This tutorial gives you an overview and talks about the fundamentals of Hyperledger.

Hyperledger Tutorial Introduction

Record keeping has become a supreme need for almost every business in the present time. The fact is things are becoming more and more complex and business owners really don’t need to compromise with efficiency just because of human errors. When it comes to running any organization, the first thing that largely matters is nothing but maintaining the ledger that keeps a record of general transactions and other important tasks. Gone are those days when the ledger was prepared/updated manually. Hyperledger is widely contributing in this matter and has enabled users to simply keep up the pace when it comes to recording the transactions on a network. It is basically an umbrella project that was founded by the Linux Foundation. It is purely based on the open-source blockchains which is one of the best things about it and useful for supporting the collaborative development of distributed ledgers that are based on the blockchain technology. 

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Almost every type of distributed ledger solutions can simply be developed through it. One of the best things about this technology is its security. When it comes to the same, users have no reasons to worry at all. In the ledgers developed through this approach, users are always free to not to worry about the resiliency, scalability, confidentiality, as well as flexibility. Let us explore some important key points about this approach.

11. What is HyperLedger?

It is widely regarded as a collaborative effort which is open-source in nature and has been created for a simple aim and i.e. to enhance the blockchain technologies in the cross-industry. If you think Hyperledger supports crypto currency or bitcoin, you are probably wrong. Many users confuse it with same because it is based on blockchain approach. Blockchain technology is known for its visibility and supreme features

  • One of the facts that no business owner can deny is economic ecosystem is becoming more and more complex in the present time. 
  • No one is able to deal with it reliability until and unless one has the best tools such as HyperLedger available with them. 
  • It is basically an approach that has been designed to support and assure reliable developments of different components related to a digital ledger. 
  • It can simply accommodate complexity and the users can simply make sure that there will be no errors in the future tasks after adopting this technology
  • Because it is an open-source technology, all it needs some expertise to come with results that are purely based on quality and in the way they are required

10. Hyperledger Project

When it comes to smart contract technologies and open source blockchain, it is basically regarded as the umbrella for the same. The Linux Foundations run many projects and Hyperledger is one among the same. This project is a global collaboration that includes some of the well-known leaders in finance, Internet of Things, banking experts, supply chain management professionals, as well as several manufacturing units. One of the primary aims of this project is to make the protocols and developing standards of digital ledgers more and more visible through the joint efforts. Assuring different components for the different users for the development is another thing about this project.

  • With this project, users can always make sure of the storage models in the way they want
  • Factors such as access control, identity management, as well as other contracts can simply be made easy
  • This project is funded by the project members which are divided into the three categories and they are general, premier and associate members
  • Any organization need to apply for the Hyperledger project should first register as a corporate member of Linux Foundation

9. What is Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is basically a well-known platform when it comes to distributed ledger solutions. It is one of the permission infrastructure based on blockchain by the IBM. Some users often view it as the actual digital asset which performs some of the very useful tasks between the nodes and the members accessing the services. All the organizations which are registered as the members can access the ledger data and the other applications. The fabric is purely based on the peer nodes and always makes sure of the endorsed transactions. In addition to this, it also perform a very important task and i.e. to regulate the identities of members and their actual roles.

  • It has a very unique and extensible architecture which basically makes it count among the best available technologies and tools for developing a digital ledger
  • It is not same in terms of features and functionality with the general blockchain solutions which are currently available and are not so popular
  • It is capable to assure that the developed projects are able to be used in the long run 
  • It is useful in many ways for the integrated projects

8. Hyperledger Architecture

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The architecture of Hyperledger project simply follows a design philosophy that is purely based on a modular extensible approach. In addition to this, it makes sure of solutions which are highly secured, interoperability, a reliable API. Some of the important components defining the architecture are spotlighted below

  • For assuring the correct transactions and a totally error-free approach for the blockchain, a consensus layer is present in this approach
  • All the transaction requests and processed and validated by the smart contract layer 
  • The communication layer is the one which is responsible for the peer-to-peer message transport among the nodes that are a part of shared ledger
  • Users can simply make sure of the different data stores through the data store abstraction
  • The crypto abstraction enable all the crypto algorithms to be swapped simply
  • In addition to this, it contains various API, Policy services, as well as Identity services in the architecture that makes Hyperledger one of the best available technology

7. Benefits of Hyperledger

HyperLedger comes with a very large number of benefits and users can simply make sure of the same without doing much. Most of the benefits that can be driven from this approach are having long term validity. In addition to this, organizations can simply save a lot of future cost by adopting this wonderful approach

  • The open-source approach make sure outcomes in the way they are required
  • The transactions are secured and efficiency
  • It is possible to convert the stored data in Hyper ledger into different formats to meet various demands
  • It has rich API’s that makes it simple to implements
  • A diverse array of blockchain needs and projects can be fulfilled simply with this approach

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6. How Hyperledger works?

