SAP FIORI Tutorial

This tutorial gives you an overview and talks about the fundamentals of SAP FIORI.

SAP Fiori training at MindMajix will train you that SAP Fiori is a collection of Web applications that are designed to be multichannel: both desktop and mobile browsers. This means a single instance of the application supports end users regardless of the device they are using. This is critical in a world where mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, outnumber laptop and desktop computers.

SAP Fiori Client implements a cache management strategy that allows the native application to maintain its own cache of SAP Fiori application assets. Therefore, the application is not affected by browser cache issues.

On subsequent loads, however, the application uses local cached assets for the application. In SAP Fiori training, During operation, the application detects when updates are available to SAP Fiori applications and, when an update is detected, purges its existing cache of SAP Fiori application assets and pulls the updated content from the server. SAP Fiori training will guide you, how to configure and use the SAP Fiori Client on your device.

During you SAP FIORI online trainings,the first time you launch the application, you are prompted to enter a URL for your organization’s SAP Fiori server. If your company’s implementation of SAP Fiori can be accessed only while your device is connected to a virtual private network (VPN) and you are not connected to the VPN, the application shows Connect to the VPN, then tap the Reload button to reload the Logon page from the SAP Fiori server.

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One of the benefits SAP Fiori Client provides is an improved cache manager for Fiori Web assets. As part of the application troubleshooting process, you may be instructed to open the Settings screen and tap the Clear button to force the application to clean out its cache of Fiori application assets.

Once configured, in our SAP Fiori trainings, you’ll know how to connect to the appropriate Fiori instance, the application renders the Fiori application content just as it does within the mobile browser. Navigation between Fiori apps and other aspects of Fiori is handled by Fiori, so there is limited need for the standard URL input field and navigation buttons provided by the mobile browser.

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SAP Fiori Client supports the standard Fiori SSO configuration. The application does not support basic authentication and will not operate in an environment where a self-signed certificate is used.

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