Types of Facts in Data Warehouse

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1) Addictive Type:

Measurements in a fact table that can be summed up across all dimensions

Consider the following retail fact table:

Store wise sales

Product wise sales

Daily Sales

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2) Semi Addictive Fact:

Measurements in a fact table that can be summed up across only few dimensions keys Following table is used to record current balance and profit margin for each id at a particular instance of time (Day end)

In the above table we cannot sum up current balance across Acct Id

If we ask balance for Id 21653 we will say that 22000 not 22000+80000

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3) Non addictive fact:

Facts that cannot be summed up across any dimension key

Note: % and ratio columns are non addictive facts

4) Factless fact table:

A fact table without any measures is called factless fact table

  • It contains only keys
  • It acts as bridge between dimension keys
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