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CyberArk Components

Cybersecurity is crucial for every business in order to safeguard login credentials, privileged accounts, and company secrets. CyberArk is a protective measure with a significant ability to fulfill enterprise cybersecurity concerns. This blog article will go through what cyberark is and its components in detail.

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Security has become an integral part of all types and sizes of industries throughout the world. It is vital to prevent corporate data from falling into the wrong hands or being hacked. Businesses all over the world are implementing modern security solutions and software to avoid ever-changing data breaches and security threats.

CyberArk is a top Privileged Access Management system with significant capabilities for safeguarding and managing an organization's privileged credentials. This blog was developed to provide you a thorough grasp of what CyberArk is, its components, and its benefits. 

CyberArk Components - Table of Content

The following topics will be covered in this blog:

What is CyberArk?

CyberArk is a security tool with a proven track record of meeting organisations' network security needs. CyberArk eliminates the need for extra framework assets or execution for the organisation. Organizations can use the CyberArk device to ensure the security of their confidential documents and certifications in a very efficient manner. +

Why CyberArk?

CyberArk is meant to secure, discover, rotate, and control access to privileged account passwords that are used to access systems in the business IT environment.

You can successfully defend yourself against malware and hacker threats by managing the credentials of all essential accounts using the CyberArk tool. Because it is a highly protective device, CyberArk is used in sectors such as healthcare, financial services, retail, and others.

Components of CyberArk

CyberArk is made up of the following components. They are as follows:

  1. Digital Vault
  2. Password Vault Web Access (PVWA)
  3. Central Policy Manager
  4. Privileged Session Manager
  5. Privileged Session Manager for SSH
  6. Privileged Session Manager for Web
  7. On-Demand Privileges Manager
  8. AD Bridge for NIX
  9. Privileged Threat Analytics
  10. SSH Key Manager
  11. CyberArk Vault Synchronizer
  12. Email notifications
  13. Component Version
  • Digital vault

The Digital Vault is probably the safest place on the network to keep important information. Because it's pre-configured, it's quite simple to use.

  • Password Vault Web Access

This is a web-based application for privileged password management. This component is used to produce new privileged passwords as part of password management. A dashboard is included in the user interface, which allows you to monitor security solution activity. It also has a graphical representation of the managed passwords. 

  • Central Policy Manager

This component replaces old passwords with new ones, changing the old ones automatically. On remote workstations, it also does password verification and reconciliation.

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  • Privileged Session Manager

Privileged Session Manager (PSM) employs Vaulting technology to manage access privileges and give detailed activity audits and video footage of all IT administrator privileged sessions on remote PCs, allowing businesses to safeguard, control, and monitor network device access.

PSM enables users to securely log in to remote computers (target) machines or use a proxy server to access programmes. During the initiated connections on the target systems, the privileged account passwords are never exposed to end-users or their client apps and devices. IT managers can use the PSM architecture to protect sensitive privileged sessions while also enabling efficient and natural workflows.

  • Privileged Session Manager for SSH

This par the benefits of PSM like isolation, management, and monitoring while allowing users to connect to target UNIX systems transparently out of their desktop without disturbing their native workflow.

  • Privileged Session Manager for Web

Administrators of SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and Privileged corporate users usually have limitless access to social media, browser apps, and cloud-based interfaces. Cyber-attacks routinely target extremely privileged users in hybrid and cloud-native environments.

Privileged Session Manager for Web, part of the CyberArk Privileged Access Security solution, provides modern enterprise organisations with a native, coordinated approach to safeguarding access to different cloud platforms, applications, and services while preserving Privileged Session Manager's isolation and monitoring features.

  • On-Demand Privileges Manager

Using Vaulting technology, CyberArk's On-Demand Privileges Manager (OPM) allows businesses to encrypt, restrict, and monitor privileged access to UNIX commands, allowing end-users to conduct super-user duties with their account while keeping the least-privilege notion.

  • AD Bridge for NIX

The CyberArk Privileged Access Security solution works with Microsoft's Active Directory (AD) to provision users on remote UNIX systems, facilitating user administration and lowering administrative overhead. This CyberArk solution includes all of CyberArk's regular security and management features, such as access control and auditing and automatic user provisioning.

Users who identify with passwords can utilise their AD credentials to log onto a UNIX workstation since their user is synced with a particular user in the Vault. Existing groups in AD directories are also immediately synchronised with a Vault group. Users have quick access to UNIX machines based on their AD rights and groups, allowing for a continuous workflow and productivity.

  • Privileged Threat Analytics

The CyberArk Privileged Access Security (PAS) platform's Privileged Threat Analytics component continuously monitors how privileged credentials are used. It also keeps an eye on accounts that CyberArk doesn't maintain as to whether there is anything suspicious.

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  • SSH Key Manager

SSH Keys provides a mechanism to authenticate using a privileged account to a target computer. They are subject to the same dangers, obstacles, exact security requirements, and audit standards.

Furthermore, SSH Keys offer a more significant danger than mismanaged privileged passwords due to the complexity of monitoring and managing them.

  • CyberArk Vault Synchronizer

Thanks to integrating CyberArk's Digital Enterprise Password Vault® (EPV) with Conjur, CyberArk Privileged Account Security now includes DevOps and modern, dynamic environments. CyberArk Vault secrets may now be connected to Conjur and used in DevOps environments like CI/CD pipelines, containerised applications, and cloud platforms, which all benefit from Conjur's clients, APIs, and SDKs.

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  • Email notifications

The Event Notification Engine (ENE) automatically delivers email notifications to preset users concerning Privileged Access Security solution actions. It is installed as a service by default as a component of the Vault server installation.

  • Component Version

Authorized users can verify the most recent iterations of all Privileged Authentication And authorisation components to ensure they have the latest version.

The internal version number is included in the version.

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The Benefits of CyberArk

  • Tracking credentials is simple with CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution. You won't have to keep track of passwords manually. You should simply maintain track of your CyberArk credentials instead. That ought to suffice. CyberArk will handle the rest.
  • There will be less time spent because CyberArk has automatic strong password abilities.
  • There will be no duplication in updating policies since CyberArk allows managers to administer and modify privilege rules for users from a centralised location.
  • CyberArk swiftly manages database credentials and guarantees that any changes are disseminated to all dependent software and systems. As a result, there's a slim chance that processes will fail. Each password change also eliminates the risk of losing money.
  • CyberArk's other benefits include organising and safeguarding all access privileges and SSH keys, regulating access to privileged accounts, implementing and monitoring secret meetings, managing widget and service login information, and enhancing adherence with audit and regulatory requirements seamless integration with enterprise systems.


In this blog post, we went over all of the essential components of CyberArk in great detail. However, in order to be an expert professional in dealing with data risks or any data-related security, cyberark serves as the most important tool for the organisation.

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