Artificial Intelligence Revolution

With time science has reached its zenith. The evolution of technology has made our life easier. If you travel back to few centuries before then we cannot find any kind of technological advancement and people were fully dependent on manpower. With growing years, the best invention happened, that is the invention of machines or the computer. Few years after the invention the growth began to flourish exponentially. With time, the big machines have reduced their size and increased their speed or capability. Now the human race is completely dependent on this artificial intelligence. So here a question comes why are we dependent on artificial intelligence? The different branches of science are working out to create a machine or computer that will have the capability and brain strength of human beings. And now they have made quite an advanced technology that made artificial Intelligence more intelligent than humans.

What is AI?

The father of this artificial intelligence is John McCarthy. It combines science with engineering and delivers a machine that is very much intelligent and they are actually computer programs.  

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We have watched many movies or shows where we see how scientist develops robot or machines that are capable of working more efficiently than the human. So artificial intelligence is also a making-of computer or says robots that are controlled by a computer or developing software that can think more intelligently just that of a human being.

To develop an artificial intelligence you need to study on human brains and note down how it works and reacts to every situation. How perfectly it takes the decision or solve problems and then develop a technology that can do the same but using algorithms or programs.

How did it begin?

After the creation of computers people are quite surprised by the wonders, it can do. So they began to research more to see if the machines have the capability to work, behave and think like humans. So, here the development began to make the machines smarter than humans.

What were the goals?

  • To create a system that can learn, have intelligent behavior, explain, demonstrate and advise their users.  
  • To make a system capable of learning, thinking and be similar to humans.
  • The field that is related to artificial intelligence is biology, computer science, psychology, mathematics, engineering, and linguistics. The main objective of an AI is to develop computer functions which can perform reasoning, problem-solving and learn like that of humans.

Applications of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has now dominated many fields.  And some of them includes-

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Processing of natural language: With the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence can now understand the language that is spoken by the humans.

Gaming: It has a major role in many strategic games like poker, tic-tac-toe, chess etc where the computer can easily check the number of possible ways to let the opponent using their heuristic knowledge.

Vision system: Here the computer reads the visual input and provided the required output. It is used in spying airplanes where the airplanes capture photographs to figure out the maps or spatial information about a particular area. Doctors also use them to check the internal system of their patients. Police use them to match the face of the criminal with the pictures that have been made and stored in the machine.

Speech recognition: Computers can now easily understand the speech of a person and it can also type them in the text part. It has the capability of hearing as well as comprehending into sentences. It can easily understand background noises, different accents, change in voice etc.

Recognising handwriting: The computers can now easily recognize what is written on a paper as then convert it to an editable text.

Intelligent robots: This is the most advanced creation of AI. It can perform tasks which is given by any human. They can easily detect or sense any sort of heat, movement, light, temperature, pressure or sound. They are made using good processors, huge memory, multiple sensors etc. And they have the ability to adapt itself to a new environment so they can easily detect their mistake and rectify it.

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Artificial Intelligence

Types of artificial intelligence

There are several types of intelligence as we know from American psychologist Howard Gardner.

There are four types of artificial intelligence:

1. Weak AI: This is mainly a no-sentient type of machine language that mainly focuses on narrow tasks. Most of the artificial intelligence present now are of this type. The great example of this intelligence is Siri. According to many, weak AI is quite dangerous.  

2. Strong AI: It is a sentient machine which means consciousness with a mind. It is also termed as true AI.

3. Artificial General Intelligence: This is as smart as a human as it has the capability of focusing on many problems at the same time rather than one problem. The primary motive or AGI is to perform research and other future studies or science fictions. This is also a type of strong AI. This kind of machines is capable to experience any sort of consciousness.

4. Superintelligence: This kind of intelligence can easily surpass the brightest and the most gifted brains of a human. This kind of system can easily solve many problems.

Concept of Artificial Intelligence

With time the technology with evolve more and it will gain a position where the artificial intelligence will bring wonder to the world. It will be smarter than humans. Whether we talk about robots or software, it will achieve a place where the work of humans will get diminished. In many factories or places, people are using Artificial intelligence to gain better results. It has brought a huge revolution in the lives of the people of the 21st century and we can further conclude that it will show exponential growth in the coming 100 years. It was humans who created the concept of artificial intelligence. In many movies, we can see how capable artificial intelligence can get to replace humans. We can also see an artificial intelligence dominated the world in the near future.

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