Generating a Model In Looker

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by Ravindra Savaram
Last modified: September 22nd 2020

Introduction to generating a Model In Looker

This tutorial explains about the steps involved in creating a new manual project and generating a basic model from database.

Before generating a model, ensure you are on Development Mode. Click down Develop in menu and then click on Manage LookML Projects.

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In the Manage LookML Projects, click +New LookML Project.

Select the favourable database connection. If you wish to generate LookML for every table in the database, obey default values otherwise customize values.

Then, click Create Project, as shown below.

Now, the generator creates a model files, view files and Explore for each table in the database.

To query a data, first click Explore and search the model you want to query. Afterwards creating additional data models become easy. Later, configure them for use in Production.


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