The working of Hyperledger is not at all a complex approach. It can perform several important tasks which are complex in nature and always make sure of reliability. However, its working is not at all a complex approach.

  • First of all, nodes are provided in the network and are allowed the required permissions.
  • A transaction is created and the same is delivered to the peers which are endorsing in nature
  • The message format and pattern may vary depending on the exact needs
  • An endorsement signature is produced and the peer responsible for the endorsing simulates a transaction
  • Client submitting the same can then collect the endorsement which is further broadcasted through the services concerned
  • The ordering service then delivers a transaction to the peer
  • The policy of the endorsement should be followed
  • Ledgers are then made valid after the checkpoints
  • Data is accessed

5. Hyperledger API

The Hyperledger comes with a rich API that simply makes sure of reliability and proper functionality of the same without compromising with anything. The users can simply make sure that there is no authenticity –related problems which they have to deal with while working on this. The interference of the many important tasks can simply be made easy because of the different API’s present in this technology. These API also make sure that there will be no compatibility-related problems in the approach and one of the best things is there are several features that are available for this. Some of the available API’s in this approach are:

  • CLI
  • Commercial Paper Demo Application
  • Swagger JS Plugin
  • Node.js Application
  • Marbles Demo Application

4. Hyperledger Slack

Pros and cons are common in any approach and the fact cannot be denied that even one of the well-known approaches has some issues related to them. HyperLedger is a good approach that businesses can trust for the long run. However, it is true that it comes with several issues that seem to be very daunting. There is always a compromise that users need to make when it comes to the expectations. Although this is not a huge one, it largely matters. The users might have to compromise with many other tasks that largely matters. Accessing the digital ledger needs a lot of tasks to be performed with reliability and care. In addition to this, users have to bear challenges that can only be resolved through experts.

  • Hyperledger currently have a lot of skill shortage and this is because it is a recently introduced approach
  • Many errors have been reported. Although they are basic in nature, functionality can get affected upto a good extent
  • Hyperledger is currently not compatible with all the existing technologies
  • Many tasks are slow and time-consuming which make this approach not very beneficial for all the blockchain related tasks accomplishment
  • Hyperledger is a technology that is vast and needs time for learning

3. Hyperledger Blockchain

The Blockchain is one among those technologies that spread widely in a short span of time. It was launched in the year 2008 and because it is related to the bitcoin, many users think that the Hyperledger is also related to the same. Well, the fact is Hyperledger is based on blockchain and it doesn’t have any application with the bitcoin. The blockchain is alike a public ledger and the fact is all the information remains available on the blockchain publicly. Although the identity of the source is not known, the users can always simply make sure of transparent transactions in a very reliable manner.

  • Because Hyperledger is a blockchain-based concept, it is possible for the users to write entries in the record without actually modifying all the information already present
  • The information updating and amendment principles always make sure that modifications/changes are made in the recommended manner only
  • The entries can be allotted to the multiple users which is necessary in case of a ledger which organizations have to maintain simply
  • The information on the centralized server always remain safe even when multiple users are accessing the same
  • The blockchain is like Google docs and this is one of the leading reasons why users can always make sure of a reliable work environment with the Hyperledger

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2. Hyperledger Fabric Docker

There are many small-scale applications which are required in the Hyperledger. This is because different organizations have different needs and the task varies largely. With the Hyperledger fabric docker, it is possible to develop applications that are not just reliable but are very effective in performing a very large number of important tasks. 

  • A lot of development related tasks can simply be accelerated in the docker environent
  • The factor such as composing single application with multiple components is a task that can simply be accomplished because of no other reason than the Hyperledger Fabric docker
  • The container images always make sure of the transparency and the users are always free to get results which are far beyond their imagination
  • Because applications along with their dependencies can simply be packed in a  container, users can simply enhance the procedures and practices 
  • HyperLedger Fabric Docker cut down the dependencies on the libraries which always make sure that the tasks are performed with the independent variables. The same make sure of faster operations in the modules.

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So this is all about the HyperLedger technology. Although it is a new project by the Linux Foundations, it has got a lot of popularity in a short time period. IT simply let organizations to have a digital ledger which is free from all the bugs and can simply be considered for the long run. The users can also make sure of reliability in the modular identity services with this approach.