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What is RSA Archer? - A Complete Beginners Tutorial

RSA Archer is a platform that provides the common foundation for handling risks, assessments, deficiencies, and controls throughout the business lines. It enables us to set each and every requirement and build applications without using code. This blog familiarizes you with the RSA Archer fundamentals like RSA Archer Suite, RSA Archer Modules, etc.

RSA Archer is a GRC automation tool that assists businesses in automating their risk and compliance programs. Because of the numerous compliance regulations that have emerged as a result of financial and corporate frauds, there is now a greater emphasis on Corporate Governance, especially Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC).

Any company that does business in the market must have a GRC program in place. GRC often entails having rules and procedures in place, as well as understanding your risk areas and implementing an enterprise-wide compliance program.

What is RSA Archer? - Table of Contents

What is RSA Archer?

Business resiliency, public sector, audit management, operational and enterprise risk management, security and IT risk management, third-party governance, and regulatory compliance management are all areas where the RSA Archer Suite can help. The suite brings together risk data from several businesses and applies risk analytics to create an integrated and comprehensive risk picture. As a platform, it serves as the backbone for all RSA Archer GRC solutions, enabling you to customize a wide range of solutions to meet your needs, create new applications, and interact with external systems without writing a single line of code. With solutions based on industry standards and best practices, RSA Archer assists in the development of the organization's GRC program.

Archer is viewed by RSA as a system for interaction and insight. To manage risk, it works to engage all lines of defense in gathering and processing data from multiple sources. Furthermore, data-driven analysis is enabled, allowing for risk-informed decision-making. "The flexibility and configurability of the solutions and platform are RSA Archer's technical differentiators," stated Steve Schlarman, Director of Product Marketing for RSA Archer.

"Because of the platform's configurability, a customer can make changes fast without coding or database development."

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What is GRC Software?

GRC  is an enterprise method for managing governance, risk, and regulatory compliance. A comprehensive suite of software tools for creating and maintaining an enterprise GRC program is often referred to as GRC.

The GRC policies and processes offer a disciplined method to aligning IT with business goals. GRC enables businesses to successfully manage IT and security risks, cut costs, and comply with regulations. It also aids decision-making and performance by providing a holistic perspective of how well a company manages its risks.

RSA Archer Features 

RSA Archer Data Governance and RSA Archer Privacy Program Management use cases were released in August 2017. These new use cases are intended to assist organizations with data privacy and data protection efforts in preparation for the looming GDPR deadline.

  • RSA Archer Cyber Risk Quantification use case was released in March 2018.
  • This allows businesses to monitor and track cyber risk using financial terms they can understand.
  • RSA Archer release 6.4 will be released in April 2018 and will focus on improving data quality, system performance and serviceability, as well as improving business process workflow.
  • In addition, feature and capability enhancements will be included in the IT & Security Risk Management use cases.

What does RSA stand for security?

RSA is a public-key encryption technology developed by RSA Data Security, Inc., which was founded in 1982 to commercialise the technology. As most people in the cybersecurity and technical communities are aware, RSA is a public-key encryption technology developed by RSA Data Security, Inc., which was founded in 1982 to commercialise the technology. What is the abbreviation? It stands for Rivest, Shamir, and Adelman, the technique's creators.

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RSA Security Solutions Overview

RSA provides a wide range of products to help businesses defend their networks, devices, and other IT assets. Because of their capacity to optimise security frameworks, many of RSA's solutions are listed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. These are some of the options:

  • RSA Archer Suite
  • RSA NetWitness Platform
  • RSA SecureID Suite
  • RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence Suite.

RSA Security Solutions Overview

RSA Archer Suite

The Archer Suite of products is RSA NetWitness' platform for integrated risk management. To that aim, Archer assists firms with the implementation of industry-standard risk management policies and processes. To find and manage risks, the Archer suite collects data from across an organization's complete IT architecture and conducts risk analytics.

