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If you're looking for Dell Boomi Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research Dell Boomi has a market share of about 0.1%. So, You still have opportunity to move ahead in your career in Dell Boomi Development. Mindmajix offers Advanced Dell Boomi Interview Questions 2019 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as Dell Boomi Developer.

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Q: What are the skills that are required when it comes to configuring the Atmosphere?
There is no need to have some advanced skills in IT or configuration for the configuration of Atmosphere. With a basic knowledge of data integration, administration, analyst, and developer, this task can easily be accomplished. Thus anyone can perform it without facing major challenges.

Q: How the Cloud-Computing is beneficial for an organization?
Well, it is basically an approach that simply let the organization access everything from remote servers on the cloud rather than have a physical one at their own. The biggest benefit they need not to worry about the maintenance of servers and their downtime. Of course, it is the responsibility of the Cloud computing company. Next benefit is cost. It is possible for any organization to save a lot of money simply by considering cloud computing approach rather than investing money in their own server.

Q: What is the best thing you find about Atmosphere approach in Boomi?
The best part is its integration process which is very simple. In addition to this, using Atmosphere is almost similar to accessing a web-based software. Moreover, the weekly training offered by Boomi support team can let anyone understand this technology in the shortest possible time. Businesses can have a lot of benefits by considering this approach.

Q: How safe is the data on Cloud?
Data is always safe on a cloud. In physical servers, there are chances of data corruption and viruses that can affect the same. Cloud is a secure platform where one needs not to worry about the data safety. The biggest challenge with organizations is keeping a back of all the data or information. However, with the Cloud, this is not an issue. A very large number of IT companies are using the cloud technology and thus data safety is not an issue. 

Q: What exactly do you know about the benefits of using Atmosphere?
It is basically an online service that is best in every aspect. The best part is users need not to worry about buying the new software or installation of same when it comes to using them. All that is required is simply log-in on the Boomi page and start performing the concerned task. The atmosphere is fast, reliable, as well as a compatible approach that is gaining more and more attention due to the diverse array of benefits it offers.

Q: What are the chances of data loss of a cloud?
Well, the chances of occurrence of such a misfortune are almost nil. This is because the data is placed on a third party server. Although organizations keep a copy in their own arena, cloud always acts as back up. The best part is it can be accessed from any device without worrying about anything. As the cloud companies are highly aware of the usefulness of what organizations keep on cloud and often make sure of safety, the chances of this are almost nil.

Q: How can cloud technology be trusted for keeping confidential information?
Cloud is a secure approach. Only you will be having the access to the information which you kept on the Cloud. It is possible to impose various restrictions on the data or information as per your desire. The confidential information is, in fact, safer on a cloud than on a physical server kept in an organization. Cloud service providers always make sure of privacy and thus data or information’s confidentiality is not an issue.

Q: What do you know about the applications that can be integrated with the help of Atmosphere?
There is no strict upper limit on applications that can be accessed through Atmosphere service in Boomi. Almost every business applications are available to integrate and thus users need not to worry about anything while accessing Atmosphere. All applications are highly scalable and perform their tasks very reliably.

Q: Can you state a few benefits of Atmosphere technology?
There are certain benefits of using it. The prime one is its user-friendly approach. Next good thing is its compatibility and fast operations. Even if you are using it with third-party software, it doesn’t degrade its performance.

Q: What do you think are the challenges associated with Cloud technology?
Cloud is basically a powerful approach that has its own pros and cons associated with it. The biggest challenge is accessing which is fully dependent on the internet connection. In case internet stops working, it leads to an interruption in all the processes and operations. Next major challenge is downtime. Although will reputed companies this is not an issue, its occurrence can stop cause several issues.

Q: What is Cloud integration?
It is basically an approach in which the multiple application programs are configured so that data can be shared reliably in the cloud. Applications can be involved in communication through a direct approach or through third-party software. 

Q: What do you mean by a process in Boomi?
A process is basically nothing but an interface among two or more systems at a transaction level. The common example is account synchronization. The process contains a series of shapes present in it in the form of a flow chart. They actually represent the steps that are mandatory for route and transformation. They also have applications when it comes to manipulating the data from its source to its destination.

Q: What is the difference between accessing data or information from a cloud than from a physical server kept in an organization?
Well, there is no much difference in that. The data can be accessed, utilized and shared in the same manner as in case of physical server on a cloud platform. Users can always make sure of accessing the information from their widget without worrying about their location in a cloud technology, provided they have permission to access the same. 

