Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has occupied its own space in every field of Science and Technology and beyond. What comes to question is if artificial intelligence will end up replacing humans in the workplace. Or will they go onto thrash humanity once and for all? A lot of other thoughts on AI are prevailing among all people. This is why we fail to see that it is a double-edged sword. It all depends on which edge we choose. With the right usage of AI, it can never turn evil. This article will talk about the Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence.

Here’s a list of the top 9 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence:

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About Artificial Intelligence

Let us now have a look at AI to have a better understanding. How is it possible that you get a quick response from Siri or your Google Assistant? This has become possible by the expanding technology that we call "Artificial Intelligence". Now, what does "Artificial Intelligence" mean? Reasoning, Problem- Solving, Perception and Analyzing, Features and relationships between objects, and understanding Language with rules and syntax all put together is what we call natural intelligence. By AI, we refer to the machines that are integrated with these intelligence features. John Mccarthy coined the term. But it was the paper, "Computing Machinery and Intelligence", by Alan Turing in 1950 that gave scope to the field of AI.

It all began with his Turing test in which a man and a machine were interrogated. The interrogator had no idea of which response came from which participant. If the interrogator couldn't differentiate the response of the machine, the machine cleared the test. To put it in simple words, it was more like what we now know as the CAPTCHA test.

But even after a lot of research, no machine has ever passed the Turing Test. Although there is software that is capable of defeating humans in some open-ended games, there is still a long way to go to make the expert systems behave as commonly as humans do. 

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You might have seen that your pets respond to some of your words and signs. They observe our actions, understand, remember, retain it and make a pattern for the future to return. This is precisely what the scientist expected from AI. Initially, a reliable computer-based system that was capable of making decisions to give solutions to problems by using facts and heuristics. In recent days, a massive amount of data of quick, iterative processing, and intelligent algorithms is fused with AI to automatically impart the machine, letting it form data patterns and features. 

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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has taken the field of Science, Economics, Law, and many more to greater heights. Here is what AI has benefitted in different areas.

#1. Space Exploration

Artificial Intelligence has paved the way to gather a lot of data through space exploration. It wouldn't have happened with just human intelligence. With AI, it is possible to analyze the data, which in turn may help researchers to find if life can exist in other planets. 

AI has helped the rovers to come to decisions without receiving any commands from mission control. For example, NASA has made it possible for rovers to roam around Mars without getting hit by any obstacles. This way, it can even determine the best path for traveling.

Machine Learning decodes the images sent as data for analysis. Machine Learning can prove to be a solution for detecting storm damage, measuring of the atmosphere, and determining a planet's space weather. With the same technique, it is also possible to make discoveries in space and identify appropriate landing sites on planets.

Machine learning is a component of AI because of which SpaceX Falcon 9 landed successfully at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in 2015. Machine Learning is made possible by finding the best way of rocket landing.

AI can also analyze the images of planets telling us the topography and the historical importance of the planets. 

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To facilitate smooth automatic landing Deep Learning which is another subset of AI can be used. Deep Learning can be integrated into intelligent decision-making and fully automated systems.

Artificial Intelligence has paved the way for the development of independent, self-sufficient, and autonomous spacecraft that are becoming the need of the new generation. These spacecraft will be made to find out different things and transmit information back to Earth.

AI does the optimization of planetary tracking systems. AI is also capable of eliminating human errors and the risk concerned with those errors. 

#2. Healthcare Systems

AI in healthcare systems involves complex algorithms and methods. AI has made it easier for clinicians and patients to read the data with its smart algorithm. It can even identify patterns that are not visible to human eyes while processing the data. A glucometer is a perfect example of this. They can tell if the glucose level is increasing or getting reduced and send notifications to alert the users.

Diagnosis will require a large amount of data. AI makes it easier for processing these data. For example, metastatic cancers are sometimes impossible to diagnose. But with devices integrated with AI and algorithms which can identify patterns in the data can become useful for such diagnoses. AI has made it possible to detect even micrometastases with 99% accuracy. And so detection at an earlier stage may lead to better health with appropriate treatment.

The invention of DSP-1181 which is a molecule of the drug used to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder was possible with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. Many more such molecules can be invented, and the drug-drug interaction can be predicted as well with developments in natural language processing which in turn led to the creation of algorithms for the purpose.

#3. Digital Marketing

Machine Learning has been a prominent subset of AI in Digital Marketing. Machine Learning is more about programs that can avail data and use it for learning. And this is why Google can advertise depending on the reviews that we gave or the products we searched for on an online site. Machine learning makes AI deliver content that resonates with the user.

Smart Advertising is a compelling need for expanding your business. AI lets you do this by advertising your business via compelling ads at peak times.

