Definition of Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing is a relational database which is used to store large volumes of data for analyzing business but not for business transaction processing

A data warehouse is a subject oriented, integrated, non-volatile, time variant database in support of management decision-W.H.Inmon

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Tables in DWH has to be concentrated on the subject

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Ex: Products, Customers, Sales


When we bring data from multiple sources, we need to make sure that the data has to be in a uniform format


Global Data Analysis


In DWH data is for read-only.


To compare business across time

  • Time
  • Year
  • Quarter
  • Month
  • Week
  • Day

Features of Data Warehouse:

  • A DWH is designed to support the decision-making process. Hence it is known as Decision Support System(DSS)
  • It analyzes the business transactions in order to support decision making
  • DWH is a container data
  • DWH is the process of developing a data warehouse
  • DWH is a read-only database because it is designed to read the data for analysis but not for transactional processing
  • DWH is a historical database because it can store historical business information
  • Father of Data warehousing   W.H.Inmon. In 1987, he designed a data warehouse