeam protects both physical and virtual environments with the same features. Some time ago, the company added support for physical server backups that run on Windows or Linux to its list of things they could do.

Commvault and Veeam: Disaster recovery

Software from Commvault allows for disaster recovery from and to on-premises environments as well as across public and private clouds.

Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery aims to make it possible for critical disaster recovery functions like failback, failover, testing, and reverse protection.

You get disaster recovery and cloud portability when buying Veeam's Availability Suite. There is also a separate product called Veeam Availability Orchestrator that does most of the work for disaster recovery and business continuity that it used to do together.

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Commvault vs Veeam: Customer Support

Commvault has many guides and knowledge base articles that can assist IT professionals in resolving a variety of difficulties. There are four types of support available in Commvault.

  • Standard 
  • Premium
  • Proactive
  • Enterprise

Standard gives support 12 hours a day, five days a week. Premium, Proactive, and Enterprise provide 24/7 support. The Proactive and Enterprise tiers are service-optimized, whereas the Standard and Premium tiers are response-based.

Veeam, like Commvault, offers a wealth of online tools to assist clients in resolving issues. Veeam's support page provides phone service and can file a support ticket. Veeam also incorporates diagnostic capabilities into its solutions and automates the resolution of various problems.

Commvault and Veeam: Pricing

Commvault does not provide pricing information for Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery.

Veeam's Availability Suite is available in 10-licence bundles. Each licence protects a single workload, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Hyper-V, VMware, AWS, Nutanix AHV,cloud-native workloads, Azure, enterprise apps, physical servers, workstations, and network-attached storage are all protected by Veeam.

Both Commvault and Veeam provide a 30-day free trial.

Commvault vs Veeam: Main differences

AgentsTo optimise data protection for file systems, applications, databases, and archives, agents (software modules placed on servers) are used.The first virtual-only offering was agentless, which Veeam touted as a competitive advantage. Agents for the physical server and application-specific security have since been added.
FailoverCommvault Virtual Server Agent (VSA) manages failover and failback for VMware, Hyper-V, Acropolis, Xen, and other virtualization platforms.Veeam Backup & Replication automate VMware and Hyper-V VM failover and failback.
PositioningMassive data centres have the funds and specialized administrators to handle large Commvault deployments; therefore, the enterprise is their sweet spot.Veeam's hyper-availability and cost-effective communications may not be as large as Commvault's, but they are moving the company ahead.
PricingPhysically, this is an enterprise product with a high cost per TB, but virtual pricing is lower.Physical cost per TB is cheaper in the mid-market, but virtual prices are greater, and licencing adds to costs. 

Commvault vs Veeam: Ease of use

Veeam has a user-friendly interface that allows for seamless setup and configuration without considerable technical help. In contrast, Commvault is a little more complicated, and it occasionally necessitates the assistance of a specialized professional.

Veeam vs Commvault Market Share Reports

Veeam and Commvault are two providers who offer more than just a backup in their systems, with capabilities like orchestration and reporting.

Veeam claims to have 4,600 employees and 400,000 customers.

Veeam's Backup for Microsoft Office 365 business, in particular, surged 73% over the year in 2021. Veeam Availability Suite, which comprises Veeam Backup & Replication and the Veeam One IT monitoring tool, has grown by 36% year over year.

Commvault announced recurring revenue of $164.4 million in its quarterly financial report for the fourth quarter of 2021. This accounts for 81 percent of the company's total revenue. Income was $7.62 million higher than expected.

Are there any Alternatives?

Although Veeam may not be your first pick, Veritas Technologies is a viable alternative. It is excellent for having a simple online interface for backing up and restoring data in a virtual environment.

Its main benefit is providing essential industry guidance to help businesses succeed in their respective fields. Finance, manufacturing, and service industries have all embraced it.

Prospects can seek a quote from the provider, even though it is mute on pricing. Before pursuing a quotation, do market research and consider what services your company requires.


Commvault and Veeam are excellent data backup and protection software. 

Small and mid-size firms are unlikely to fully utilize Commvault, better suited for large enterprises with a high volume workload.

Its complexity and the necessity for a professional to handle certain configuration areas may raise operational overhead costs, which small and mid-size businesses may find prohibitively expensive.

Before approaching vendors for products, most small businesses create a budget. Commvault's lack of transparency regarding pricing may put some companies off.

Even with the addition of physical server backup, Veeam would still fall short of Commvault in serving large companies. Same way, Veeam outperforms Commvault when it comes to virtual environment backup.

When considering a disaster recovery investment, you must consider factors other than IT. The development of these talents must be done correctly. A half-baked solution is marginally better than no answer at all.

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