Top 5 Reasons why you should learn Artificial Intelligence


It is named the “Sexiest Job of the Century” It helps you earn dollars. It opens a world of opportunities. Absolutely! You agree and you are aware of all these advantages of learning Artificial Intelligence. But AI is beyond and ahead in every niche, it has stepped in. We are in an age where call Alexa/Google/Siri more than we call out our friends or family. Artificial Intelligence is no longer limited to science-fiction movies or shows. It is all around. 

It is the Gmail reply prompter, Amazon purchase recommendations, Spotify music suggestions, auto appointment booking for your next haircut, and of course, our precious AI assistants. That’s the thing about AI. It analyses your earlier playlist at different timelines, your browsing history, previous orders, the places you have been, and much more to derive behavioral models. If you are someone who wants to learn the nit and grit of Artificial Intelligence, let us tell you. It is not going to be a “cakewalk” but if you are passionate and consistent, the future welcomes you!. Let's have a look at the Top 5 Reasons why learn Artificial Intelligence.

This is the most happening topic in the world right now and each and every business is trying to implement Artificial Intelligence in their process in some other way.

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Well if you are not aware of what AI means, then nothing to worry about, it is not rocket science:

Top 5 Reasons to learn Artificial Intelligence.

Following pointers will be covered in this article:

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is nothing but an area of computer science where it gives out the importance of a process where intelligent machines can be built in such a way that they react like humans.

The process involved in building up smart machines or intelligent machines is to support the decision-making process which is completely analyzed based on the data that is available within an organization. It is the same way humans synthesize the information and provide an appropriate decision. But in this case, the decision-making is done by analyzing tons of data that is gathered.

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Why you should Learn Artificial Intelligence

Using the combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and deep learning is going to be very useful because they are adding a lot of value to the current process and also providing a thoughtful path for individuals to move forward.

Below are the few top 5 reasons where Artificial Intelligence is already in usage and has proven to be more helpful in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

#1. The Skill of the Century

Not year, not decade, a century! It is often heard that AI is all set to replace a lot of jobs that humans do. True! But it is also creating more than 130 million roles in all major sectors. So, in order to be a part of the group, you need to be a part of this transformation. Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies making its mark in every industry ranging from fashion to finance. In fact, AI jobs account for an average of 18% of jobs in most companies. 

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Even SMEs have their customized websites with unusual user experience cause it is the need of the hour. The fleet usage of mobiles and the internet has opened gateways for the customers to get information without visiting the store. It is possible via chatbots(customer support). An automated computer program that engages/interacts with the website visitors’ like a human and costs one little to nothing. The major reason the organization turning towards chatbots is that they are active and live 24*7 across the globe. Any chatbot responses would be based on the information fed to it and the content available on the website. 

If you get updated with the contemporary tech news, odds are you identify the concept of self-driving cars. Ever been in a breathtaking situation when the driver lost a little bit of control of the vehicle? Imagine what it feels like to travel without a driver at all. Scary? Not anymore. The Automobile Industry has already designed such cars that are enjoying test rides. But the talk of the town is “self-driving” are going to hit the roads sooner than we expected. For now, let us just wait and watch. 

Smart home devices are now changing our home environment based on our preferences. These machine learning and artificial intelligence build devices can change the temperature, dim or brighten lights, maximize home security, etcetera.

The Automobile Industry, Music Recommendations, Smart Home Devices, Online Customer Support, Security Surveillance, Retail, and Healthcare are just a few industries to name. We told ya, it is everywhere. 

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#3. Data, Data, More Data

We, humans, generate more than 2.5 quintillion bytes every single freaking day. Can you believe that? We collect from what we consume when we see, how we communicate. We feed the collected data to machine learning algorithms to retrieve a behavioral pattern a.k.a some sort of information about consumers. Information that could transform as insights. Therefore, companies are literally running towards AI in the hope to make more sales and win the race ultimately. 

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#4. Big Bright Career

Pursuing a career in Artificial Intelligence not only grants you a fat paycheck but a great pool of opportunities too. The average pay scale of an AI professional varies from $100,000 to $150,000 in States and 15 lakhs in India. If you learn Artificial Intelligence, you could be a Machine Learning Engineer, Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer,  Research Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, and Data Scientist. Some of the big heads that hire AI candidates are Google, Amazon, Nokia, and Microsoft. 

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#5. AI is versatile

As cliche as it sounds, artificial intelligence has got everything in the bag to stand out from the crowd. The mere mention of artificial intelligence draws our minds to either computer or space-related industries. But AI also has a major role in industries like banking, healthcare, security, mobile, fraud detection, clothing, and much more. For instance, Virtual Health Assistants(VSA) can help patients ensure they are on their prescribed medication, recommend preventive screenings, suggest the basic health treatments, and even provide appropriate diet recipes according to one’s illness history and medications. Could this be any more exciting?


We can go on with the reasons to learn Artificial Intelligence but the list is endless as so are the pool of opportunities it brings in. So don’t wait! Artificial Intelligence is still growing and it only gets better as it offers many competitive benefits in all sectors of business. 

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