Service Desk Manager Interview Questions

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If you're looking for Service Desk Manager Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are in right place. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research, Service Desk Manager has a market share of about 11.0%... So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career as Service Desk Manager. Mindmajix offers Advanced Service Desk Manager Interview Questions 2024 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire a dream career as a Database Developer.

Service Desk Manager Interview Questions for Freshers 

1. How important is customer service for you and Why?

Complete business processes depend on customer service, and if you are holding the post of help desk manager you are holding an important position to help the customer in order to provide the best experience.

2. What is the difference between the helpdesk and the service desk?

A helpdesk employee makes sure that the customer’s problems are resolved as soon as possible while the service desk is the only place of interaction between customer and company, where all the information regarding the company’s service is delivered.

3. What is the importance of IT skills in Service desk service and how you can keep yourself updated with those skills?

Computer skills knowledge is a must these days, in order to process your works faster and they not only make your work easy but also save your time and energy. One can make use of online resources as well as e-books to update their knowledge about the latest trends.

4. How will you deal with any frustrated customer?

The most important thing for any Service desk manager is to avoid such situations and conditions which can result in any type of conflict. If things are managed properly conflicts will not arise, but if they do, you need to be patient enough to listen to the customer’s issues and then solve them through proper discussion.

5. What are the additional positives of a good Service desk person?

  • Ability to listen to customers.

  • Good presentation skills.

  • To be patient and act maturely in a tense situation

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6. Your Source of motivation for the Service desk assistant job?

I like to use my communication skills to interact with people and this job opportunity will provide me ample scope to use that ability of mine to help customers and generate greater profits.

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7. If there is a language barrier between you and a customer, what will you communicate with that customer?

According to my personal view, language is never a barrier in communicating with someone. Anyhow if you cannot help out the customer then the best thing would be to make him understand with sign language. In case of a call, we can make use of technology such as Google Translate or similar tools to communicate with customers.

8. Tell me about your worst experience so far as a Service Desk Manager.

Give an answer with an example of the situation and include a situation with minimum conflicts.

9. Are you flexible with the weekend job?

You can explain to them your own terms regarding the working days.

10. How do you respond when you do not know the answer?

When you are unaware of the answer, try to tell the customer straight that you don’t know the answer instead of making things up.  And ask them to wait until further assistance is provided by your superior’s.

Service Desk Manager Interview Questions for Experienced

11. What is the best thing you like about your job?

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to me and when I solve issues of any customer and they are happy with my assistance, that gives me satisfaction and happiness in my job.

12. How would you rate your problem-solving skills?

This is a common question asked for Service desk jobs, so again it is a personal question, and you can rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10.

13. How you face criticism on the job?

This question is mostly asked to check your level of patience and how you take things at the workplace, whether you handle them with maturity or not. You can give this answer by giving an example also.

14. How good are you at solving problems on phone?

Solving problems face to face is very different and sometimes difficult than handling them on phone. You can use an example to explain to the interviewer more about your problem-solving skills as well as it will give them a rough idea about your skills.

15. Are you ready to work with a team?

This question is usually asked to check whether a candidate is capable of working with different people and in different circumstances.

16. How do you deal with a customer who is on the phone and refuses to calm down?

These kinds of situations are very common in service desk jobs. This question is mostly put to check your patience level and to check how you respond to stressful situations.

17. Tell me one thing that you don’t like about your job?

You can answer these questions according to your experience, avoid using issues related to customers, and try to give a short but brief explanation.

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18. How you can organize your work schedule?

I prioritize my work and will schedule my work and assignment accordingly.

19. If you fail to give the caller the proper information, what will you do?

I will try to clear all the doubts and covey the information taking proper pauses, but if still, the customer does not understand then I will repeat it, or else I will pass the call to my superiors.

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