Enterprises may use the Archer Suite to automate governance and compliance initiatives, making it easier for security teams and stakeholders to make decisions. The ability to automate governance also makes managing third-party apps that are employed in a business IT architecture much easier.

RSA NetWitness Platform

RSA's flagship product, the NetWitness Platform, provides threat analytics, detection, and response capabilities via an intuitive dashboard. In the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for security information and event management, the NetWitness Platform is a Leader (SIEM).

The platform integrates physical, digital, and cloud-based assets into a single security architecture.

The technology enables visibility into complex IT infrastructures, ensuring that unforeseen dangers are found and dealt with. When it comes to examining large IT infrastructure, the unified platform gives security professionals an advantage.

RSA SecureID Suite

SecureID protects IT infrastructures by preventing identity theft and fraud, as well as adhering to internal compliance requirements. All of this is accomplished without obstructing staff with valid IDs, preventing productivity loss.

SecureID provides on-premise and cloud-based assets with secure access. To keep these assets secure, it incorporates multi-factor authentication and identity governance. Unauthorized access is also flagged by SecureID, preventing security breaches.

RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence Suite

It is the obligation of the organization to protect end-users or consumers who access an organization's online platform from fraud and identity theft. The RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence package protects end-users and businesses from the consequences of security breaches. Through the detection of external threats, the suite achieves a high fraud detection rate. Once threats have been identified, the solution can assist in responding to them and managing the risks that come with them.

To uncover cybersecurity incidents, the RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence package uses RSA's eFraudNetwork, a fraud database. Fraud and risk intelligence solutions ensure that firms can detect phishing attacks, account takeovers, and other methods used by cyber thieves to get access to client data.

What business functions are enabled by RSA Archer?

Audit management, business resiliency, enterprise and operational risk management, IT and security risk management, regulatory and corporate compliance management, public sector, and third-party governance are some of the options available. The below table lists the use cases supported by RSA Archer solutions.

Business functions enabled by RSA Archer

Modules for RSA Archer and Related Use Cases


Use cases

Audit Management

  • Problem resolution
  • Workpapers and audit engagements
  • Quality assurance and audit planning

Business resiliency

  • Analyze the business impact
  • Management of incidents
  • Planning for business continuity and IT disaster recovery
  • Management of Resilience

Operational risk management

  • Problem resolution
  • Catalog of dangers
  • Top-down risk evaluation
  • Management of loss events
  • Management of key indicators
  • Bottom-up risk evaluation
  • Management of operational risks

IT and security risk management

  • Management of problems
  • Management of IT and security policy programmes
  • Assurance of IT controls
  • Vulnerabilities in IT Security Program
  • Information technology risk management
  • Management of PCI
  • Management of security incidents
  • Breach management and security operations
  • IT regulatory compliance management
  • System for managing information security

Regulatory and corporate compliance management

  • Management of policy and programme initiatives
  • Management of corporate obligations
  • Controls the management of the assurance programme
  • Controls programme management and monitoring

Public sector

  • Authorization and evaluation
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Management of the action plan and milestones

Third-party governance

  • Catalogue from a third party
  • Engagement of a third party
  • Risk management via third parties
  • Governance by a third party

Alternatives and Competitors to RSA Archer Suite

Are you looking for alternatives to RSA Archer? Examine a variety of top GRC software options that provide similar features at lower costs. Choose the finest RSA Archer competitor that matches your specific business needs to empower your team.

  • ServiceNow Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)
  • ProcessGene
  • Protecht.ERM
  • Parapet
  • Cammsrisk
  • ZenGRC
  • MetricStream
  • AuditBoard
  • TrackMyRisks
  • AdaptiveGRC
  • COSHH365
  • ARIS
  • DoubleCheck GRC Platform
  • SNX Systems
  • ControlPanelGRC
  • Commensure GRC
  • Gridiron
  • Highbond
  • Isora GRC.

