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CATIA Course Overview

Mindmajix has best CATIA Training instructors, who have widely contributed in filling the demand and availability gap of CATIA experts. As 3-D technology has gained a lot of reputation and popularity to help businesses in cutting down various key challenges associated with the designing process. Presently, a very large number of mechanical as well as other organizations across the globe are using CATIA. It is basically multi-benefit software that is helpful in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). CATIA training is one of the best career building opportunities available due to continuously rising jobs all over the world.
30 hours of Instructor Led CATIA Training
Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions
Real World use cases and Scenarios
Practical Approach
24/7 Support
Expert & Certified Trainers

Immersive Learning

When you learn at Mindmajix, you can always rely on team of experts to provide guidance and support, whenever you need it.

30 Hrs


Instructor-Guided Lessons and Activities

Learn key objectives through expert-led lectures, discussions, and exercises.

20 Sessions

Labs & Exercises

Hands-on practice on Tools

Practice new skills and dive deeper into the day’s key topics

15 Mins After Each Session

Doubts Clarifications

Q & A Session.

Wrap up the session with clarification on concepts and labs, if needed.

2 Sessions

Projects/Use-Cases Explanation

End to End Sample Project/Use-Case Explanation

CATIA Course Objectives

Advance your career as a Certified CATIA expert by enrolling into Mindmajix’s CATIA training, where you will gain a strong foundation over CATIA design concepts through a hands-on approach with real-world examples.

In our Mindmajix’s CATIA training, you will learn about

  • 2D Modeling – Drawing & Detailing
  • Sketch/Surface/Transformation features
  • Modifying features
  • 3D Modeling
  • Assembly Design
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Drafting & Surfacing
  • GD&T concepts
  • CATIA is one of the world’s leading software suites used for design purposes in the industries.
  • Top multinational companies are recruiting Certified CATIA professionals.
  • The market demand for Certified CATIA professionals is skyrocketing, due to the shortage of skilled CATIA professionals in the industry.
  • Certified CATIA professionals are earning high salaries compared to other IT professionals in the industry.
  • Top organisations across the world are incorporating CATIA in their deployments.

As such, there are no prerequisites for learning CATIA. Anyone who is interested in learning this course can join this training. This course can be pursued regardless of learners’ skills.

After the successful completion of CATIA training at Mindmajix, you will be able to

  • Get an overview of the functionality of CATIA, and its key features.
  • Use the Sketcher tools to draw the sketches in the Sketcher Workbench.
  • Get an overview of concepts of parts modelling, surface modelling & Sheet metal modelling.
  • Work with wireframe, and surface design workbench.
  • Gain knowledge of advanced modelling tools used in CATIA.

CATIA Course Curriculum

Introduction to CATIA
CATIA Workbenches
System Requirements
Getting Started with CATIA
Important Terms and Definitions
Understanding the Functions of the Mouse Buttons
Hot Keys
Color Scheme

The Sketcher Workbench

Starting a New File

Invoking the Sketcher Workbench

Invoking the Sketcher Workbench Using the Sketch Tool
Invoking the Sketcher Workbench Using the Positioned Sketch Tool

Setting the Sketcher Workbench

Modifying Units
Modifying the Grid Settings

Understanding Sketcher Terms

Specification Tree
Snap to Point
Construction/Standard Element
Select Toolbar
Inferencing Lines

Drawing Sketches Using Sketcher Tools

Drawing Lines
Drawing Center Lines
Drawing Rectangles, Oriented Rectangles, and Parallelograms
Drawing Rectangles
Creating Points
Drawing Circles
Drawing Arcs
Drawing Profiles

Drawing Display Tools

Fit All In Pan
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Zoom Area
Normal View
Splitting the Drawing Area into Multiple Viewports
Hiding and Showing Geometric Elements
Swapping Visible Space

Other Sketching Tools in the Sketcher Workbench

Drawing Ellipses
Drawing Splines
Connecting Two Elements by a Spline or an Arc
Drawing Elongated Holes
Drawing Cylindrical Elongated Holes
Drawing Keyhole Profiles
Drawing Hexagons
Drawing Centered Rectangles
Drawing Centered Parallelograms
Drawing Conics

