Brief Introduction to Ethical Hacker Certifications

With the growing popularity of the internet, some of the key issues related to network security are also blooming. Only in the last 5 years, around 50 million cyberattacks have been reported all over the world. The fact is stealing information is a common approach and businesses and enterprises have to spend a lot of money to keep business information safe. Presently almost every business needs expert ethical hackers to keep up the pace against cyber attacks. Actually, their demand has been increasing at a very fast rate and this is exactly what that is attracting the attention of youngsters towards ethical hacking.

Basically hacking is a very vast term and is divided into two categories. First is white-collar hacking which is legal and has some defined rules and the other is black-collar hacking which is illegal almost everywhere. The task of white-collar hackers is to prevent the attacks or attempts made by black-collar hackers. White-collar professionals are also called as ethical hackers who work with organizations and enterprises and help them in cybersecurity. There are certain options for ethical hacking and you can proceed with any certification. Some of the best options to consider in this century are spotlighted below.

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Certified Security Analyst

This is one of the best certifications with the best salary package. Certified Security Analysts are working all over the world with some world-class enterprises. It must be noted that those who are under the age of 18 are not eligible for the exam. You can get private training which generally has a duration of 5 to 8 days otherwise you need to provide a 5 years' work experience in a relevant organization.

Certified Network Defender

For those who are already employed as a network security officer or network engineer, this is one of the best options to consider to boost networking skills. Those with a background in networking can also go for the exam and can enhance their chances of getting an excellent job. Actually, network security is a key challenge in the current scenario, and organizations all over the world are struggling to keep up the pace. Being a certified network defender lets you work with some of the top-class organizations across the globe.

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Certified Network Defense Architect

The role of a Certified Network Defense Architect is to design a secure environment in an organization. These are the professionals who are drawing the best salary in the ethical hacking profession in the present scenario. You might have no idea but there is a shortage of these professionals on a large scale across the globe. Thus, getting this certification is one of the best choices to build a successful career. There is nothing much you need to do to qualify for the exam. However, it is suggested to go with the training provided to crack this exam.

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Certified Penetration Testing Engineer

This is one of the finest options to consider if you are looking to build a career in ethical hacking. Certified Penetration Testing Engineers are working with almost all world-class enterprises all over the world. One of the best things is enrolling in this training also enhances your business skills. You will be responsible to optimize security controls and justify testing activities during the job. You can crack the exam with simple guidance and it would be better if you have some credentials in network administration.

These are some of the best available options for ethical hacker certifications. In addition to these, there are other certifications you can proceed with depending on the area of your specialization and where you want to work. A few of them are:

  • Certification in Systems Security Certified Practitioner.

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor.

  • Certified Security Testing Associate

  • Certified Expert Penetration Tester.

  • Offensive Security Certified Professional

Frequently asked Ethical Hacker Interview Questions

In the past few years, there is a huge gap in the demand and availability of ethical hacking experts. It is because of this reason enrolling in any of these certifications always assures numerous opportunities to build a career. There are options to get the training online as a lot of websites are there to help you and the good thing is the training doesn’t have a long duration. You will be guided by the experts and as far as the matter of exam fee is concerned, most of these certifications have only a one-time exam fees.

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