Most In-demand Technologies To Upskill Your Career

Constant upskilling is the new normal for anyone hoping to stay relevant in the ever-changing IT world. This blog talks in length about six in-demand technologies you can develop to upskill your career and impress employers.

As we move towards the dawning of the new professional year, a number of the IT and tech-based innovations begin to emerge from the digital world.

A mix of digital concepts and advancements of current trends and innovations will tremendously impact how we work in 2023. So, what technologies are gaining more traction? What are the most important trends that tech professionals should be prepared for?

To help you out, here’s a detailed rundown of the top 6 technologies that will be shaping our digital world in the next 12 months.

6 In Demand Technologies To Upskill Your Career

Here Is The List of Best Technologies To Learn

Technologies To Upskill Your Career in 2023

Read on for the hot, most in-demand technologies you should follow in 2023.

Upskill #1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is one of the most transformative technologies today and will continue to explode in 2023. 

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in robots to act and think like humans. One of the key trends in the AI world is Machine Learning. It's also being deployed in almost all industries, making it a worthwhile skill for AI professionals.

No-code AI or low code, with its accessible drag-and-drop interfaces, will allow any business to leverage its power to create more intelligent services and solutions.

We’re already witnessing this trend from banking to smartphones.  With this trend across various sectors, we can expect more new jobs in development, programming, testing and many more. According to the World Economic Forum, nearly 97 million new jobs will be created in AI by 2025.

On the other hand, AI jobs offer impressive median salaries of up to $1,06,868 in the US, as per Glassdoor. This makes AI be leading technology both now and in the future!

With so many advancements in AI, the global market size is projected to reach USD 1394.30 billion by 2029, as per Fortune Business Insights. This drastic increase will provide a wealth of opportunities in various sectors now and in the foreseeable future.

Some popular AI job roles include AI researcher, data scientist, machine learning engineer, and deep learning engineer. If you are looking to become an expert in the AI field, you need to possess knowledge in Python programming, mathematics, deep learning, and machine learning.

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Upskill #2. Metaverse

Metaverse Metaverse is the word of the moment - referring to online, persistent virtual environments; companies like Facebook and Microsoft believe it to be the next step in the evolution of the internet.

Experts predict that the metaverse will add $5 trillion to the global economy by 2030, and 2023 will be the year that defines the direction of the metaverse for the next decade.

Metaverse platforms Sandbox and Decentraland are attracting big names from the world of business and entertainment, with the price of virtual land skyrocketing with sales exceeding $500 million in 2021. This indicates that there will be more demand for knowledgeable metaverse engineers, architects, visionaries, and marketers. Those who will be in charge of building whatever it eventually becomes!

Big companies like Microsoft, Nvidia, and more are already developing metaverse platforms for collaborating on digital projects. The fields of virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) will keep developing further. One thing to keep an eye on in 2023 is the work in the metaverse.

According to a report, Facebook will use the metaverse to create 10,000 new jobs over the next five years. The entire world is getting ready for the Metaverse. Are you?

Upskill #3. Progress in Web3

Web 3.0 Web3, which is now the most hyped term in the technology sector, is said to be the internet of the future. Why? The rumored transition into a new version of the internet would affect how users would interact with the internet. People will have total control over their data and privacy on the internet, allowing businesses to use it for profit. Blockchain technology will make this possible.

Web 3.0 will speed the fair and transparent usage of user data, from customized search results to cross-platform development tools and 3D graphics; the web will expand in scope and become more captivating in the coming years. By 2026, it is expected that there will be a $67.4 billion market for web3.

There is currently a significant demand for career prospects in web 3.0, which may be largely attributed to the growth of web 3.0 projects.

According to a report from LinkedIn, within a year, the number of web3-related job roles in the crypto industry increased by 395 percent. Additionally, compared to traditional tech roles, the starting salary for web3 is significantly higher.

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Upskill #4. Fifth Generation 5G

5G The fifth generation of cellular network standards, or 5G, is the most recent advancement in mobile technology. It is the most modern mobile operating system, and it stands out for having greater internet speeds for mobile devices, faster data rates, and low-latency connectivity.

Users of mobile devices will benefit from the 5G technology's tremendous speeds and data density. The advent of 5G is expected to revolutionize mobile technology.

According to a landmark 5G Economy study, by 2035, the full economic effect of 5G will likely be experienced globally, supporting a variety of businesses and potentially enabling up to $13.1 trillion in services and goods.

Compared to prior network generations, this impact is significantly bigger. Beyond the usual mobile networking companies, industries like the automobile industry are also being included in the development requirements for the new 5G network.

By 2025, more than 1.7 billion users will be using the 5g network. The study also found that the 5G value chain, which includes content curators, app developers, OEMs, operators, and more, could generate up to 22.8 million jobs.
Some key participants in the 5g infrastructure field include Samsung, Nokia, Cisco, and more.

Upskill #5. Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing The development of quantum computing at scale is currently the focus of a global race. We can expect computers to operate a trillion times faster than the fastest regular processors on the market by using quantum computing. This technical advancement uses subatomic particles to generate new ways of processing and storing information.

The race to develop the tools for quantum computing is being fought by known brands like Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Intel. To make a mark in this technology, you must possess programming, mathematics, mechanics, algorithms, and scientific computing skills.

According to reports, the quantum computing market is anticipated to grow from around $507.1 million in 2019 to over $64.98 billion by 2030.

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Upskill #6. CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity Demand for professionals with the knowledge and skills to recognize, mitigate, and stop cyberattacks is at an all-time high. And it's likely to keep growing in the foreseeable future.

Cyber security is a discipline that focuses on protecting digital systems and services against malicious actors, including spammers, hackers, and cybercriminals. Cybercrime Magazine predicts that by 2025, the global cost of cybercrime will reach $10.5 trillion! In addition, during the next four years, the cost of cybercrime is expected to increase globally by about 15% annually.

It is necessary for both organizations and individual IT professionals to fundamentally alter how they approach cybersecurity to maintain the appropriate security posture as cyber threats are becoming more pervasive and increasing exponentially.

Companies are willing to pay high salaries for qualified cybersecurity specialists. As a result, upskilling in cybersecurity may be the smartest investment you can make right now.

In the United States, a cyber security engineer makes an average annual pay of $1,06,411. Top companies that recruit cybersecurity specialists regularly include Deloitte, Paypal, AT&T, IBM, Oracle, and Apple.

If there was ever a good time to work in cybersecurity, it is now.

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The above-listed six technologies offer excellent job prospects now and for the foreseeable future, despite technologies continuously developing and advancing around us. The majority of these emerging technologies also welcome skilled professionals, now is the perfect time for you to choose one of them and get trained to position yourself for success both now and in the future.

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