Editing and Modifying Sketches

Trimming Unwanted Sketched Elements
Extending Sketched Elements
Trimming by Using the Quick Trim Tool
Filleting Sketched Elements
Chamfering Sketched Elements
Mirroring Sketched Elements
Mirroring Elements without Duplication
Translating Sketched Elements
Rotating Sketched Elements
Scaling Sketched Elements
Offsetting Sketched Elements
Modifying Sketched Elements
Deleting Sketched Element

Constraining Sketches

Concept of Constrained Sketches

Not Changed

Applying Geometrical Constraints

Applying Geometrical Constraints Automatically
Applying Additional Constraints to the Sketch
Applying Dimensional Constraints
Applying Contact Constraints
Applying Fix Together Constraints
Applying Auto Constraints
Editing Multiple Dimensions

Analyzing and Deleting Over-Defined Constraints

Analyzing Sketch using the Sketch Analysis Tool

Exiting the Sketcher Workbench

Creating Base Features by Extrusion

Creating a Thin Extruded Feature
Extruding the Sketch Using the Profile Definition Dialog Box
Extruding the Sketch along a Directional Reference

Creating Base Features by Revolving Sketches

Creating Thin Shaft Features

Dynamically Rotating the View of the Model

Rotating the View Using the Rotate Tool
Rotating the View Using the Compass

Modifying the View Orientation

Display Modes of the Model Shading (SHD)

Shading with Edges
Shading with Edges without Smooth Edges
Shading with Edges and Hidden Edges
Shading with Material Wireframe (NHR)
Customize View Parameters

Creating Sections Dynamically

Maneuvering the Section Plane
Position of Section Planes

Assigning a Material to the Mode

Importance of Sketching Planes

Reference Elements
Reference Planes
Creating New Planes
Creating Points
Creating Reference Lines

Other Sketch-Based Features

Creating Drafted Filleted Pad Features
Creating Multi-Pad Features
Feature Termination Options
Creating Pocket Features
Creating Drafted Filleted Pocket Features
Creating Multi-Pocket Features
Creating Groove Features
Extruding and Revolving Planar and Non-planar Faces
Projecting 3D Element

Advanced Modeling Tools

Creating Hole Features
Creating Fillets
Creating Chamfers
Adding a Draft to the Faces of the Model

Editing Features of a Model

Editing Using the Definition Option
Editing by Double-Clicking
Editing the Sketch of a Sketch-Based Feature
Redefining the Sketch Plane of Sketches
Deleting Unwanted Features
Managing Features and Sketches by using the Cut, Copy, And Paste Functionalities
Understanding the Concept of Update Diagnosis
Cut, Copy, and Paste Features and Sketches
Copying Features Using Drag and Drop
Copying and Pasting Part Bodies
Deactivating Features
Activating Deactivated Features
Defining Features in Work Object
Reordering Features
Understanding the Parent-Child Relationships

Measuring Elements

Measuring between Elements Measuring Items Measuring Inertia

Transformation Features

Translating Bodies
Rotating Bodies
Creating Symmetry Features
Transforming the Axis System
Mirroring Features and Bodies
Creating Rectangular Patterns
Creating Circular Patterns
Creating User Patterns
Uniform Scaling of Model
Non-uniform Scaling of Model

Working with Additional Bodies

Inserting a New Body
Inserting Features in the New Body
Applying Boolean Operations to Bodies

Adding Stiffeners to a Model

Generating Solid Combin

Advanced Modeling Tools

Creating Rib Features
Creating Slot Features
Creating Multi-Sections Solid Features

Need of Surface Modeling

Wireframe and Surface Design Workbench

Starting the Wireframe and Surface Design Workbench

Creating Wireframe Elements

Creating Circles

Creating Splines

Creating a Helix

Creating Surfaces

Creating Extruded Surfaces
Creating Revolved Surfaces
Creating Spherical Surfaces
Creating Cylindrical Surfaces
Creating Offset Surfaces
Creating Sweep Surfaces
Creating Fill Surfaces
Creating Multi-Sections Surfaces
Creating Blended Surfaces

Operations on Shape Geometry

Joining Surfaces
Splitting Surfaces
Trimming Surfaces

Surface Operations

Creating Projection Curves C
Reating Intersection Elements
Healing Geometries
Disassembling Elements
Untrimming a Surface or a Curve
Creating Boundary Curves
Extracting Geometry
Transformation Features
Extrapolating Surfaces and Curves
Splitting a Solid Body with a Surface

Solidifying Surface Models

Adding Thickness to a Surface
Creating a Solid Body from a Closed Surface Body
Sewing a Surface to a Solid Body

Mindmajix offers advanced CATIA interview questions and answers along with CATIA resume samples. Take a free sample practice test before appearing in the certification to improve your chances of scoring high.

