What is Dell Boomi? - A Complete Tutorial

Dell Boomi is a cloud-based application that allows customers to automate the process of transforming data in the middle and even allows them to scale the operations. It helps to connect and integrate with the business systems easily. Dell Boomi strengthens business efforts with robust integration and connectivity solutions. Let’s go further in this article to learn What is Dell Boomi? In detail.

Digital data transformation, which means moving data from one system to another, is the most challenging task due to the lack of connecting solutions, disruption, and proper integration. It is required to use middleware to tackle these challenges in the businesses.

In 2000, Dell Boomi was founded with ‘configuration-based integration. Its technology enables users to build and deploy integration processes using a drag-and-drop feature and a visual interface. Later, in 2007, Boomi released the technology known as “AtomSphere.”

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What is Dell Boomi?

Dell Boomi is a solution to manage, move, govern, and arrange data over the applications, on-premise, or in the cloud. It helps organizations to move faster and more efficiently with a unified platform that accelerates the flow of data over systems, people, and applications.

Boomi offers end-to-end capabilities, along with Data quality governance, API management, Application integration, Workflow automation, and B2B/EDI network management.

The Dell Boomi platform allows users to build cloud-based integration processes known as Atoms and transfer data between on-premise applications and the cloud. Every atom defines the call for integration. Such an integrated cloud platform is called AtomSphere.

The atmosphere was created from the ground to be a robust multi-tenant hosted platform that can balance the smallest integration requirements with the demands of very complex integrations. 

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Features of Dell Boomi

The key features of Dell Boomi are as follows:

  • Dell Boomi platform allows users to build integrations using 'drag-and-drop and 'point-and-click' features quickly. 
  • It uses connectors to integrate the source and target systems. There are several in-build connectors for cloud platforms such as Salesforce, Zuora, Netsuite, etc. 

  • Boomi includes templates for standard integration that are readily available for the users to download, install, and configure to the accounts. These templates are called the Boomi Process library.

  • Boomi’s cloud-native infrastructure allows users to deploy integration rapidly, like within weeks, days, or even hours.

  • Easy to use and sourced intelligence increases productivity for technical and non-technical users.

  • Dell Boomi is a Resilient, scalable, and secure cloud-native architecture. 

  • It connects all the applications and data sources over the IT environment.

  • Automate workflows on any platform, device, or channel.

  • Synchronize and improve data through the Datahub.

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Structure of Dell Boomi AtomSphere

The structure of Dell Boomi AtomSphere includes four service modules. They are as follows:


Structure of Dell Boomi


1. Boomi Integration 

The Dell Boomi Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) allows all the application integration processes between on-premise systems, cloud platforms, and software-as-a-service(SaaS) applications. This platform enables the user to build, deploy, and perform the integration process. 

The Boom Integration platform includes an API reference that provides access to the AtomSphere platform. Connectors are used to build integration and connect easily with third-party applications like Salesforce, Netsuite, etc. B2B/EDI management enables users to integrate with distributors, vendors, and suppliers.

2. Master Data Hub

Boomi Master Data Hub offers the solution to representing data consistently accessing the organizations, enabling data to model, synchronize, match, enrich data, cleanse across domains. The Rest APIs allow access to Master data and Hub repositories. The Master Data Hub model includes fields and one match rule that helps to build model design. 

3. API Management

Boomi API Management provides a scalable platform to manage all the APIs through the entire lifecycle. It offers a centralized online environment to control the creation, deployment, and management of APIs used over several business functions. API Gateway acts as an intermediatory for incoming requests. It continually reports the status back to the platform.

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4. Boomi Flow

Boomi Flow is a low-code development platform for automating advanced and straightforward workflows to drive the business efficiently. It allows users to create, set up, and manage the workflow in the tenant. After making the workflow, users can build the flow using the flow canvas drag-and-drop interface and then publish it.

How Dell Boomi works?

Dell Boomi acts as a middleware between various applications, whether there are cloud applications or on-premise applications. It allows users to integrate with any combination like cloud to cloud, cloud to on-premise, or on-premise to on-premise applications. There are three steps in the working of the Boomi Integration Lifecycle. 

How Dell Boomi Works

1. Build

The build section is used to build the integration process using a library of connectors and maps to configure the integration. It allows the user to add validation, data transformation, data cleansing, etc. using the drag-and-drop feature and load them in a dynamic run-time system known as Atom for execution.

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2. Deploy

The next step in the process is to take the integration process called Boomi Atom. Deploy the Atoms to the AtomSphere for PaaS, SaaS, Cloud integration, or can place the atom safely behind the firewall for any requirements around integrating to on-premise applications. 

3. Manage

The Manage tab provides a feature-rich web-based dashboard that allows users to monitor and maintain all the deployed Atoms, trading partners, and integration processes, regardless of location running across the enterprise.

Deploy the Atoms


How Dell Boomi solves business problems?

Dell Boomi platform provides a multi-purpose integration platform as a service (iPaaS) cloud application that is used to deliver applications to users over the internet as services. It enables businesses to view the entire data movement between various organizational systems and applications transparently without worrying about overhead from external applications.

It helps to quantify and categorize the data and databases to enable the business teams to build and explore new and associated business applications and services. These services allow users to communicate with data in the database more securely and strategically.

The enhanced data transparency improved business decisions. This way, the visibility into data has created a significant rise in work efficiency and reduced the time-to-market. 

Boomi’s integration strength comes with a full API lifecycle. A robust API is a reason that enables businesses to modernize legacy systems, so that legacy applications can either access or share the data of any business system with greater ease. Dell Boomi offers new-age connectivity and integration solutions to ensure safe, secure, and robust integration.

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Benefits of using Dell Boomi

The main benefits of Dell Boomi are simplifying integration development, accessing APIs with ease, accelerating development completion, utilizing a rich library of connectors. Users can build, send, and deal with integrations without any disruptions.

It allows users to make, distribute, and oversee the APIs all through the integration lifecycle. It provides a way to access everything that can be information, technology, application, or others.

Boomi is an enterprise integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), which means no software or hardware needs to be organized. This platform can connect around 200 applications, over 100 endpoints, enhance business for about 5000 clients, and is a 100% cloud-native platform. 

It is easy to use and understand. A user can create an integration using drag-and-drop and point-and-click interfaces and can configure the process quickly. A Library of pre-built connectors can be used to arrange the integration process and easily edit the structure. It provides automatic integration updates.

Boomi platform allows users to configure their information and organize transactions at a faster pace with traditional custom coding, hardware products, and software bundles. Users can utilize all the in-built features to effectively design, run, and deal with any data interactions.


On winding up, Boomi is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform in which users can create integrations much faster with improved security. The pre-built connectors help to improve efficiency. As per Gartner's recognition, Dell Boomi is positioned as a Leader for Six Consecutive years for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service. More than 8000 companies rely on Dell Boomi. In addition to this, a lot more job openings are available for Dell Boomi as a career. This way, Dell Boomi has been a successful enabler of the Enterprise digital transformation journey.

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