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Amidst the Blockchain Technology, another version has emerged and i.e. IOTA (otherwise, called as, Tangle). IOTA makes businesses explore enterprise models, in real-time, in the open market.

IOTA is an innovative technology that works as a backbone of IoT. Its field of application is set in the IoT. This technology is one of its kind with decentralization and quantum resistance for all IoT devices.

The main innovation behind IOTA is Tangle. Tangle is a third-generation Blockchain Technology. It is a block less, scalable, light-weight, distributed ledger. It is a decentralized, self-regulating, peer-to-peer network. It transfers value at zero fees.

IOTA has zero mining, no difficulty, no blocks and no transaction fee.                                              

Its application field is set in:


Machine-to-machine communication,

Sensor Technology,

Adaptive Systems,


Features of Tangle:

It is a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG).

It is just like a web, with zero blocks.

Each web consists of different nodes, which work in-depth.

Each node carries a weight.

Limitless scalability and data growth.

Less prone to attacks and forks.


Uncharted areas

A Global Network

Connections into vital infrastructures

Data and Settlement Layer

Relies on decentralization

Data Actuality

Temper Proof Algorithms

IOTA can execute generalized smart contracts.

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