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SAP ECM Interview Questions

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If you're looking for SAP ECM Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the right place. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research SAP, ECM has a market share of about 0.2%.

So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career as SAP ECM Manager. Mindmajix offers Advanced SAP ECM Interview Questions 2024 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire your dream career as SAP ECM Developer.

Best SAP ECM Interview Questions and Answers 

1) Define processing class. Why and where they should be utilized?

The characteristic of the wage type determines how the processing should be conducted during a payroll run.

2) Define the evolution path. Why and where we should use them?

The chain of the relationships between the objects in the hierarchical structure. For instance, O-S-P, i.e., Organization->Position->Person.

3) Define the Internal Payroll Process.

The payroll process is executed at a precise time point for calculating the employees’ basic wage and also additional payments such as incentives, overtime payments, and other bonuses which must be put in effect for the specific time of period.

4) Define pay scale structure and how to configure it.

Payscale structure means the creation of the Payroll area, group, area, Payscale, and the different levels of the EmpSub group that are used for grouping the PCRE and the caps.

5) Define the procedure that is used for importing payscale data from the non-SAP to SAP.

For transferring payroll data from Non-Sap to Sap, a transaction code will be needed for moving the data. 

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6) Define the procedure which can be used for allocating two different types of computer codes to two different people at the same time.

Technically it is just next to impossible to allocate two different personnel numbers to a person. The possible solution is providing the person with two different Personnel ID Numbers with the same amount and then creating an Invoice.

7) Define Schema.

Schema is the set of programs that are modified as per the requirements of the clients, and they are processed for collecting the data from all the elaborated instructions combined with the subschemas and the PCRs.

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8)  How could data be restricted from entering the payroll area?

First of all, no data enters the Payroll area. Their structure of pay scale defines the employees of the company. If there is any restriction while entering the data for the pay structure, the indirect payroll is responsible for that.

9) Clarify the employment of the straightforward support interface.

Straightforward Maintenance is utilized when assignments of staff and announcing structure are altered. Three primary zones are there in Simple Maintenance. Every zone contains specific upkeep capacities, contingent upon whether you need to alter the hierarchical structure, undertaking profiles, or staff assignments. For Organizational Management clients, Simple Maintenance is most excellent for building up the essential structure in hierarchical arrangement improvement.

For the finish, nitty-gritty altering of individual authoritative protests in your hierarchical arrangement (altering specific positions or reliable units, for instance), we prescribe that you change to Infotype Maintenance. Basic support utilizes a tree structure, which enables you to make a fundamental system for authoritative plans, using streamlined strategies. Along these lines, we can make reliable and detailed structures well ordered.

10) Define utilization in the INFO GROUP.

The info type gathering (normally known as info group) ensures that amid the workforce activity, all data required for the business forms are put away. The info group is prepared when you play out a workforce activity.

1. An info group exists in the standard framework for each workforce activity composes.
2. For Customizing the Personnel Administration, one might change the form of the different info groups to the necessities of your organization.
3. You can characterize info groups as clients gather subordinates. Info groups are utilized as a part of Personnel Actions to describe an arrangement of the following info types that you would use while playing out an activity. For instance, when you procure, you would need to utilize IT0000, 0001, 0002,0006,0007,0008, and so forth in an arrangement in a specific request. To characterize an Info group that has all these info types, their demand for execution, and the client bunches it is material for. At that point, you allow this info group to the activity that you had characterized.

11) Define Dynamic Actions.  Provide a couple of illustrations. What is utilized as a part of them?

Dynamic activities are the one which is activated by the framework. They are an aftereffect of some workforce activity. On the off chance that you roll out an improvement (faculty activity) to the workforce information of information compose that at that point affects the info of a moment data write, the framework consequently shows the data write. One of the fundamental reasons for the dynamic activity (of the frame) is to have predictable and lucid information.

These activities are begun naturally by the framework, not at all like the Personnel activities which you begin independent from anyone else. The best case is the point at which you complete an activity let's say enlisting; you have to populate an arrangement of data writes. Your underlying section of subtle elements in info type 0000 is staff activity. When you accomplish this framework naturally, it shows next info types-which is a consequence of the dynamic activity

12) Define Recruitment Cycle.

It is the entire procedure of enrolment ideal from distinguishing the opening showing the same, advising them, welcoming the candidates, screening the candidates, talking with them, choosing them, and selecting them and designating them(giving an authoritative position in the association—all propositions forms constitute the enlistment cycles.