AI offers you to provide 24/7 customer service. It can respond to customers when any frequently asked question pops up, so you don't have to answer the same question every time a customer shoots it.

AI can replace marketing agents, thus reducing the cost of marketing while giving you the best ROI. 

AI can predict your new customers' needs by analyzing the journey of the customers you had early. It can even send personalized messages advertising your business to potential customers as well. 

AI is capable of deciding the content to be created, and it can deliver the same at the right time to the people, thus reducing the burden of content management.

#4. Production & Manufacturing

AI enables full-day production because machines have no biological cycle, and they do not have to eat food or sleep by themselves. Production capability increases with the introduction of robots because they replace human beings by doing tedious work in a shorter time. They are efficient in material picking and assembly line.

Human errors may pave the way for hazardous accidents and thus, injuries. Some may be life-threatening. AI and robots avoid these. They replace humans in accident-prone workplaces to ensure that no human worker gets hurt while at work. Apart from this, AI is also integrated into the safety guards and barriers for further safety.

AI can reduce the cost of operations. The installation may cost you high, but it is still cost-efficient because when smart machines take over the regular daily activities on a factory floor, the operation costs get reduced. AI will also help to reduce machine downtime with its capability to predict and maintain.

AI, when fused with machine learning, can predict information, filter process, and track the components from the source to the finished product. RFID tracking aids AI in this case in which when the material to be tracked undergoes a physical process. For example, the component to be followed should go through barcode reading.

AI learns to predict the malfunctioning of equipment or a machine by tracking the performance and operating conditions. This will help the quality control team very much in predictive maintenance, and thus the possibility of encountering machine downtime is eliminated.

Besides, AI quickens the routine processes in quality checking without compromising the accuracy of the characteristic features of the materials under check.

#5. AI Real-life Examples 

One good example is the filtering feature in Gmail. The emails you receive are categorized under Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums, and Spam. About 99% of spam messages are automatically put under the spam folder, making it possible for crucial emails not to go unnoticed. 

Games with computers or bots as opponents are possible with AI. With the right algorithm and programming, they are capable of competing with you in-game like a real human would do.

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#6. Transportation

Autonomous cars are becoming the interest of researchers. This is possible with AI, which will halt the vehicle when it senses any obstacles in proximity. This might even reduce accidents.

Some companies use autonomous trucks in mines where humans can't reach due to reasons of hazards or insufficient oxygen. AI has made it possible, and the operator can control the vehicles sitting in his cabin. 

AI comes into use, suggesting people's routes so that they don't get stuck in traffic while on the way to a prominent place. And so AI has helped in traffic management.

With AI, it is possible to detect if the driver is drunk or using his mobile phone and send alerts. 

#7. Education 

AI-based applications make it possible for students to learn new things anytime. Some systems are programmed in a way to recognize the pattern of students' performance and suggest courses based on it. For example, Coursera can alert the tutor if a question has been answered wrongly for a lot of time so that the tutor can concentrate on that particular part to give more insights. 

AI enables virtual mentors that can follow the progress of the students. Gamification of the subjects with AI engages students in a better manner. 

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It has also helped parents to find the best tutors for their kids.

Voice assistant is an outcome of AI which can answer common questions in educational platforms. For example, Amazon's Alexa is keeping track of the student's schedules and gives answers to commonly asked questions at Arizona State University.

#8. Ecommerce

AI has brought virtual assistants that can respond to multiple customers who come up with frequently answered questions so that you don't have to keep telling the same thing over and over again to different people. This has indeed made 24/7 customer service possible.

AI can display product recommendations, deals, offers, and advertisements on the screens of potential customers depending on their history of purchase or chase. 

AI has increased the efficiency of sales by making inquiries on an abandoned cart and by targeting potential customers.

#9. Environment Protection

One good example, to begin with, is the Footprint Identification Technology which is being used by Wildtrack to identify, monitor, and track animals. This feature can even keep them protected from any threats.

By monitoring and reducing the level of energy and water consumption, AI has made it possible to conserve resources.

Weather prediction is made more accurately with AI. 

AI can even give alerts on the increased level of carbon in the atmosphere.

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AI is replacing humans, and nobody can deny this fact. But this cannot be the reason for unemployment. Indeed, AI itself has got a better scope in which humans can do more exploration. AI marks its usage in places where human intervention is either not possible or time-consuming. Nobody to make ample profits would want their time to be wasted when there is a quicker choice for overcoming the problems. There is a common thought that AI is solely concerned with robots, and it is just a myth. You don't need a robot for AI; you just need an internet connection because that is how AI has evolved, from the "Age of the Internet" to the "Age of AI". We hope that this article has served its purpose of taking you through AI and its benefits.

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