Q: What are the exact requirements to access Boomi? Is there a need for some special configuration on the system?
There are no such requirements. This is because Boomi hosts all the required applications. It really doesn’t matter what type of configuration you have on your system, Boomi services can simply be accessed without worrying about anything.

Q: Is it possible to make changes/modifications on data that is kept on a cloud? How can this be done?
Yes, it’s possible to modify/change data anytime you want. However, you need the access or permission for this. There is nothing special in doing so. Editing and modification can be performed in the same manner as you make changes to any other data in the PC.

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Q: What will you do in case the information being integrated into Boomi is very large? Do you need any parallel software or application for this?
Boomi Atoms are capable to handle a very large volume of data when it comes to integration. Thus there is no need to consider any other parallel approach for this task.

Q: What do you know about Atom in Boomi technology?
An atom is basically a runtime engine in Boomi and which contain all the components that are mandatory when it comes to executing an integration process. The best part is there remains a dashboard with full features that simply monitors the health, as well as the status of all the atoms.

Q: Is it possible to impose third-party restrictions on the data that is kept on a cloud? Name a few methods to do so.
Any form of restrictions can be imposed on the data. In case you want to add an additional layer of security to the data, it can easily be done. Some of the common methods that can help you in this matter are:

1. Cryptography
2. Data encoding

In addition to this, it is also possible to scan data through antivirus, changing their format, and dividing the same into smaller blocks.

Q: Where you can host Boomi Atoms? Is there any restriction on same?
Boomi atoms are simply hosted anywhere you want. As they are totally self-contained, they can be made run on any server without any third party software. Even if it is third-party data center, they can perform their task reliably. There is no restriction on suing them provided the hardware requirement has met.

Q: Name the different deployment models for cloud Computing?
These are Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Public Cloud.

Q: What is your understanding about a Boomi expert and what are the prime responsibilities you have to handle after getting this job?
A boomi expert is largely expected to play the role of a developer for an enterprise or an Integration expert. Managing all the solutions and products components is one of the prime responsibilities of a Boomi expert. In addition to this, iPaas solution management is another role that the expert has to handle. There are different types of integration patterns, their implementation, development, as well as designing is exactly what an expert has to handle. Depending on the position, there are several other responsibilities of a Boomi expert. 

Q: What exactly is the difference between an API and Boomi?
In API, it is possible to assure secure data access bit when it comes to self integration, it fails to keep up the pace. On the other side, Boomi performs self-integration very reliably. With Boomi the logic of the integration is clearly understood able which is very difficult in case of an API. More difference includes slow performance of API when compared to Boomi.

Q: How often integration is required according to you? What if it is required frequently?
It all depends on the volume of data and the true motive of the task. It is possible to schedule integration after a specific time period automatically and thus the issue of paying attention to it again and again manually can be eliminated.

Q: How the data security can be assured during the integration?
There are certain security reviews on data when it passes through the Atoms. The data center has been equipped with 128 bit encryption and thus there is no need to worry about the security of data.

Q: How you can make sure that the duplicate data is not send to the application while Integration?
This can be done with the help of Decision logic. However, it remains the final step in most of the cases. Prior to it, there are certain approaches that can be considered such as retry application that always make sure that only unique data has been processed further.

Q: After accomplishing an integration process, is it possible to rollback to an earlier versions? How you can do so in Boomi?
Yes, it’s possible and the same can be done with the help of version control approach in Boomi.

Q: Name the different layers of cloud Computing?
There are three layers present in the hierarchy and they are:

1. Platform as a Service (Paas)
2. Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)
3. Software as a service (Saas)

Q: How you will send data in and out of the process in Boomi technology?
Well, this can be done with the help of connectors. They are helpful for enabling the reliable communication among the end points of the Process. Web-based applications, SAP, digital account books, a commercial data base, all can be considered through them. It is also possible to use it in case of an email server.

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Q: Can you name the security aspects which are provided with the cloud?
Within cloud environment, there are certain security levels which are present. They are:

1. Access Control
2. Identity management
3. Authorization and authentication

Q: Name the two modes of Software as a service?
They are simple multi-tenancy and Fine grain multi-tenancy. Both are good enough to be considered. The optimizing strategies of both the multi-tenancy and fine grain multi-tenancy are capable to handle several add-on tasks.

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