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Ariba Procurement Administration Interview Questions And Answers

Q1 What is SAP Ariba network means to the customers?

Ans: Ever wonder what happens to the rest of the process and communications after the fact of your supply chain system. How the entire process is managed and executed by the organization's, well to answer this we have SAP Ariba system in place.

So SAP Ariba is a next-generation tool which is intelligent enough to support different aspects of the business apart from your regular supply chain management system. Using this system you will be able to see the holistic view of the business which controls the entire supply chain process and also covers the purchase orders etc.

Q2 If you have to explain SAP Ariba in a single sentence what would that be?

Ans: The best phrase that gives the entire picture of SAP Ariba is:

Making procurement more efficient and less costly

Q3 Explain what is Ariba network?

Ans: Well, Ariba network is like a cloud solution where all the business commerce networks are brought together and they are offered by Ariba, a part of SAP company. It is like one of a kind place where the businesses and the sellers collaborate.

Q4 Can you tell us about Budget checks in Ariba procurement solution?

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Ans: The budget check feature is available in Ariba procurement solution, so by default, it is not enabled for all the customers while undergoing a default configuration. Once this feature is enabled then the Ariba procurement software will be able to check the budget check for each and every purchase at the customer site.

Q5 Explain how the budget adjustments are done in Ariba Procurement solution?

Ans: So the budgets are adjusted in Ariba procurement solution by using a specific feature. With the help of Import Budget Adjustments import task within Ariba procurement solution, the budget adjustments are possible.

Q6 Explain what is Ariba Discovery in detail?

Ans: Well, Ariba Discovery is a platform or a premier service where it helps matching the businesses and the sellers globally. It is actually considered to be one of the best business commerce network.

Q7 What are the biggest challenges in the procurement and supply chain process that businesses face?

Ans: The biggest challenges for the businesses in terms of maintaining their procurement processes, they are as follows:

  • Not able to manage risks
  • No compliance policies
  • What after procurement, it is not defined
Q8 What is the mission of SAP Ariba?

Ans: The mission of SAP Ariba is to bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers and provide them with a unique platform where the transactions and the business happen smoothly.

Q9 How does the installation happen when it comes to the Ariba procurement solution?

Ans: Well, as it is a cloud-based solution there is no high cost associated with the hardware and the software. Also, there are no upgrade costs associated with the user’s point of view. All it takes is just pay the required price for the tool and then start using the tool with the help of intuitive user interface.

Q10 So what are the benefits of using SAP Ariba?

Ans: Well, they are many benefits associated with the use of SAP Ariba procurement solution, few of them are as follows here:

  • It provides a platform for the buyers and sellers to collaborate and grow their businesses
  • It comes with low installation costs and doesn’t cost you any high-level infrastructure needs
  • It has a user-friendly web interface where the users will be able to access the tool without any ambiguity
  • It can be easily integrated into any existing ERP or back office system
  • Helps you understand the spending pattern of the organization
  • Provides meaningful insights and helps the users to close better deals
Q11 List out all the features that are available in SAP Ariba solution?

Ans: Below is the list of features that are available in SAP Ariba system:

  • Supply chain collaboration
  • Spend analysis
  • Procurement
  • Spend analysis
  • Invoice Management
  • Supplier discovery
  • Ariba exchange
  • Contract management etc
Q12 What are the key features for Ariba procurement solution?

Ans: The key features for Ariba Procurement solution are as follows:

  • Technology
  • Community
  • Capabilities
Q13 What are the key benefits for Ariba procurement solution?

Ans: The key benefits for Ariba procurement solution are as follows:

  • Can unlock the value of an ERP solution with a simple OCI integration
  • Can increase the user adoption
  • Can increase in spend coverage
  • It has a lot to offer when it comes to compliance
Q14 Why budgeting is important for any organization and how Ariba procurement solution will help in this scenario?

Ans: Well, a budget is set for any sector for an organization so that their day to day operations or businesses flow flawlessly. So, once the budget is allowed it is made evident that anything that needs to be purchased or procured should fall within the budgets, so the ERP solutions actually help you record this information but it doesn't provide you with an intelligent way to spend less on the right deals. So when the budgets are allocated and all the information is actually provided in an SAP ERP system, the same data should also be incorporated into Ariba procurement solution. So whenever a requisition happens there is one more validation that happens at your SAP Ariba system where the budget check happens one more time. This is more sort of a validation which is done against the budget allowance for that particular sector.

So if your current order is actually exceeding the budget allowance it will automatically let you know that you have actually crossed the allowance and also restricts you to spend.

Q15 Can the purchase order print header be customized?

Ans: Yes, absolutely. The purchase order print header can be completely customized and the user can actually choose their customized logo and this can be configured. To actually customize the user has to get in touch with the Ariba customer support and they will provide them with the relevant instructions and also the support to make this happen in reality.

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