13) What is IT 41 utilized for? How to default IT 41?

Date Specifications (Info compose 0041). The accompanying data is stored in the Date Specifications information form (0041). The Date write indicates the kind of data. A solid Date composes (shown by the client) is utilized as a part of a progression of reports, for instance, to assess a passage date that can't be gotten from the hierarchical task history however which is put away in the Date Specifications data type(0041).

This data can be utilized as a part of finance and also for such programs. The benchmarking framework contains twelve mixes of Date compose and Date. On the off chance that you require in excess of twelve date determinations for a representative in the meantime, you can utilize time limitation 3.

14) Assume the customer needs the opening to be shown on a site and in addition ESS. What is a good idea to do it?

Worker Self-Service allows representatives to make, show, and modify their HR-related information in the Enterprise Portal. For the most part, it is identified with advantages and expenses, time of work, profession and job, worker search, personal data, travel managing, corporate info, and events of life and work.

Thus, the sort of information the representatives can alter, change or erase contingent on the approvals the workers (clients and parts) have. The permission to approach the opportunities by workers is given, for the most part; the opening will be shown for every one of the representatives, i.e., every one of the workers will have approvals.

15) Define internal recruitment.

Internal recruitment means the search for in-house applicants. When they are integrated with personal development, they can be used for finding the matched profile which helps in searching for the resources internally. In the recruitments process, the P portrays a person while the AP represents the external person.

16) Define the common problems which are faced during the result posting for the FICO.

While posting results for the FICO, the most common problem faced is the mismatching of the amount that gets published.

17) Define the controlling area. What are the main functions of the controlling area and how they are assigned?

The controlling area is under the FI of a person who aids to set the costing purposes which are based on the fiscal variants of a set.

18) Define the reason for generating symbolic a/c and the transaction code used for it. Can a symbolic a/c be assigned for the multiple kinds of wages?

The purpose for creating symbolic a/c depends upon the type of payroll that is required for creating salary on a similar expense account and much more.

19) What is the part of a manager in PA?

It is to confine the right to use to Personnel organization because of PA/PSA. The manager goes over for Personnel administration, Time administration, and Payroll in SAP. Every administrator is accountable for every individual action. You will receive the name of the head in the compensation slip so the worker for any elucidation he can meet the dependable executive (acquired via payslip).  This administrator (is made in PA of PM) is in charge of enlistment.

20) How to gather representatives for their remittances in finance?

Go to essential compensation of India in Payroll India and gather the representative initially relying upon the stipends. This is connected to differentiating the representatives into bunches building upon their compensation structures.

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21) How are finance and Time management coordinated?

Payroll and TM MGMT are coordinated like time information gathered from the data composing 0007. These hours are calculated in fundamental like the Number of hours used, and also with time assessment and lastly, with diagrams reconciliation. X000 blueprint conveys xt00, and this information can be transmitted between different modules.

22) What are other modules coordinated with OM?

OM contains every one of the units that should be incorporated, depending on the customer's necessity. As OM-PA, OM - RECT, OM-BENEFITS, OM-TRAINING, and EVENT MGMT, OM – PD AND OTHERS.




23) In TM if the gathering of workers gets ten days of yearly leave, what is the status of the time assessment?

TIME assessment demonstrates the correct points of interest kept up finished by the representative via the 2006 and 2001. In the event that they are altogether permitted to withdraw it indicates leave as remunerated or unpaid relying upon the setup done by the advisor for these circumstances in handling time information in finance or even Time assessment (Valuation of non-attendances) too.

24) Discover the situation and give the outcome: A, B, C are workers, where A, B will get basic, HRA, DA. C receives Basic and DA. How do aggregate the stipends?

Remittances are paid to rely upon his degree, and even wages are likewise paid on this criteria if AB is paid based, HRA and DA at that point take three fees composes and dole out to the ES Grouping and don't give HRA wage write to C.

25) Define the differences between the Indian payroll and the US payroll.

US payroll includes US-specific taxation, benefits, garnishment, and much more. To work in this area, there is a need for a strong command. While the Indian payroll includes SAP HR components such as Personal time Management and personnel administration as well. While the US payroll provides garnishment and benefits, the Indian salary has allowances. In the US payroll, there is a need to use third-party software from the BSI which is connected to the system.

The taxes are internally calculated in the SAP. There is a need to configure the benefits module while in the Indian payroll; there is no need for any such module. In the US payroll, the U000 scheme is used while in the Indian payroll, IN00 is used.

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