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CATIA Certification !

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a Certificate from Mindmajix for CATIA Training.

Complete Your Course

Successfully complete your course and let the community know about your achievement.

Become Certified

Get your Course Completion certificate from Mindmajix.

Apply for Jobs

Don’t just show off your achievement to the community, use it to advance in your career.

The levels available in CATIA Certification are listed below:

Certification Level Certification Exam
Associate level
  • Certified CATIA V5 Part Design AssociateCertified
  • CATIA V5 Assembly Design AssociateCertified
  • CATIA V5 Surface Design Associate
Specialist level
  • CATIA V5 Mechanical Design Specialist
  • CATIA V5 Surface Design Specialist
Expert level
  • Certified CATIA V5 Part Design Expert Certified
  • CATIA V5 Assembly Design Expert Certified
  • CATIA V5 Surface Design Expert
3DEXPERIENCE-Associate level
  • Certified 3DEXPERIENCE - CATIA Mechanical Design Associate


The cost price for the Associate level is around $100, and the next levels range around $120 to $ 200.

  • CATIA Certification validates the candidates’ skills and expertise required to work with 3DS tools.
  • CATIA Certification is one of the key success factors required to acquire a better job or move up in your career.
  • Having a CATIA Certification leads to numerous job opportunities for career growth.
  • As per a recent survey, 86% of certified CATIA professionals acquired better job opportunities compared to uncertified CATIA professionals.
Our CATIA course covers all the topics that are required to clear CATIA certification. Trainer will share CATIA certification guide, CATIA certification sample questions, CATIA certification practice questions, CATIA certification dumps.

CATIA Upcoming Batches

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Gear up your skills with real-life industry-based CATIA projects !

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Most effective training
Helps you to learn all critical skills required
Opportunity to work on live projects with real life scenarios
Extensive hands-on practice


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We offer two kinds of discounts. They are group discount and referral discount. Group discount is offered when you join as a group, and referral discount is offered when you are referred from someone who has already enrolled in our training.

Yes, we will discuss with our instructor and will schedule according to the time convenient to you.

The trainer will give Server Access to the course seekers, and we make sure you acquire practical hands-on training by providing you with every utility that is needed for your understanding of the course.

The trainer is a certified consultant and has significant amount of experience in working with the technology.

We will take care of providing you with all that is required to get placed in a reputed MNC and also forward your resume to the companies we tie-up with. Starting from providing the in-depth course material to explanation of the real-time scenarios and preparing your resumes, we will make you gain expertise so that you can get a job.

We assist you completely in acquiring certification. We ensure you will get certified easily after our training.

Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within first 2 sessions of the training. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

Our trainer explains every topic along with real-time scenarios. In the last one or two sessions, the trainer will explain one end-to-end project to showcase the real time working environment.

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More About CATIA Online Training

The skills required for a Certified CATIA professional are listed below:

  • Should have a strong foundation on the implementation of advanced 3D drafting techniques.
  • Should have hands-on experience in assembling designs, and Drafting stand-alone 2D part drafting.
  • CATIA Certification
  • CATIA is one of the high in-demand technologies which has massive job opportunities in the market with excellent career scope.
  • Many top multinational companies are hiring Certified CATIA professionals.
  • Pursuing skills in this technology will surely help you reach a higher position in your career.

Some of the career paths available for CATIA professionals are listed below:

  • Design Engineer
  • CAD Engineer-CATIA V5
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Electrical Design Engineer

Few of the top companies recruiting Certified CATIA professionals are listed below:

QuEST Global





HCL Technologies 


  • The demand for Certified CATIA professionals is increasing rapidly in the market, and demand will continue to increase even further in the near future due to rising demand for CATIA in the organisations.
  • Certified CATIA professionals are getting paid with the best salaries in the industry, with an average of $ 93,202 per annum.

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