Advantages of RSA Archer

  • It is used to enhance design in order to determine the appropriate level and recurrence of compliance testing.
  • The master management set can be mapped to specific laws, and instances can be created as needed.
  • It can run multiple compliance programmes in parallel and reduce the time it takes to manage, transfer and reuse controls testing proof across tests with control test information’s historical view.
  • This will improve management testing precision and compliance reporting while requiring less effort.
  • It also completes the task of identifying and resolving potential problems more quickly.
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Advantages of ServiceNow

  • Improved Integration: Using a variety of automation tools, you can automate specific tasks such as invoice tracking and ticketing. Even if you invest in a variety of systems to automate multiple departments within your company, there are often gaps in service because data cannot be freely exchanged between these systems.. ServiceNow is unique in that it uses the same essential platform as ServiceNow ITSM and extends its capabilities to other enterprise functions.
  • High Return on Investment: ServiceNow is a worldwide cloud computing behemoth that manages your IT and business activities through a single unified system. Best-in-class performance statistics, regular updates, speedy deployments and all customization and upgrade services are all provided through a world-class network of technology partners. All of these things help you receive the best return on your investment as quickly as possible.
  • Improve Customer Service: ServiceNow gives you total visibility into all of your activities and allows you to create customised reports. Everyone on the system is required to submit an equal approach and wait for outcomes due to one purpose of interaction with ServiceNow service management. This gives the workflow automation system the opportunity to take control and translate issues for faster resolution.
  • Increasing Productivity: ServiceNow can automate tasks such as identifying problems, notifying the appropriate staff, and sometimes even resolving them before they do harm to your clients. ServiceNow may be able to eliminate wait times and interruptions by automating workflows.
  • Streamline processes: The ServiceNow ITSM platform allows you to consolidate processes. Performance analytics provide information that motivates people to take action. ServiceNow service management also aids in the elimination of inefficient processes.

Key distinctions between RSA Archer and Service Now

ParametersRSA ArcherService Now
ProsCapabilities for integrating various enterprise systems. Procedures and the Control Standards were useful in addressing multiple regulatory sources, standards, and frameworks, allowing tests to be performed only once to satisfy multiple requirements.ServiceNow GRC is simple to set up. It does not take a large team to support a medium-sized business. It is also simple to design.
ConsPeriodic Content Updates focused on controls, procedures, and standards based on updates, authoritative sources, and standards. Changes in advanced workflow to in-flight records should be handled efficiently.It is a much more straightforward method of implementing process. By providing superior metrics without the need to purchase additional tools.
Return on InvestmentAssists in achieving corporate objectives and risk and compliance management driven by the business.It makes managing hundreds of risks at any given moment considerably easier, as well as providing a clear perspective of risk ownership, risk effect, and so on.

RSA Archer FAQs

1. What is RSA Archer GRC?

Ans: RSA Archer GRC enables us to develop collaborative and effective enterprise governance, risk, and compliance(GRC) program throughout finance, IT, legal, and operations domains. We can handle the risks through RSA Archer and automate the business processes.

2. Is Archer part of RSA?

Ans: Yes, RSA is a part of Archer.

3. Is RSA Archer Cloud-based?

Ans: Archer IT & Security Risk Management is a cloud-based solution that enables enterprises to handle compliance and investigate, handle and resolve technological tasks.

4. What is RSA Compliance?

Ans: RSA Compliance Management solution allows enterprises to create a repeatable and consistent way of specifying the compliance obligations and their scope.


Both technologies are essential in their own way. ServiceNow is a software-as-a-service platform that automates basic business operations while also supporting IT service management. RSA SecurID Access integrates MFA and SSO into ServiceNow's environment via SAML. For the ServiceNow endpoint, RSA IG&L provides pre-configured collectors and connections. For centralized incident management, RSA NetWitness data can be delivered to ServiceNow ITSM.

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